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  1. 1: situational awarness 2: gay talk 3: shit talk
  2. D'Orleans

    L'Ocean thickness Meta

    Meta..... THE META!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/02/15/sumbarine-commander-crashed-one-uks-nuclear-submarines-ship/
  4. D'Orleans

    Open letter to Game Labs regarding RNoN and DRUNK.

    ^^^ This
  5. D'Orleans

    SLRN-JACKS Announcement.

    S! Heneage, Best of luck with the SLRN!
  6. D'Orleans

    Open letter to Game Labs regarding RNoN and DRUNK.

    ..and that's pretty much it right there isn't it? In your own real life nations, no matter which you live in, do you not have people living there who disagree with your respective governments? (Especially self appointed governments) Are they "pirates" too? People want realism in a game. This is another form of it. The way politics generally work here, as with most other games, is the biggest clan runs the show because they refuse to be told what to do by a smaller clan or else they won't join your coalition or whatever you choose to name it. Are they then labelled "pirates"? God forbid a smaller clan leaves the fold, or even worse...individual people leave several clans to form a new one of like-minded people. Isn't that what a clan is supposed to be? Or are they just "trouble makers"? Like it or not doesn't matter. Just play your game and be happy you found it. If this all stresses you out so much maybe you should find something else to do. No need for all the drama.
  7. D'Orleans

    [PVP1 - France] Les Abaissé

    Bon maree! (just a French sea shanty)
  8. D'Orleans

    [PVP1 - France] Les Abaissé

    Thanks for signing me up!
  9. D'Orleans

    PvP2: Tales of France

    Bon Maree!
  10. D'Orleans

    PvP2: Tales of France

    Pvp1 is not as exciting as it sounds.
  11. D'Orleans

    The Fortress has fallen!

    I would rather have the free rum and 200 pieces of 4
  12. Les Américains font tant de bruit. yawn If you are going to do something then do it. Save your threats for some nation who might be intimidated by them. You do not care for the plight of the Dutch. S!
  13. D'Orleans

    Sea Lords Marine Francaise

    S! Amis Sea Lords Marine Francaise would like your help in keeping les ros bif in their place. English speaking fleet, but French is deffinitly an asset
  14. Thanks William! The SLVF have always been a multi-national group over the past 15 years. Currently SLVF have: - SLRN (Royal Navy) active -SLMFr (Marine Francaise) active -SLRSN (Royal Swedish Navy) getting restarted -SLUSN (United States) inactive at the moment Salut!
  15. D'Orleans

    Sea Lords Marine Francaise

    S! Mes amis First off I apoligize for not being here as often as I should be. My job takes me away too often at times. Secondly, and most importantly, I would like to say that the SLMFr, (Sea Lords Marine Francaise), are a casual group who have kept the Royal Navy at bay for many years. We will continue to do this. Naval Action has much to offer as I'm sure you are aware. We use english as a working language as the SL members are world wide.