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Warship picture thread

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You can thank the French for those, Originally Akitsushima was also going to feature a Cannet Gun, However Japanese Naval thinkers though the quick firing 4.7 inch guns would be enough as the ludicrous load times of the 32cm guns made them theoretically ineffective. This Infuriated the French Naval attache ending Franco Japanese Naval cooperation. Intrestingly all 4 of these ships were also made in Japan.

Please enjoy These Japanese Gunboats, Maya with her 2, 8 inch guns, and Akagi with her 4, 4.7cm guns Akagi was the first All steel hulled ship manufactured in Japan, and actually was only scrapped in the 50s

Maya 1892.jpg

Akagi 1902.jpg

Also Here is a Great little song Naming and showing Many ships From teh Russo Japanese War Era.


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4.7 cm to 4.7 inch (whoops) :P
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2 hours ago, The Fundamentalist said:

I wish you guys would post the captions of these photos so I had an idea of what was going on. Cool pictures though!

Okay, I'll do my best when I regurgitate massive ship posts in the future. I have all my pics organized on my pc so it wont be too hard to note whats what.  

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In the years before Norway declared independence from Sweden (1905) they had the foresight to buy four modern ships from England. (It is always a good idea to have a bit of a navy when you declare independence!) They were built by Armstrong/Elswick, Newcastle on Tyne in the years 1897-1899 and were between 3800 to 4200 ton displacement and each had two 8.2 inch guns and a smattering of 6 inch and smaller secondary guns.

The first picture is of Skagerakeskadren (the Skagerak Squadron, all four plus a number of smaller destroyer types) number two is of Norge and Harald Hårfagre, and the third is of Eidsvold.


Norge + Harald Hårfagre.jpg


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Some Takao-class.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle ijn takao class

Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva



Aiheeseen liittyvä kuvaKuvahaun tulos haulle ijn takao class


Kuvahaun tulos haulle ijn takao class Maya

Would love to have this hull in game ^^
The tower is so pleasing to eyes and these ship radiates power, prestige and what it means to be versatile samurai 😎

It's a petty that such gorgeous ships sleeps at the bottom of the sea.
IJN knew how to design beautiful ships but could not build enough of them

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A clear photo of one of the most beautiful cruisers (nominally) built to the terms of the 1922 Washington Naval treaty, Takao, in post-reconstruction configuration.


The Chōkai, firing her main battery.


Italian battleship Roma, seen from aft.


The Aoba, one of the Japanese 'pre-treaty' 20-cm-gun cruisers.


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