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Nick Thomadis

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I've another suggestion, not certain if it has already been asked but I'll say it anyways:

On the battle result page, rather than the current 'Click to continue' control, you have some buttons instead. These give orders for any damaged vessels, with the options being "Return to home port", "Sail for nearest friendly port" and "Remain on station". Ships which were 'in port' when the battle was generated aren't affected by these options, instead automatically returning to where they were.

Selecting "Return to home port" would increase the chance of a 'Straggle' battle (or similar) being generated if the home port is outside of sailing range, but does exactly what it says on the tin; the damaged vessels sail back to their designated home base to repair.

The benefit of this would be my destroyers, based in Dover or Yarmouth, wouldn't magically appear in Valetta or Cagliari after fighting Ze Germans in Ze North Zea. I like to keep things organised, after all.

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On 2/6/2023 at 5:22 PM, brothermunro said:

Damaged Ships: Ships starting battles with damage that doesn't match the damage they took in a previous battle is another frequently mentioned 'bug' to me, though I am pretty sure the game just records 'light/medium/heavy' damage as a state and then applies it at the battle start rather than saving detailed damage information. This is an example of a system that is almost certainly working fine with zero bugs which annoyed players cite as a bug.

I call it "RNG damage bug" The problem is that at some point (a few patches ago) it worked perfectly. The ship could take 10% damage, and this 10% damage accompanied ship in all subsequent battles.

Now these 10% after a couple of battles suddenly will grow into 99%. It's not OK.

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27 minutes ago, Lima said:

I call it "RNG damage bug" The problem is that at some point (a few patches ago) it worked perfectly. The ship could take 10% damage, and this 10% damage accompanied ship in all subsequent battles.

Now these 10% after a couple of battles suddenly will grow into 99%. It's not OK.

Hmm, anyone keeping an eye on mine damage?

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Many superstructures currently have room for aircraft facilities (KGV, Bismark). Many hulls have space for aircraft facilities (Littorio, Iowa). We ought to have a new superstructure element for aircraft facilities.




Rather, it would be a component that: increases reconnaissance a huge deal, increases long-distance accuracy moderately, increases spotting very much, and increases fire chance very very much.

No aircraft launching animations. No aircraft. However, it will be an important component to choose to add to your ship. 

This would be an important improvement for heavy cruisers, battlecruisers, and battleships.

Many of the cranes, catapults, and hangers for aircraft facilities are already modeled in the game, so it would be less work to implement.






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Turret design improvements.

It is required that dual turrets are smaller than triples. It is also required that manual turrets are smaller than autoloading ones. These are important design considerations that are keeping the game from being historical.

Also, the player can make whatever gun they want, whenever they want. Also, all guns are automatically upgraded to the newest mark.

Please add a dedicated gun designer.

  • You will select the size of the gun, the length of the barrel, and the loading mechanism. You will choose the mark. You will choose the weight of the shell, the propellant, the explosive, the HE type and the AP type.
  • You will be able to test the gun in the gun designer. You will be able to test it against such and such armor, at such distance and at such angle. You will be able to understand your expected penetration characteristics before going into battle!
  • Then, you will press design. Like building a ship, it will take time and money to design the gun. (You might have a little randomness for the final stats, so that some gun designs are excellent and others are rather mediocre).

After the gun is designed, it will be available in the ship editor, where you can choose the number of barrels.


  • This will mean that we will reuse the same guns often. It will mean that it is a big decision to go to a new type of main gun. And the stats will not change after the gun is done being designed.
  • It means that our small guns can use incendiary HE but our big guns can use semi-ballistic HE. It means that our little guns can use tube powder and our big guns can use cordite.
  • It means that instead of having endless gun type options, we will have the ones we design. Then, we can select the number of barrels and turret shape.
  • We will have a gun designs list just like a ship designs list.

This is good because this is a game about gun ships and gun surface warfare! This is what the game is about!



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The big one for me is the declaration of war system. Wars are still beginning with no warning. One turn you've got a war with one other nation, next turn two others have suddenly appeared (ore more). Unless this is supposed to happen and I have missed something. 

There are of course other bugs that have been listed here, this is just my contribution. 

That being said, the updates provide to date have, in my eyes, made significant improvements to the game, so thank you. Still a ways to go, but it is good to see progress.  

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6 hours ago, stew said:

The big one for me is the declaration of war system. Wars are still beginning with no warning. One turn you've got a war with one other nation, next turn two others have suddenly appeared (ore more). Unless this is supposed to happen and I have missed something. 

There are of course other bugs that have been listed here, this is just my contribution. 

That being said, the updates provide to date have, in my eyes, made significant improvements to the game, so thank you. Still a ways to go, but it is good to see progress.  

It's the allies of the nation that started a war with you that follow suit on the next turn.

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i have two suggestions (wich i ignore if they have been already discused):


automatic conversion: weapons below 5" gun caliber can be transformed into automatic weapons (+ massive increase in fire rate. -increase in weapon weight. -decrease in accuracy, penetration, damage, and shell velocity, conversion is limited by gun tech, aditionall tech levels will reduce negative effects, but wont reach the capacities of same specs single shot weapons, example below).

2" and lower requires mk2 tech for conversion to automatic weapon

3" requires mk3 tech...

and so forth.


fixed forward facing torpedo tubes, pretty straight forward, saves substantial amount of weight, could increase roll.


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I would greatly appreciate being able to upload saved ships to a workshop for this game. this would make it easy to gather a larger number of player ships in my campaign. Avorion has such a system of uploading and downloading ships easily using steam. It would be nice to have something similar here.

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For sure it has been suggested above, so just to add that also for me, the best feature you could do is:
-Adjustable barbettes heights: pick just a height, diameter is automatically decided (stretching the model) by the turret. Styles could vary depanding on nations and/or sizes.
It would fix many AI awkward design choices.
I understand, that barbettes are separate parts because you want to restrict their placement options, but that still will be possible, to restrict height depending on various locations on the hull (like fore-centerline positions has the highest limits).

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10 hours ago, chunhim_lai said:

no weight limit on ship

rise gun size to 31.5inch (800mm)

more bridge

so this is the 3rd time you mention these fantasy wishes. I mean no disrespect, but I honestly don't think this is the game for that.

I am sure a helpful forum memeber can guide you in the direction of doing this yourself through the asset files



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Edit: This post may sound a bit negative, so let me preface it with this: I like the game, i've already played close to 1000 hours, but it's a bit rough around the edges.


-- Original post: --

I had some issues with my last campaign, but i did not report most of them because i started the campaign during the last Beta and only finished in version 1.1.9, after several messages that campaigns may need to be restarted (the ones i did report are mostly related to the designer). On the other hand i did not leave a negative review (i did not leave any review yet).

It's also not just bugs, some things just feel unfinished. The most prominent example i can think of from the top of my head is the onslaught of dialogs at the beginning of turns, especially later in the campaign. Several enemies desperately asking for peace, multiple allies wanting to buy ships (in consecutive dialogs, so i never know how much capacity they ask for in total until the last dialog closes - also, i cannot look how much free capacity i have at the moment), invasions, army loses, multiple consecutive dialogs about hundreds of individual ships getting damaged by mines (i think it was multiple consecutive dialogs about mine damage anyway, to be honest at some point i just couldn't be bothered to read all of that anymore), etc. It works, more or less, but it's just so much information that we have to sort trough, and most of it while being unable to access the rest of the game.

Other games (like Medieval 2: Total War or Civilization 6) show notifications at the side of the screen that allow you to go trough these information at your own pace, while being able to access the rest of the game, thus being able to gather more information before making a decision. The player gets a very short summary when they hover over the individual notification (in UAD for example: "Germany suing for peace", "Allies want to buy ships", "Ships damaged by mines", "New Technology: Geared Turbines II", etc.) and only see the full dialog when clicking on it. The notification will vanish if the player opens the dialog and makes a choice or acknowledge the information - if they close the dialog any other way the notification stays.

Regardless of whether you want to make that change (i suppose this would require a whole new subsystem), i would recommend the following changes to the dialogs:

  • Allies wanting ships: Show all orders in one dialog. Each order should be for a single ship class and include at least the following information: the country that is ordering the ship, the ship class, the number of ships and the total tonnage for that order. The orders could maybe be grouped by country, in that case the individual orders don't need to contain the country again.
    There needs to be a checkbox for each order, so the player can decide which orders to approve and which to dismiss. This dialog should also display the total tonnage of all selected orders and the available ship building capacity. It would also benefit from the possibility to select or deselect all entries with one click (if you group by country you could even go so far to select/deselect all of the same country - there are so many "nice to have" things you could do with this dialog, but it's also a lot of work for increasingly less gain).
    After you selected which orders to approve you click OK and the approved orders are executed while the rest is dismissed.
  • Mines: Is it really necessary to show detailed mine damages for neutral ships? I would propose creating several sections that can be opened and collapsed by the player (similar to the different sections in the research tree, although with a different layout) and group the ships as follows:
    - First section contains the ships of the player
    - Second section contains the ships of allies, ordered by country (alphabetically)
    - Third section contains ships of enemies, ordered by country (alphabetically)
    - Last section contains neutral ships, ordered by country (alphabetically)
    Optionally allow each individual country to be collapsed. If any of those sections do not contain elements don't shown them. The neutral ships are collapsed by default.
  • Wars between other powers: I do not remember if each war gets an individual dialog, but if they do show all declarations of war or peace between other powers as a single dialog. Maybe group them:
    - Subtitle "War has been declared", below a list of all countries that declared war against each other
    - Subtitle "Peace signed", below a list of all countries that signed peace.

You could probably combine or simplify some more dialogs i am not thinking off at the moment.

I'll take a break for a while and watch the coming patch notes. Maybe i'll start another campaign in a few weeks, then i'll report any bugs i find immediately.

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What would I like that hasn't been mentioned as existing goals? Six months!

1. Small nation diplomacy.

Basic influence actions, exclusion from war after alliance, trade agreements. 

2. Camouflage.

Honestly, you could do three or four types with seriously minor benefits (e.g.: -0.5% enemy accuracy) for flavor. Selectable in the shipyard.

3. Aircraft facilities.

I should have put this at #1. Grants a spotting and accuracy bonus. Has tech upgrades. Has visuals, mostly possible since you've followed historical designs. Add tracks, catapults, cranes, hangars where necessary. Have an aircraft fly a loop over the launching ship. Drop random flares over the enemy fleet at night.
Make it a DLC if you have to.


After six months. Maybe well after...


4. [100% DLC territory] Aircraft in general.

Aircraft have tech, and build up like port capacity. Battles like subs, but generate in the battlespace, so the player can watch. AI controls all aircraft, player controls friendly ships. An exclusively friendly aircraft battle makes the player a spectator.

5. [100% DLC territory] Aircraft Carriers and CV aircraft tech:

A progression system that allows the design of CVs and CV aircraft tech. Same as #4, but players decide fighter assignment for CAP.


Aircraft don't have to be hyper-realistic, and if they're made optional, they don't exist. They just have to fly reasonable courses, attack reasonably, and leave reasonably. I'd pay for it. I'm sure others would too.

If you really nail the DLC aspect, the gun purists would never even be aware aircraft exist.


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So patchnotes for 1.1.9 mentioned 'Auto-Design optimization', and it made me very happy, as poor autodesign is one of the problems this game had from the start and until now.
One of the problems always was poor engine efficiency (among others are weight offset, unnecessarily long citadels, overprioritization of secondary guns), so I decided to check how is it going in the current version (1.1.9R).

To get more or less general results, I used multiple countries, every available ship class and every decade, as well as different modes (custom battles - CB, shared designs - SD, campaign - CA)

One campaign is an actual save of mine, which I've played from 1890 to 1916, the other is freshly created 1940 campaign.

So altogether I ran autodesign 145 times to produce 140 designs - 20 for each of seven selected hulls.

I made a google sheet with the results, but TL;DR is:

  • Average engine efficiency is bad
  • You can reasonably expect only about 20% of enemy ships to have 100+% engine efficiency
  • Some hulls are really problematic for the AI, taking way more time to design ships and sometimes even failing to produce a ship at all (I'd look at all "French experimental"-style hulls, like Japanese Modern Heavy Cruisers, French Super Battleship I etc)
  • If there is a "Further Auto-Design optimization in placing the parts on deck", as mentioned in patch notes for 1.1.9, at least visually I can't confirm it: most of the 145 auto-design attempts I made for this post produced ships with overpacked decks, citadels taking up most of the ship, sometimes empty barbettes, sometimes turrets with next to no firing arc etc. (and 5 failed altogether)
  • High weight offset, pitch and roll seem to also be quite frequent for autodesigned ships
  • DDs seem to be doing MUCH better than everything else
  • When engine efficiency for desired speed is easily achieved, the AI quite often doesn't stop adding unnecessary funnels, sometimes even producing 300% engine efficiency ships
  • In one particular case (one of the 300% AH large heavy cruisers) I manually removed a funnel and increased the speed from 17 and change to 21 knots without moving a single part, dropping below 100% engine efficiency or getting over weight limit, which left me confused about why autodesign placed the extra funnel in the first place

Please, please seriously rework the Autodesign ASAP. I can't speak for other players, but at least for me it would be a higher priority than getting new features or even fixing some of the minor bugs.

I can't manually create shared designs for all enemies and every single year, and autodesigned enemy ships, especially capital ships, are usually so bad they can't compete with player-designed ships, unless the AI torpedo-rushes the player fleet with numerous small ships.

Edit: also, at least for me, and under condition that the game is able to process turns in the background, I would rather have the AI design fewer ship types and take more time to design ships, if it helps with the quality of the design

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