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  1. @Nick Thomadis Would it be possible to have the campaign feature land battles like in age of sail? I really loved that aspect were you could do amphibious attacks and actually be more than clunky ship. So far Age of sail is the only game which has done it so well that i am amazed how has no one else thought this before. With planes they could be few times usable strikes or time based boost like recon flights or preliminary bombing. Time based fighter protection and harassment. The land battles simply has to be there. MG nest can be treated as small artillery which is mobile as infant
  2. How about naval mines in fjords? or in shallow waters? Mine layers were a thing long long time ago
  3. World of warships and the french DDs would disagree.... BUT yes that is stupendous speed Did the AI paint the ship red? I mean red goes faster right? The smol DDs and the 45+ knots speed
  4. Time to make naval war movies ^^ And epic scenarios
  5. DLCs to improve the game is ok as you said if it actually provides content. But i also see it as way of getting excused of releasing unpolished products... kinda double edge sword. Trust in companies is a dying currency no mater how much one wants to trust there is always that doubt of getting shafted hard with ship shaft (propeller included). Q&A would be really good specially for this hot potato. Basicly a text wall with bullet points would be fine as well and we will take those words as part of Leticia divinata (rapture of divination). If dev says it is canon then it is ca
  6. quite a few will complain about the lack of planes when the Iowa class hulls exist in the game.... So much for ending in 1942 as some say.... More like 1944. In the end the game is not called "the battleship only club" It is ultimate admiral. What does the admirals do? Build navy. What is navy? It is states sea defense force. How does a navy work? They keep constantly developing new equipment, doctrines, approaches of warfare and gunry practice. Aviation on sea is perhaps the best recon unit you can have to keep nations seas safe. (Catapult spotters, Fighters and flying boats). From ai
  7. I would board them to find contraband that would support hostile country's war effort or spies. You don't really need to sink them. Rather just do a boarding check up
  8. I hope many of us wishes the same. I did say it some time ago but this game has loads of potential to rub pickles in right way that other games does not really do that much. DLCs for something is actually part quite crucial in life cycle and time events... (paradox approach which kinda sucks. a gentle kick to weak point just not feel too bad but bit sad). DLCs could provide some extra money for more development.... Dunno just have tick box that says Nay to aviation to please those that says planes does not exist and admires the Zero fighters (those peeps also exist.....confusing).
  9. At least that is how i wish the campaign would to be
  10. Hmm... RTS campaign map can cause some issues. If we have naval port raids and naval invasions or being navy liaison for army. Maritime patrols would become really important and micro managing many fleets for coastal defense? (can be balanced with loads of different options) HoI concept can work but the ratio of man power and money/ resources to allocate to navy is also open. I am quite sure army and navy will need to compete for resources and research (political actions). Prestege could boost the allocation of resources and inspire men to join navy but lets not repeat Italian navy or
  11. Talk about the peeps that despise Subs and CVs or planes in general.... Just mentioning one of those gets bucket of anger and perhaps some toxic..... In the end it not just about battleships it's about naval warfare. Something i have noticed that some keeps forgetting which is more sadder than anything. Realism and historicallity can be merged quite well together as they are more or less married
  12. Mission to detonate Hood with one salvo with Bismark 😎 Or Hood has 100% detonation chance if shot by Bismark? (historical accuracy )
  13. Naval invasion support mission (D-Day, Solomons, Guadalacanal, and Norway landing) Man that would be awesome to do naval port raids to give middle finger to ship building. This could actually be used as a way to achieve tactical victory of an enemy. Not always do you need to kill hundreds of sailors if they have no ships to sink with. Also gives more value to recon ships and planes (yes i used the P word and not that P word )
  14. Crew soon (tm) Good update ^^ I hope there won't be too many bugs
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