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  1. Well, if the drop rate increases 100% from 0.1%*, I guess it's still rare. Even at 100% from 1% it would still be rare. One can always argue where the line is between rare and less rare.. *completely random number
  2. That or simply a "only clan/battlegroup" can enter
  3. I destroy ~12 frigate fleets in my Santi, on a good fight I get about 5000 doubloons (PVE). And since they broke trading before the holidays I make 20-25mill in an evening, and can just buy the doubloons on buy orders @450real
  4. I struggle to get some sensible info out of this thread, difficult to read between the salt. Is Privateers aggressive again? We, the pirates, are not attacked when in 9k 1st rate fleets in KPR area. Disclaimer; I didn't bother to understand the mechanic in the first place since I make quintillions from trading in county capitals only, so important info might have eluded me. I do apologize in advance MDH
  5. There's the door, let it slam you on the way out. As constructive as my response to that can get
  6. I blame the WoW, and the likes, generation: Mission: Do this, go to this spot, talk to the character there, go to next waypoint, talk to this guy, kill these dudes located at that waypoint, pick up the stuff they drop, come back to me here.... so on so forth. It's a bit sad. No imagination, no need for braincells at all. And people expect that in every game they play Hansen
  7. Yes. Wich it shouldn't be indeed. But for later/released/at some point it would be very nice. Mads
  8. A big thumbs up to this one. I never use 3rd party apps or maps, as I find it far more fun doing the actual navigation in game. Adding the tools to the map that was available back in them olden days would be a very nice touch. The landmarks would definately be the cherry on top (we all like cherries) Mads
  9. I'm sure scientists would love to find the blueprint (read cure) for cancer without all the trying and failing, and investments Current system might not be the best, but the one you suggest is most definately not. There has to be an investment made to get the better blueprints, both in time and money. The ones that make investments in a project and see it through, very often come out on top cashing in the rewards (talking RL here, but counts for games aswell). I've made 4 excp. ships so far, got 6 blueprints to show for it, and I am fairly certain the reason is that I don't build them before I am atleast 5 levels above its (exceptional) requierement. Not to rub it in your face, but it is also the feedback I get from people I know who craft and put a logical effort in to it, and, like me, has an infrastructure surrounding it to make materials. When at the subject, crafting should be a team effort. I would hate bp's to be "freebies" just to be bought with gold and/or LH. Money is way too easy to be made atm in this game. Just my 2 cents Mads
  10. Yes, I was. Not anymore though It is quite satisfying seeing a ship sink that quick after a swift broadside though. My tactic is basically get the first ships down quickly, since one is usually spawned with less friends than the enemy (fleet missions), both quantity and quality. So a two-sided broadside in to the first ships that comes up to my sides gets it.
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