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  1. I wouldn't say that. HAVOC creates content and for that I applaud them. Their move to GB from the dutch was however a bit boring.. I really liked them taking up the challenge of nation building - joining the brits was a bit meh..
  2. Oh the questions! Will HAVOC join the most populated faction or just the second largest?! Uh I'm all giddy inside of suspense!
  3. Not really.. The sun is shining in Denmark, there's 14 degrees celsius outside, I've had the day off, read a book on roman antiquity and checked up on Star Citizen where development seems to be a bit more professional. Even if it is a shitload more expensive, but in terms of hours spent afk sailing I'm guessing it's money well spent..
  4. First off - there is a plethora of posts where admin promises that wipes won't affect xp, crafting xp and from late 2018 ship knowledge xp and books. Any1 buying the game or any items related to the game post those dates can point to the promises made and demand a refund due to the game being sold on false pretenses. Secondly - who in their right minds will buy a game, being EA or not, from a developer who can't even make simple promises and stick to them? The promises was made 4 months or less ago. How unproffesional and incompetent doesn't it look compared to professional game developing companies out there?
  5. Again I don't mind the wipe. I mind that whatever passes for a econ system on testbed really doesn't introduce anything new. The econ will still be broken and unimaginative. Wipe all ships, all ressources etc, but ffs do it with a plan and not some halfassed decision made by the devs around 23 PM in Ukraine. Any1 other than me wondering why a design decision that isn't wholly thought through is made that late in the devs home country? I'm not saying that it's a spur of the moment thing, but I am insinuating that it might be!
  6. Is anything I wrote untrue? I even took it step by step, are there any of the steps that doesn't seem plausible? Any1 deluding themselves into thinking that a wipe will actually change anything is just downright unwilling to face the facts of the server. The game is unbalanced. What in the testbed will balance anything out? What really is changing with trading - it's still printing your own money for little to no real effort by afk sailing from point A to point B. What will really change in crafting to make it a better mechanic? I don't see anything won by testing a damagemodel that has already been tested, an economy that is broken and won't be fixed by adding more goods or changing the names of them, or crafting that requires ressources that will still be available to all through alts - provided you have them and let's be honest most ppl do. To sum up: What is it in my statements that seems to be unrealistic? Where am I going wrong? I for one preserves the right to discuss and argue on the merits of facts, any1 engaging in wishfull thinking and arguing from a vantage point more akin to a dreamworld is simply not worth their salts as testers.
  7. lmao got you worried there huh? But no, there is no work around for alts, unique accounts are unique and as admin has stated many times before - alts are allowed "loose lips sinks ships" and all that.. Get used to being in the lower divisions because the rest of us will still be playing premier league after the wipe.. only a false sense of "equality" for the first 2 weeks after the wipe.. with or without alts - you've been measured, you've been weighed and by god you've been found wanting.
  8. If you pulled your head out of a port you'd notice that I didn't write third rate.. And it doesn't change the fact - a third rate, or any other large ship can't hit a cutter, but a cutter can pen a larger ship like.. an LGV. Now for the dimwitted I may have to go step by step: Step 1: Full wipe Step 2: Whatever remains of the old guards will take a BC (won't waste time on the tutorials yet). Step 3: tag and cap an LGV - this has two advantages, one is to give rs to start trading - a ship and some goods, the second is the guns. Step 4: Take the tutorials whilst trading on your alt. Step 5: Redeem the herc and put the guns from the LGV on it. Now you can decide wether or not to pull a port or kill noobs. Step 6: Start killing noobs to get xp and knowledge slots opened. All the while trading on your alt. Step 7: Use the rs traded for to build shipyard and start grinding craft lvl. Step 8: Back to square one.
  9. DLC items would have to go as well.. That goes without saying.. To think that anyone can artificially create a level playingfield without redoing the entire games core mechanic is moronic.
  10. For a truly level playing field admin would have to wipe the DLCs as well. As it is this exercise is meaningless and books or no books, I'll still kick your PvE ass.
  11. The books aren't what sets PvP'ers apart - most of the books in admiralty store is as usefull or in a couple of cases more so. Modules and gold ships sets PvP'ers apart from the rest.
  12. It's a sandbox. There is no "fair" beginners experience. What is it with sandbox that ppl don't understand? Atm the biggest issue for new players is the learning curve, and their first experience with PvP is generally a decidedly poor one. How is a wipe going to change that a year from release? or two years (if the game lasts that long). Thinking that a wipe will change anything is basically ignoring all the problems and choosing the easy fix, kinda like pissing your pants to keep warm - 2 mins later it just feels all gross and your still cold as hell.
  13. lol, well the issues has only pertained for the past three years.. But for the record - I know it's cold in Norway, but a spring release in November??! When do you get to have a summer? As I read it we're talking about a release in 3-4 months, i.e. June/July.
  14. Except it is not like running a marathon. In a marathon there is a finish line, an end goal. There is no such thing in NA and we all see the pop numbers, we all know the issues new players experience and those will not be fixed by any wipe. The game lacks balance. Pure and simple.
  15. It's a moronic business decision. Who here will ever buy a game in EA from GameLabs ever again? And if NA botches who will then buy any game from GameLabs ever again? The real question is: What will change that will markedly change new player experience post release? The current problems will not go away by a wipe, after 2-4 weeks the problems will reappear. Does the devs imagine that they can wipe every 2-4 weeks? If nothing new is to be tested then the new players will still be hunted into extinction. No ship is worse to start out in than the basic cutter, I'd argue that sailing a Santissima requires less skill than sailing a basic cutter and yet the basic cutter is still the beginners ship of choice. His only choice. I'd argue that new players that experience their first gank is prone to stop playing. The suggested change to the RoE will only aggravate ganking since 1: I won't help a trader getting tagged by a single enemy warship because if I jump into the battle the ganking team can get 2 more players in, in dedicated warships. It will be a ganking fest. 2: every time u see a trader out of its way it might be a trap so you won't tag it. In short ganking won't be fixed. The trading changes won't alter the current state of trading - it's afk sailing requiring little to no effort. Ppl with alts will get everything in a matter of weeks and noobs won't be able to buy any trading goods because me, myself, I and my alt has 16 indiamans vacuuming the ports that yields the largest profits. Crafting req reals/gold and rs to lvl up, vets will have lvl'ed up fast and newbs will still be at a disadvantage. Add to this that eurotrader was removed to move more ppl to buy admirals DLC and newbs prob won't even start crafting since the investment in time, rs and OPs will be prohibitive. This notion that a wipe will create any marked difference for new players is naive and only shows how little ppl understand of a sandbox game. The game needs to be balanced, and the incompetence of the developers means that they have avoided that for nigh on 3 years and kept fiddling with a combat model that really is the only thing truly working in this game. In short: It's a shitty business decision that will serve no purpose other than more negative reviews post release wich will turn off any potential new players from buying the game and those that do will find all the old problems and then turn in a negative review. Game dies, GameLabs will find it increasingly hard to sell any game and as such will die off just like a host of other companies that tanked due to a halfassed product that was rushed through.
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