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  1. Was playing the testbed and thought of some ideas for combat. Now that the boarding is hidden to some degree so you don't know what the enemy is choosing I thought it'd be nice to expand on this some more. My thoughts is to make the enemy ship/crew UI invisible so you don't know exactly the condition of the enemy ship or crew. This will make fighting more interesting and make boarding more risk/reward since you don't know the exact state of the enemy crew. I always thought it odd that I knew the exact condition and crew count of the enemy ship when fighting. Removal of this feature would greatly improve the combat experience, especially in PVP.
  2. This is how I've felt dlc ships should be handled. It should give you the option to craft the ship but not get it instantly and for free everyday. It's should basically just be a dlc for a blueprint that you can craft and then sell the ship or do whatever you want with it. sorry for the double post.
  3. Well this is wrong on so many levels. PVP and combat are the one thing this game already doas pretty well and implementing some of the ideas listed in the original post would do alot more harm than good.
  4. As long as they make the Classic craftable I'm fine with having both in-game. If they make the Classic some bs reward then I'd be a little upset. Classic is much more accurate to the actual Constitution. Old model is just a bad model imo.
  5. I'd love the see the Constellation in-game one day. It's different enough from the Constitution to warrent it being in-game, and it would give another nice American frigate alongside the Essex and Constittion.
  6. The current system is flawed imo. The strengths of the constitution was it's hull strength and a decent speed of 12-13 kts. The way the game models it screws it's historical strengths. In game you are forced to choose either strength or speed but not both, when in reality it was a decently fast ship. There is no rule thats says fir has to give a certain amount of speed higher than denser wood materials.
  7. Well then have it to where alliances change every once in a while, it'd be much better than a free for all. If players decide to keep alliances then that's their choice. That's how alliances are supposed to work.
  8. Diplomacy needs to be redone/re added. Whats the point of all these nations when it's just one big free for all anyways? Might as well just remove every nation and just leave the British and French. You can either have a voting system where every player votes, r have a system that elects players for a short period of time to at as president (say an election each week).
  9. Ships should have historical stats when built from historical materials. Currently when building a ship with historical woods the stats may be different than what it would have been irl. My Suggestion is that when a ship is using it's historical woods then it should have it's real stats, instead of it being altered. One example of this is the Constitution. Currently when using it's historical material (Live Oak/White Oak) it's slower than what it would be irl. It's should be around 12-13 kts when using LO/WO but instead it's slower even though that's the material it used irl. I'm ok with different woods altering the stats but if the wood was used on the actual ship then it should have it's stats reflect this.
  10. Sorry if this isn't the proper place to ask but how to get the new Constititution? I have the old blueprint but I don't see anything about the new Constitution.
  11. Not impossible to add but I doubt they will. It's unfortunate that the campaign is so linear, it really limits the replay ability of the game. Dynamic campaign is what is needed imo in order to have alot of replay value.
  12. I'd say it's a bit of both, but I'm sure it's mostly the 1st one.
  13. Maybe the arch only represents the effective range of the weapon and not the maximum range. This would explain why you see brigades firing even though the enemy isn't within the arch (effective firing range)
  14. Do officers spawn randomly? Some of my favorite brigade commanders never spawn for me, so I can't recreate my favorite brigades. Harry T Hays, Richard Taylor, William E. Starke, and Henry Benning are a few that I never get. I would just like to be able to see all the commanders that are not a reward to be already listed in the barracks menu.
  15. Legioneod


    I've seen the list of battles already hence my question. I was wondering if they will be adding even more battles once the game is finished. I was mostly interested in battles like Chattanooga and The Wilderness because my ancestors fought there.. I'd also like to see battles located in Louisiana as I find that that part of the war is mostly forgotten along with alot of the western theater.
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