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  1. Have you considered adding some '80s ironclad hulls and predreadnoughts?
  2. I woul'd also like if they implement morale and experience system that works similar to that in Close Combat game series. So if we send order to charge into enemy line to some inexperienced (or just overly cautious) destroyer captain he might refuse to do so and make some excuses (can not build enogh steam, not in contact with enemy, experiencing engine problems...). I'll never forget when I used to order green infantry squad in Close Combat series to assault enemy KV-1 tank only to get answers like: we can't hurt that, conserving ammo, their armour is too thick). Also it' woul'd be a
  3. You all talk about placing machinery spaces. And what about boiler rooms?
  4. I woul'd like to propose some ideas regarding crew mechanics. I suggest crew to be divided into few subcategories: machinery crew, stokers, damage control crew, tower crew, weapons crew. Each time ship is hit the game takes account on which compartment is hit and depending on damage inflicted crew can take losses. So, when boilers are hit by overpen hit, there is slight chance that stokers will took some light losses. If we have penetrating exploding hit, losses can be quite high. Similar is with other compartments through the ship. This way we can have main turrets mainly intact but
  5. Where do you get these ship schematics/cuttouts from???
  6. Her armour was upgraded. Main belt was actually not penetrated but the superstructure was heavily riddled and burned out. I can se the point in making small caliber guns and non penetrating hits dangerous in close combat. Also the crew lossess impeded the functionality of the ship.
  7. Battleship Hiei disagrees with this.
  8. I don't think targeting individual components was even remotely possible in dreadnought era unless at point blank range. As I said WT ship combat is a cadual shooter game and not a naval simulator. WT is upgraded MMO version of Battlefield 1942 which is not bad. But it is not realistic naval sim.
  9. Whats all this about Warthunder? From what I have seen about WT ship combat it is just another (brainless) shooter where you score multiple hits with first salvo. Although graphics and ship models are excellent it's just not it!
  10. What happened to the crew and crew mechanics? Wasn't that planned for the alpha8? And what are the chances for earlier campaign start (1880 or 1870) and ironclads?
  11. You know this still isn't beta 😉 ?
  12. The way I see this is that many of you folks were begging for fictional superbattleship hulls, quad turrets and 20 inchers (under influence of World of Warships arcade shooter). Devs complied. I find early era (even going into 1870's) far more interesting and hope we get more early hulls and even ironclads eventually. Also have hopes for campaign starting at least decade earlier. But I'm also happy to see wide range of late designs.
  13. ...well, or lack of them... I find it highly unrealistic that there are no torpedo duds at all and all torpedoes are flawless. In this time period (especially pre WW1) there was quite the high rate off dud torpedoes. Now in the game any torpedo hit on any angle will result with detonation. In reality, even '40 era torpedoes often needed ideal impact angles in order to detonate. My suggestion is that tech research can improve reliability of torpedoes. Also introduction of magnetic exploders can make torpedo attacks under all angles possible. Also I suggest following types o
  14. Hi, Just got the idea that it woul'd be nice if every ship in campaign had it's own simple log (containing some info on engagenents fought) and a kill list. Like date when the ship was sunk, action in which that happened (and maybe link to specifications of the sunken ship). It woul'd add more flavour to the veteran ships. and also give some perks to it's crew (if certain ship sinks enemy ships exclusevely by torpedoes, then her's crew coul'd be torpedo experts, if the other ship takes severe beating in two or more battle crew of her excells in damage control).
  15. Boiler rooms shoul'd be placed beneath the funnels (except when ship is diesel engined). Also it seems boilers csn not be damaged, but not only boilers. Power generators are also in invulnerability mode, so there are no electric power losses (to affect pumps, damage control, prevent turrets from turning and ammo being delivered into the turrets).
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