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On 9/29/2020 at 7:50 PM, Worry_Rock said:

Ngl I don't even know what this is, but its called the USS Vesuvius


It's a test bed for pneumatic cannon, essentially big ole air guns called dynamite guns.  Why? Because in the 1880s dynamite was too unstable to be in conventional artillery shells. Essentially the sudden force of firing a standard run of the mill naval cannon would set off the dynamite filler in the shell while still inside the barrel of the naval artillery. I guess this is considered to be bad by most navies. These big ole airguns were gentler in their acceleration and wouldn't set off the sensitive, fragile, coy and otherwise unstable early dynamite explosives.  They were a technological dead end, as by the turn of the century advances in high explosive chemistry made dynamite based projectiles more stable and usable in modern artillery. 

The USS Vesuvius was the only warship to be armed with these experimental weapons (that I know of) which had a very short range in the world of naval combat. That being said it was used to shell Cuba during the spanish american war, where she operated at night and had great psychological effects on the islands defenders. Her bombardments were effectively silent and with out the roar of conventional naval artillery off the horizon these early stealth attacks caused panic and anxiety among the spanish defenders, who never had any warning when the attacks were coming. Also this reply is 3 weeks late, woops?

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Look what I found this weekend! I was out with a friend after helping him with some work and he took me to a local Revolutionary War memorial and park, and for some reason.. this was there. I have no idea why other than the city it's in is famous for being a long time US Naval Base. Boy was I excited to see this, I recognized it at once! Off of one of my favorite armored cruisers... behold!



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