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  1. Actually I've never farmed any1 but swedes.....
  2. Apparently we're measuring zergs in the 10s now...
  3. I don't know what you've been smoking calling DK/NG a zerg but I want some!! As for Denmark-Norway being part of the russian alliance.. Well that's a situation the swedes created for themselves, as someone else told me in another thread... "Diplomacy is a skill too". HAVOCs diplo was weighed, it was measured and it was found wanting. By a lot.
  4. Not really. IF Denmark-Norway get SJ, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.. And it's actually a bitch that this announcement comes as I'm starting to feel better and not after I've won an impossible win against the swedish fleet. Alone. Singlehandedly. That being said I think RvR in general needs very large tweaks, both in terms of PBs, campaigns and ressources/module imbalances.. And port bonus' ofc.. I'd say GG Sweden, but I really don't think it was..
  5. Agreed. The game is about battles. As I have stated before, US tz players hardly ever affect EU tz players and vice versa, the idea of a "global" server is a false pretense simply because there's little interaction between the timezones, hence why most MMOs run regional servers. So why the timersetting in those ports? HAVOC isn't a US tz clan, CABAL isn't a US tz clan, HRE isn't a US tz clan, MOOSE isn't - to my knowledge - a US tz clan. So how do we solve cowardly behaviour where players are actively abusing mechanics to avoid fights if not regional servers? I have another suggestion: @admin could a potential fix to cowards cowardly behaviour be clanwide timers instead coupled with a removal of the frontline system? That way clans won't be overly burdened by paying for timers, small nations would be able to actually fight eachother and cowards could be proberly punished for their cowardly behaviours.
  6. Totally agree.. Which is the reason why we need regional servers.
  7. Simple solution: Regional servers. @admin are there any plans, at all, for solving the timer dodging?
  8. I'm extremely ill atm but I'll give a comment: There's a reason why almost every MMO has regional servers. US tz pop doesn't engage the EU tz pop all that much and if the only "engagement" that can be had is timerdodging and cowardly tactics to avoid fights in a warserver, then imo the games RvR aspect is failed. In the end it's a dev prob, one that should've been fixed before launch. @admin if not regional servers, how then will you solve the issue of timerdodging?
  9. In general I don't see sterncamping as a huge issue, other than for the Snow. It's turnrate is not realistic, and it's a shitty ship. As for the general increase in carros for unrated vessels I'd like to see it reverted back to the old norm or have small 5th rates and up be able to install 42pds and 68pds carros as broadsides. Is it realistic? - No, before the invention of steel the recoil would simply rip the structure apart, but the same can be said about a 32pds carro on a snow or a 24pds carro on a tiny ship like a privateer.
  10. You do point to the center of the issue really. The snow is a shitty ship that shouldn't exist. It makes for both unrealistic naval warfare and unpleasent gameplay.
  11. A gilded cage is but a cage. And the swedish cage wasn't exactly gilded - a 40p crafting port and 2 regions? Don't get me laughing, I don't have the energy for it.. Besides - this is a wargame, Sweden shouldn't be so incompetent at war that it has to be so afraid from the second smallest nation in the game. It does lend credence to my poignant remark about swedes tho - You're cowards. Simple really.
  12. That ship has sailed I'm afraid. The weak need their bonus' to compete and what matters now is how to balance time, effort spent and accessability with what was originally promised - a skill based game.
  13. If however you're refering to my silence, then have no fear - Lars Kjaer is still here.. I'm sick tho so I'm not really in the mood for banter. Idiot - see rulebook, article 3.
  14. Lars Kjaer

    Civil war

    Oh I think Sweden would have a lot of internal sitting in port, port battles....
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