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  1. Merchant raiders did not contact status report or position?
  2. I fear this great game will end up just as Limit theory did. Josh Parnell also cut communication with community only to announce ,a few months later, that the project is cancelled.
  3. And the devs are still maintaining strict radio silence. What do they think they are? Merchant raiders?
  4. So, the angry mob gathers... But seriously, can't really blame devs for anything but lack of communication. Regardless of the workload, how on Earth can you expect to covince anybody that you do not have a few minutes of time weekly to share some info with your customers. Lack of info and transparency is what is driving people crazy.
  5. Nice changes. Sad that old ladies didn't made it again..
  6. And who is to blame for that but players who kept bragging devs to add some more fantasy superships and superguns they saw in some MMO game with the ships? And now they keep on bragging that they "feel" these superguns and superhulls are not like in their expectations. I'm pretty sure devs will burn more time and energy to please them. That being said, I also blame Nick for yielding to such demands instead on actually focusing on realism and historicall hulls, mechanics and guns. We have enough ship arcades already! I have also supported this project because of it's promised focus on (battle)
  7. Blast effect of shell this size is is well felt on the inner side of the armour. It is wrong to think that detonating of several hundred kilos of explosives on the face of the armoured plate will leave the compartments behind undamaged.
  8. Large HE shells were known for knocking out heavily armoured Panthers and Tigers. The sheer power of explosion and forces of resulting pressure were enough to demolish and displace turrets without penetrating the armour. And incapacitating crew in the process.
  9. So, after insisting on having stupidly oversized and unrealistic guns and hulls in the game ,now we complain about unrealistic damage they inflict??! Too much energy and effort has been put in this fantasy stuff anyway, especially when we lack early hulls and guns that actually existed.
  10. Do you think USN was the only one experiencig problems with dud torpedoes?
  11. I hope for some ironclads or very, very old battleships/cruisers. Wish to se Ferdinand Max and Affondatore from the battle of Lissa.
  12. Don't get me wrong, I like the game and I'm aware this is "just" an alpha but... I hope it's OK to point out at some things that I consider to be wrong at the moment. And torpedoes and torpedo mechanics didn't get much love so far. So, what is wrong with torpedoes? 1. They are flawless, they explode on any impact angle regardless of year and tech level. There are no dud torpedoes, failed exploders, circular runs... 2. Having 2,3,4 or even more reloads per tube during the battle is just wrong. As the other ones pointed out, there shoul'd be 1 reload per tube max (requiring specia
  13. Torpedo reloads shoul'd be a very rare (and costly) exception rather than a rule. Having not just one but multiple reloads by default is just laghable. Hope that will change soon, especially if this game does not want to devolve to brainless shooter.
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