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National Reputation Persistence (Karma) - Entry to enemy battles.

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On 6/13/2020 at 3:42 AM, Cetric de Cornusiac said:

Make it a percentage of what the player is owning. :) Or his clan.

I was thinking of something similar to that also. But ....  A player could just ensure that one of his alts had very little wealth, and then use the alt to cause issues, and the penalty would have no effect.  Soon the base price of the game will be cheaper, thus alts more affordable.

People are very crafty, and it will be interesting to see the results of testing.  I'm curious what the penalty will be.   Some players are clever at gaming whatever system is set up.  They work the restrictions to their advantage.

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Instead of this Kharma-thing, I would prefer to change the mechanics in the way that only during the first 2min players of other nations can join. For the rest of the time, when the battle is still open, only players of the original nations in battle should be able to join ( if their side is weaker). But after 2 min no ship should be able to join, that have a higher BR than the biggest ship already in battle. 

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On 6/15/2020 at 6:21 PM, van Veen said:

Alternatively, there could be a nation-by-nation amnesty from time to time so that you are free again to renew your alliances.

Sadly, we always have to keep possible exploits on minds when we suggest improvements. The other ideas in your post are fine, but this here is inviting again trouble. With a (regularly? after some calendar? occuring) amnesty people would just act stupid in the last days before each amnesty date and do the cross-nation ganking which devs try to reduce by karma system, knowing, they will be pardoned in short time.

So, it seems better to make it a costly adventure emptying their treasures for a pardon.

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@admin so this was first posted in June and we had several patches since than even of stuff that wasn't posted to come, but what is up with the Kharma system?   

Also sine the Frist half of 2020 thread is locked.   What about these ships?

  1. Wrecker - crafted ship
    • (February)
  2. Rotterdam - Combat Indiaman
    • 1st half of 2020


Yes we all know the fate you choiced for teh Wrecker even though promised to be a crafted ship, but some of us still wanted to hope that it could still be a crafted ship since I been waiting on this ship since it was first announced ages ago (how many years ago was that? 2-3?) cause it would be the first ship to have 32's on second deck and you could run 32's on both decks like most of the more modern early 1800 war ships ended up with.   Hell just make the ship a DLC ship cause so some of us can enjoy something we wanted and waited a long time for but cause of RL couldn't be in the gang bang event other than on the raping side of battles.

Well second would be what the hell is up with the Rotterdam?   It's way past first half of the year and not a word about it?  While this be a DLC ship, will it have the same fait as the Wrecker?  Will it be craftable?  (please since there is no combat trade ships in the upper tiers).   Can you please give us some sort of update about these ships.

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