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WTS Rare Bucentaure / Продается рарный Буцик (аукцион)


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@Lars Kjaer #richestmanontheserver

2 hours ago, Sento de Benimaclet said:

I don't think there is that much money and doubloons in the game, with how tight the DEVS are 😝

There are clans with more than 1 billion reals in their clan-warehouse. Heck, there are players alone with more than 500kk reals. 3500 CMs is not that much if you've upgraded a couple of crafting ports. And 140k doubloons is less than what I paid for 2 special flags.

8 hours ago, Captain Reverse said:

em... give me back this bucc.... I did not know that he had such a price

It's not worth half as much as the insane prices the bids have reached. It's not even the ship that's more worth, but the guns.

I would buy the guns from that ship for 50kk (individually - no, but as a full set - yes), and I'd go to 65kk to get the ship too.

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