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  1. Thanks for the tips. I plan on making a 3d damage "simulation" that takes into consideration frame thickness, frame spacing, plank thickness, wood type and characteristics, etc. Gonna use it to compare various ships ability to sustain damage at certain ranges/cannonball weights. Basically I just need the thickness of the planks/frames and the space between each frame, etc. that way I can make an accurate 3d model of the hull of the ship. EDIT: Focusing on ships that were in use between 1800-1820 especially the War of 1812 and the Napoleonic wars.. (Frigates, Ships of the Line, etc)
  2. What was the common space between the frames of ships of this time? And how would I go about finding info like the thickness of a certain ships hull or the thickness/width of the frames/planking. Can this be found in ship plans or is it something that can't be 100% known? I'm planning on starting a project soon but I need to figure out the construction of ships and how to determine how a particular ship was constructed. (Is this possible with ships that no longer exist?) For instance with the Constitution I know the thickness of the hull varies but it's near 2ft thick at the waterlin
  3. Will we be able to mod and import our own models to the game? Imo it would help with the current lack of player freedom in customizing ships and would also allow for much more hulls/Towers/Guns/etc. Currently customization is too restricted and we really don't have much in the way of variation, being able to mod the game would help solve this issue imo. More modularity and customization options similar to the original trailer would be great to see.
  4. More Hull types. Remove fixed points so I can place towers/barbettes anywhere I want. Currently customization is severely limited by this "feature" More tower types for US ships.
  5. Whats the status on this? I really hope they are able to save her, I went visit her as a kid and it's very interesting the differences and similarities between the older dreadnoughts and ships like the Alabama. It's a shame that Texas let it get so bad and risk losing a historic ship.
  6. Probably Il2, I'm on those forums alot, name is the same.
  7. USS Texas BB-1 By far one of my favorite early battleship designs, would be great to see something similar in-game one day. USS Louisiana Louisiana after her refit. USS Texas BB-35
  8. Just got the game and really liking it, will post more as I play and come up with suggestions. One thing I'm happy to see is more US designs being added as it seems like most of the designs are European (at least the towers make them look that way. I'm not well versed in older ships so there may very well be US designs already in the game besides the South Carolina). Can't wait to see how this game develops and what gets added. Forgive me if this has been answered but what are the plans for campaign mode? Will is be linear/mission based similar to UG:CW? or will the player have a bi
  9. Was playing the testbed and thought of some ideas for combat. Now that the boarding is hidden to some degree so you don't know what the enemy is choosing I thought it'd be nice to expand on this some more. My thoughts is to make the enemy ship/crew UI invisible so you don't know exactly the condition of the enemy ship or crew. This will make fighting more interesting and make boarding more risk/reward since you don't know the exact state of the enemy crew. I always thought it odd that I knew the exact condition and crew count of the enemy ship when fighting. Removal of t
  10. As long as they make the Classic craftable I'm fine with having both in-game. If they make the Classic some bs reward then I'd be a little upset. Classic is much more accurate to the actual Constitution. Old model is just a bad model imo.
  11. I'd love the see the Constellation in-game one day. It's different enough from the Constitution to warrent it being in-game, and it would give another nice American frigate alongside the Essex and Constittion.
  12. The current system is flawed imo. The strengths of the constitution was it's hull strength and a decent speed of 12-13 kts. The way the game models it screws it's historical strengths. In game you are forced to choose either strength or speed but not both, when in reality it was a decently fast ship. There is no rule thats says fir has to give a certain amount of speed higher than denser wood materials.
  13. Well then have it to where alliances change every once in a while, it'd be much better than a free for all. If players decide to keep alliances then that's their choice. That's how alliances are supposed to work.
  14. Diplomacy needs to be redone/re added. Whats the point of all these nations when it's just one big free for all anyways? Might as well just remove every nation and just leave the British and French. You can either have a voting system where every player votes, r have a system that elects players for a short period of time to at as president (say an election each week).
  15. Ships should have historical stats when built from historical materials. Currently when building a ship with historical woods the stats may be different than what it would have been irl. My Suggestion is that when a ship is using it's historical woods then it should have it's real stats, instead of it being altered. One example of this is the Constitution. Currently when using it's historical material (Live Oak/White Oak) it's slower than what it would be irl. It's should be around 12-13 kts when using LO/WO but instead it's slower even though that's the material it used irl.
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