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Nick Thomadis

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19 minutes ago, CaptainKanundrum said:


Is there a change log from 0.97 to 1.0?

There are no changes from v0.97, except a few minor text fixes and the removal of the "Report Bug" Button. You can still report issues, using the F11 Key. We will add this brief info to announcement thread.

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Congratulations on the great work. As a Total War fan, you have no idea of how glad I am that that you guys are slowly taking over (and being far more innovative than CA)


By the way, do we need to restart the campaign to get all (any?) new content or can we just continue playing the one(s) we started during Early Access?

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First of all: Congratulations to the release of version 1.0 of the game! 


Though, personally I'm wondering why version 1.0 doesn't inlcude any fixes/additions compared to 0.97. The game is in a great state and doesn't need too many improvements but I was hoping to see some small graphical improvements/eye candy added before final release.


Some things I still want to see added/improved:


- Please improve color of lines showing firing range! They are too hard to see at times (especially at morning/evening)! Or let us select prefered color!


- Fix US General John Gibbon being available twice during a campaign


- Please let us choose an avatar/portrait pic for our own General. The generic pic is okay, but I would like to choose a different pic


- Please add more historical accurate portraits of historical Generals! It bugs me a bit that famous well know Generals are only depicted with generic pics!


- Please change Lutheran Seminary building (Gettysburg map) and Dunker Church (Antietam map) to more historical accuarte looking buidlings!


- Please add Cemetary gatehouse to Gettysburg map


- Please let us zoom in a little bit closer to the battlefield!

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If there was an attempt to fix units that are locked on a target from disengaging that lock, I think it's actually worse now.  I have units locked on a target, and when the unit they are locked on routs, my unit starts chasing them all over the battlefield like a dog chasing a car.  I have to stop them and usually by the time i see it, they are in big trouble.

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Sorry guys, this should not be V1.0, you have a long way to go on the interface before this thing is ready. 

The unit markers are terrible:

1) the dull brown color with generic symbols for Arty, Cav, Rifle are sub par. Not only do they all blend into each other they are not clear enough to allow you to use it to determine which units are doing what, how much damage they are taking, etc... etc.. The feedback is terrible, the visual cues are non existent and it is frankly dull and lazy work. Get a real UI artist and do a proper job of designing this part of the game, it is essential. When battles become huge, this bar becomes completely useless, and highlight each echelon centers the camera on illogical positions, the underlighting of subordinate units in Green completely blends into the green terrain. Its impossible to clearly see which units where and what they are doing. You have to scroll back in forth constantly in pause to get an update on what is happening, and this is a major fail because it breaks the flow and interrupts the players immersion. This is the BIGGEST FAILURE of this game. 

2) The command bar underneath the unit bar, also sub par. The feedback is totally missing:

a) Same dull brown colour: boring and blends into background

b )  hard to tell which  buttons are available because colour scheme is unclear and highlighting is too subtle

c ) hard to tell when an order is active or not

d) the icons are insufficiently clear, the symbols do not properly convey what order does what. 

3) No fallback command, running away is not falling back.

4) Cavalry is completely unplayable. 

5) More chain of command information, more brigade formations, better cover behaviour. 

6) All of the ideas presented in this game are refreshing and interesting, but the execution is marred by low quality UI and not enough feedback elements. If you want to enter the big leagues, put more effort and design into your UI and Menus, it really pays off. 


All the best



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Gettysburg phase transitions need some work. In my BG campaign I deliberately didn't take Cemetery Hill in the first phase because I wanted to do more damage to the Union forces. In the second phase I captured both the Round Tops, but didn't completely wipe out the Union units.

The next phase was the Culp's Hill / Cemetery Hill phase. I captured all the victory points, and wiped out all their units. Then in the next phase ... my units were teleported back to the east and north, and I was forced to attack Culp's Hill again. This time there was only one Union brigade, which I hunted down and destroyed while easily recapturing Culp's Hill.

Next phase is the big attack on the three Cemetery Hill objectives. My units are again teleported off the objectives to the north and west. The northernmost Cemetery Hill victory point starts the phase under my control. I again recapture all the VPs and wipe out every existing Union unit (including the reinforcements). I've now captured Culp's Hill and the northernmost Cemetery Hill victory point twice each.

I'm then greeted with a message indicating that my attack failed (??!!), and a Union counter-attack was possible. I enter this phase with my entire army AGAIN teleported back to the west, *and* I control of all the VPs. I find a few Union brigades in the far south, and start to engage them. Then the phase ends in victory, because I already controlled all the victory points.

Essentially, the game does not acknowledge in any way Confederate control of Cemetery Hill or Culp's Hill during phase transitions - even though it clearly tracks VP ownership between phases. This resulted in multiple phases where I was forced to retake the same objectives over and over, which is intensely annoying. Then there's the ... fifth phase bug, where despite capturing all the objectives, I was sent to the sixth phase (the Union counter-attack) anyway ... which almost immediately ended because I controlled all the objectives.

My recommendation would be to eliminate the 2nd Culp's Hill phase entirely (phase 4?), and extend the previous Cemetery Hill / Culp's Hill phase. If the Confederates are successful there, end the battle. (You could try to continue, but in the next phase, if you're honoring unit placement, there will be a huge brawl as Union units are spawned on top of Confederate units.) Also, fix the fifth phase so that if the Confederates are successful, the battle ends and there is no counter-attack.

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Some of this comes ... I think ... from certain pressures put on the developers from the community and their impatience of needing something more, and demanding the devs do something about this.   I guess it could be the results of early releasing to the public of the game too.

There are obviously signs within this production that indicate a rushed development phase, but for what purposes or reasons, I cannot state.

There is no shame in admitting that parts of this were rushed to appease an impatient public ... but now that it is released in such a state, it would be a huge mistake if the dev team doesn't go back and resolve these early release issues now before they move on to something else. 

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Sorry in advance for my poor english, is not my native language.


First i want to congratulate the devs for this beautiful game , the battles are great, i enjoy the AI behavior , the graphics are good for me, runs well on my laptop and most important  is not the graphics is the gameplay and that is great.

What i feel that needs to improve.

- To know where my army is going. If i move my mouse over an unit i can see here is going but there is one important thing missing. Below in the battle interface , above the units card, we have the shortcuts to choose our brigades, divisions and corps. what i want is to click one these shortcuts and immediately know where the units in these shortcuts are going.

- i want a keyboard shortcut  to choose all my infantry brigades inside a division.  

- The option to group units is missing.

- Bigger minimap option.

-In the left below we can see the unit stats during a battle. If we click the information button, it shows the gun stats and more unit stats. I prefer to have all the infomation, the 3 panels showing all the times in the left.

- it is possible to infantry, and cavalry brigades have flags? 

- Ai knows when to choose roads is missing. I played the old sid meier's Gettysburg, and if i remember correctly, the units always know when it was best ( quicker ) to go on the road. This feature is missing in ultimate general. It would be great to see this in Ultimate General series one day.

- Choose my avatar pic.


In the end one personal request. Please consider in making Ultimate General napoleonic wars game. With many factions playable, dynamic what if campaigns, powerful shock cavalry units charging infantry regiments getting to square formations. This would be amazing. :)



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@Don Delmer

1) I like the less shiny interface. Ok, I also liked the HoI3 interface so I might be not the typical strategy gamer. xD But most of what you seem to see as a failure isn't one to me.

a. Not a problem for me. And I have bad eyes.
b. Maybe, but not a problem for me. Might be otherwise for others.
c. Is it? oO Might be that way for others, though.
d. Well, the symbols are better then those of the Total War series...and the TW series is the main competitor. Even the tool tipps are more clear in my opinion.

3) As in 2)d., the main competitor doesn't even have this option.

4) Skirmisher cavalry is hard to use but extremly useful. I have to admit cc cav is far to weak for its price. It is historycally accurate though, while they should buff the damage and damage resistance against routing units.

5) Please elaborate!

6) Ok, I am a seasoned Total War veteran since Shogun, the very first game of the series. I find this slim UI quite refreshing, I have to admit. The TW menus and command UI are getting more annoying with every game, bigger and bigger and blocking more of the most essential command UI: The battlefield itself. At least this is my opinion and that of most of my friends. We (57 friends of mine on steam have Rome 2 for example) all use mods which rework the interface to be smaller and less...well...big?

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 Jamieva  //  Don Delmer.....From the In Game Guide--Command  Basics

Falling back>The safest way to execute a tactical withdrawal is to use the Fall back command. Press the FALL BACK button or F key and the unit will move back to a safer position while shooting the enemies in front. 

**In contrast, by ordering a unit to simply move back it will expose its rear to the enemy, becoming much more vulnerable.

***Battle Basics:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The following information will help getting started with the basic gameplay aspects of the battlefield.

Contents...Moving a single unit...Moving a group of units...Halt...Run...Unit rotation...Range attack...Charging...Falling back...etc...


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