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  1. Players have to learn that SoL shouldn't sail alone, especially not the first rates..
  2. A total wipe will be effective for about 2-3 weeks after that the influx of VM, rs, dubs and reals will mean every player will have everything they have today.. a wipe will change nothing if it isn't accompanied by an econ overhaul..
  3. My first hour? Can't really remember wether it was my first hour or so.. but it was close to.. We got the reno for buying into the game and dumb as I was I fell in love with her looks and set out, 60 men on a reno.. It must've been a bit into the game because for a while I just looked at her just outside of the port, too afraid to set sails.. I remember I left and sailed past vieques, which was a freetown back then, and right into my first gank, I was on the receiving end of a pirate ganking squadron and I don't know why - I prob made so many mistakes that they thought to themselves "he's too much of a noob", cuz they let me leave.. when I reentered OW there were a giant danish fleet, half of them from the old RUS clan and the rest from the DANVE clan.. and quite honestly I helped keep the pirates tagged in the battle so the danish revenge fleet could kill them all.. Didn't even occur to me that they actually had just done me a favor - If I had lost the reno to a gank on my very first trip I might've stopped playing all together and yet I wasn't too shy to keep them in battle once I figured out what the danes ment by "keep them tagged!"..
  4. DNP was a democracy and I was out voted.. Apparently some ppl care.. real bears like that.. Drinking from Graffis pot have ya'? Why leave the only area that make me feel all cuddly inside?
  5. To state that the current situation for DK/NG has any bearing on my opposition to the cartoon nations is simplistic. I've been critical of their addition from the very beginning.. and from the picture u post I see no problems.. We can attack in any direction!
  6. The problem with a game, that exclaims to be "set in the age of sails" is that ppl expect the age of sails. With a historical setting. Why else would you chose the carribean as the map? - the reason is abundantly clear: because that is the theatre that promotes the most vivid imaginations of the age of sail - regardless of the fact that it is one of the worst areas in the world in a gameplay perspective. To state that statements that goes contrary to your policy of developing solely for the markets and forget about the historical setting, will not be taken seriously is rather absurd. To add ahistorical nations is to drive players that are enticed by the historical setting away - this game is a niche game that primarily caters to the historically minded players - all of them will to some degree expect a historical background and it is becoming harder and harder to take this entire project serious. To add China would basically be to throw the entire project overboard simply because even the chinese playerbase would have some predetermined expectations about the age of sails in the carribean - and it is not to find chines factions or countries that has historically ceased to exist three times.
  7. lol ok, this made me laugh..
  8. L'etat c'est moi, et vous n'etes que des sujets crees pour me divertet et m'amuser! Le roi c'est divertet!
  9. True and I will grant that global has become less dramatic because of the cease-fire.. But the criticism, that really the two only organized clans in the US timezone is not engaged in actively fighting eachother but just pounds endlesly on a disorganized, demoralized, unskilled and quite frankly incredibly poor US nation stands. I won't say that I'd prefer the toxicity of the days of yore to return, but the US tz has a problem that can only be solved through an influx of players and I just don't see that happening. Regional or global server(s) doesn't matter in this regard, the US tz has so little interaction with the EU tz that it doesn't really play into the game and the US players are still devoid of content, which ofc just means less US players finds the game enjoyable.. prob even less when they get continually ganked in what remains of the US eastern seaboard (the US only have 2 ports outside of the safezone right?)..
  10. Except "Krabbeninsel" was where Vieques is, and was only a reststop for tradeships - it didn't have the capacity to resupply warships. And it's a common misconception to denotate Brandenburg as the owner since some of the Hanseatic states were swallowed up during Brandenburgs ascension to what became Prussia, but it wasn't a Brandenburgian colony it was a Hanseatic colony.. And it stopped its operations after it was resettled to St. Thomas - in accordance with what I wrote. If you read the wiki page it actually states St.Thomas as a german colony which is objectively ahistorical and thus false. There is a huge difference between operating a colony and the capacity to project naval warfare. Many of the colonies didn't receive official visits from the owning nations more than once or twice a year, in the case of St. Croix (Christiansted island), it was originally a french colony and there were actually a brief colonial war between St. Thomas, St. Jan (danish colonies) and St. Croix in the 1670's due to St. Croix not receiving any ships from France for more than 3 years and supplies had effectively run out forcing the island to eventually settle into a trade deal with the danish colonies for vital supplies. Please don't let wikipedia be your only source of research. As to your first reason: Why not include China then? they atleast had a navy in the 15th century. Or Portugal, a great colonial power. Or Venice, likewise a great trade city and colonizer. Or the Ottomans, they actually had a naval force that for a while could compare with the western europeans. OR any other nation for that matter now that we've blatantly thrown any pretence of realism over the deckside. As to your second reason: Why do you like it? does it advance certain gameplay aspects? And if we are to throw historical reasoning and realism over the side, why then choose the carribean as the venue for our storytelling? - The area is probably the least suited for gameplay in the entirety of the globe. Polynesia would've been a better choice in terms of pure gameplay. Or, since realism no longer matters, why not make a fictive map?
  11. Except they couldn't. Naval tactics, warfare and above all logistics was not created simply by sending a fleet to the carribeans.. For all intents and purposes a fleet sent to the carribean without adequate logistics would lose more than a third of it's sailors and marines, more for nations not accustumed to the diseases that could ravage far off colonies, and the fleet would be rendered inoperable in a matter of weeks due to lack of ressources that we today find readily available - like rope, tar, wood, masts, spars and ofc some pesky items like.... food. Without the support of shipyards, drydocks, stores, smiths and supplies the fleet would be as usefull as a ball and chain around the neck of a deep sea diver. Russia did not have the capacity to project large fleets across great distances, the pirates never existed as a nation, Prussia didn't even have a homefleet and disregarding the fact that Poland-Lithuania actually ceased to exist during this timeframe, they never had any fleet what so ever. In short - they are cartoon imaginary national fleets that could not, would not and never had any large scale military operations in the carribean. Where, may I ask, would the PL, Prussia or Russia build up the knowledge of tactics, logistics and infrastructure to support the fleets? The early colonisers like France, Britain and Spain had the advantage of settling the islands with the best natural harbours, the most fertile soil and the easiest defensible points of access. Even they didn't have any assurance of measurable success from large scale naval operations in the carribean untill the mid 18th century. Why did britain win the seven years war? - because it was the first nation to have an infrastructure in place in the carribean to ensure a sustained naval presence and thus successes in the area. As France, Spain, Denmark-Norway buildt up their logistics and infrastructure in the area Britain spent hundreds of thousands of pounds keeping an upper hand, not just in warships (the british homefleet always constituted the bulk of the british battlefleet) but in ports, docks, storages etc. What you're suggesting is that efforts that took the actual, historical colonial powers centuries to develop and hone, could be done by three upstart nations in a matter of months. It is folly. Did I mention one of them ceased to exist?
  12. Should've been implemented long ago really..
  13. 3-6 months ago the swedes were a swerg nation along with the demoralized brits.. Now the largest pop nations are britain and most likely the russians. The ebb and flow continues as the noobs flock to whichever banner promises the easiest AI battles. Just remove the cartoon nations i.e. pirates, prussia, russia and poland-lithuania and make pirates a distinct faction ingame rather than the nation it basically is today.
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