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  1. Lars Kjaer

    The State of PVP...........

    Actually they don't.. NPC battles are so boring that players stop to be bothered and just joins other games..
  2. Lars Kjaer

    The State of PVP...........

    Or... I could read the whole thread before replying someone (insert ninja emoji)...
  3. Lars Kjaer

    The State of PVP...........

    Simple solution: remove the reinforcementzones and create a PvE zone in the gulf/pacific with limited rewards (since there's no risks - the AI is still dumb as lamppost)..
  4. Lars Kjaer

    The State of PVP...........

    I believe he meant PvP - the game was supposedly a PvP oriented game... That is if any1 can remember those days...
  5. Lars Kjaer

    5 mod slots all ships.

    Most good players are good because they can afford the best upgrades - regardless of the number of upgrade slots.
  6. Lars Kjaer

    What is happening here?

    And the guns adds weight as well..
  7. Lars Kjaer


    I may be wrong but have the devs buffed the leeway mechanic again? @admin If so - why? - we have already tested the mechanics and it was nerfed. What's exactly the point in testing the reverse once more?
  8. Lars Kjaer

    Cannon Shot types

    Could we please stick to the proper timeframe? Round shot, double shot - we already have them Canister shot, grape shot etc - we already have them. Chain shots - we already have them, bar and extended bar shots are but variations over the same theme. I'd rather they dropped the artificial limitation on certain ammo types and either went all out realism with proper powder and ammo stores on ships or removed restrictions all together. The fire arrows are effectively rockets and to my knowledge were not used on ships during the timeframe - I may be wrong on this tho but since we don't see rockets used in a european/american military contexts before the sacking of bordeaux in the french revolutionary wars (if my recollection is correct it's the first town to be subject to a dedicated barrage with rockets with the intent to cause as many civilian casualties as possible). Heated shot - agreed we're missing this one, but it should come with the same risks as it had in the age. Molten shot - 1860 outside of the timeframe Exploding shells - outside of the timeframe. To summarize: We're only missing the heated shots in order to be within the timeframe of the game. Otherwise I'd like the danish panser-frigate "Peder Skram" to be included in the game, first danish frigate to be fully ironclad and with a propella and steam engine. Hell why not go all out and introduce the Bismarck...
  9. Lars Kjaer

    Never give up French!

    No matter how many diplomatic mechanics the game puts in, you can't force players to accept them - they will either find a workaround or in case of fx. alliances simply not show up.
  10. Lars Kjaer

    Never give up French!

    Why on earth surrender in a wargame?
  11. Lars Kjaer

    Pit Pinsel will join the Dutch

    GL & HF
  12. Lars Kjaer

    Battle instances combining.

    lol this could be interesting.. 1v1v1 or even better 1v1v3v5..
  13. Lars Kjaer

    holding in battles and offensive "revenge" fleets

    Agreed. It will still allow players to revenge gank, but the odds of escaping makes PvP solohunting viable again.
  14. Lars Kjaer

    Solutions to ports lost to time

    To the first point 1) The European continent stretches over more TZs than the americas.. Europe stretches from Lisbon/Ireland to the Ural mountains. This cannot be the explanation why the global server didn't succeed. 3) We've seen alliances ingame - the spanish cannot retaliate becuase they have no US playerbase and the ports that has daytimers are not capturable because of the zerg that is britain. GB doesn't have to be skilled, they just have to have numbers. Which they do. I'm not saying that Spain should resignate to defeat, I'm just saying that alliances, wether we wants to or not, are culturally defined. What we saw in the days of the first timers were GB/US against EU players. This situation meant that the brits attacked in their primetime, but never defended in it. That was where the americans came into the picture. The current situation is thankfully a bit more diverse, we now have a small contingent of US players in DK/NG, a slightly larger one in Sweden, a medium one in France and a large one of carebears primarily in the GB factions. The pirates ofc has a small contingent as well. This is good for the game as a whole but the key point is that the french clans have been allied for ages (Blanc and WO) and the americans in general have switched to nations that either speak english as their first language or are proficient in english in general. This is not necessarily the case for all carribean nations and this is just the language barrier, then comes the cultural barriers. The answer is not as simple as - make alliances or recruit players from other timezones. The current timers work with the population that we have, but I believe that for a release they have to implement regional servers. Otherwise the numbers will merely drop to the state where we are now again in a timespan of approx six months. - This is my belief mind you, merely based on the tests of mechanics we've had so far. 4) The problem is the ease some nations would have at taking ports and the difficulty others would have to take them back - again we've tested the mechanics before. And taking another port would be ideal - except not all ports are similar. The answer to a global server might very well be to make ports matter less.
  15. Lars Kjaer

    holding in battles and offensive "revenge" fleets

    On the testbed server the spawn point after the battle isn't fixed.. Wouldn't that solve the issue? - along with hiding F11 coordinates, but they should be gone anyway - there were no GPS in those times..