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  1. Dont know. Ships tend to roll. Dependd heavily on sea state, ship stability/vibrations, wind...
  2. I enjoy historical gameplay. Yes, this is boring to the most. Realism panel would make everybody happy, right?
  3. Or just maybe this isnt the game for you. The best solution would be realism menu where you can choose between realistic gunnery and torps and arcade mode with gyrostabilised guns supported by laser rangefinders.
  4. Well it depends. If you play shooters then, yes, you expect to be godlike. If you are playing something which pretends to be historical then you are on unrealistic expectations if you expect every torpedo to be perfect. In Grest Naval Battles, which was amazing naval simulation for a time, you felt great satisfaction if your salvo managed to hit target and in fact detonated.
  5. Can't believe somebody still thinks torpedoes are not OP. In the situation where there are no duds, torpedo failures, breakdowns, failures to explode on impact and imperfect detonators. So, yes, if you look from perspective of WOWS players torpedoes are not OP. But if I remember correctly this game was advertised as historically accurate and some of us find flawless torpedoes unacceptable and OP.
  6. No, 1 month turns do not result in campaign being too slow. Hope devs won't rush again to make gameplay more optimised for WOWs players. Not after giving priority to 20" superbattleships over ironclads, predreadnoughts and early dreadnoughts!
  7. Hey, speak for yourself! 😁 I like small battles more then the big ones and find them more interesting. Plese do not remove 1 vs. 1 ship battles and small engagements. I absolutely hate big fleet slugfests.
  8. Good luck with that. They continue maintaining strict radio silence.
  9. I can agree that their (devs) community management is awfull. They leave us with feeling that they just don't care. I also can agree that they are doing some bad design decisions (by insisting on superbattleship hulls). But I'm somewhat reluctant to agree on that they do not listen. They do improve things we report. Hell, I even put more blame on community than on devs regarding superbattleship hull spam we are witnessing now. Who can not remember times when fair chunk of community (under obvious influence of WoWs and similar shooters) insisted on 100k tonnes BBs and 20" quad turret
  10. So what is the difference between leaked now scrapped campaign and the upcoming one?
  11. Not to mention that early sjips are more interesting and varied.
  12. Hey, @Nick Thomadis but why did you choose to do Germany vs. Britain campaign for start? Seems that you somewhat overstretched yourself by doing this. Wouldn't be much more easier if you did Italy vs. Austro-Hungary campaign limited to just Adriatic without the need to do the whole world map? And hope you won't forgot torpedo boats. I mean the late ones like Elcos, MAS or Schnellboats.
  13. There is a possibility that the devs have been abducted by grey aliens and submited to brutal medical experiments. Suffering from this trauma, when they return we'll get more 200k ton superbattleships instead of old predreadnought hulls.
  14. Dead in the water with rapid flooding and heavy stern list.
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