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  1. jamieva

    Android game war of colony using UGCW footage

    Apparently they are ripping off more than 1 game https://steamcommunity.com/app/10500/discussions/0/1471966894864382752/
  2. jamieva

    Chancellorsville Opener

    As the union i would stand back on day 1 and 2 and find good defensive positions and let the confederate army bleed himself out attacking you, especially on Day 2 with Jackson. So when you get to day 3 you are facing a decimated army and you can fairly easily get to both objectives.
  3. You were relieved because the cost of a loss was more reputation points than you had left pre battle. First day as the union you need to use your best troops because you're going to need them to hold off and delay forces coming at them from 2 directions, and then finally hold Cemetary Hill.
  4. jamieva

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Still got routed units getting stuck in water. Played as union on Kettle run. i pushed the rebs to the creek at the top left. They routed and then they got stuck as they routed. 2 confederates units went outside the map area, still routing.
  5. jamieva

    2nd Bull Run Campaign Questions

    You don't need 4 corps, I just beat it with 2 1/2 as the union. First corps swing around from the bottom of the screen and then after the first timer runs out, all of your other troops will show up to reinforce your attack. Go all in then and you easily will win the battle on 1st day.
  6. jamieva

    Day One Victory: Cold Harbor!

    I took about 5000 casualties but won on day 1 as CSA last night. I used all 2500 man infantry brigades. Storm the dismounted cav areas quickly to obtain control of the VP. The units that are not storming the VP go up to the woods at the top right to slow down the VI corps. The VI corps is very aggressive when they arrive. You're just trying to buy time/space by holding them up long enough for the scenario timer to run out.
  7. jamieva

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    In addition to units chasing the routed units they have been told to target, they are also not releasing the lock. So they are still targeting a unit that is outside of their range, when there is an enemy unit right in front of them blasting them in the face.
  8. jamieva

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    This has been discussed several times, there is in fact a fall back command. If you select the birgade and then draw the arrow backwards, they will turn their back to the enemy to march.
  9. jamieva

    The game is not fun after Chickamauga

    I agree. It becomes a slog and the "fun" of the process of building your army is gone.
  10. jamieva

    UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    If there was an attempt to fix units that are locked on a target from disengaging that lock, I think it's actually worse now. I have units locked on a target, and when the unit they are locked on routs, my unit starts chasing them all over the battlefield like a dog chasing a car. I have to stop them and usually by the time i see it, they are in big trouble.
  11. jamieva

    UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    Stop canceling all movements/orders when a scenario moves along. For example at Antietam. When you introduce Burnside's bridge, all of my units that are moving/charing/etc all stop. Why?! No time passed. Now i have an infantry unit getting shredded by artillery because they were stopped mid charge, and the charge icon has to reload.
  12. jamieva

    What's Your Favorite Battle?

    Antietam is good but man it is tough to hold the Sunken road because there is really no cover etc to hold onto. That little fence rail doesnt do much and you got other union forces trying to flank it.
  13. jamieva

    Q&A thread

    I think generally the scenario at each battle is trying to follow the realistic time frame. Gaines Mill was a 1 day battle, so it is 1 day in the game. The one notable exception is thr 4th day at Gettysburg playing as the union
  14. jamieva

    UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    brigades that are out of ammo at the end of fighting on a day, and the battle goes to the next day, should not be out of ammo at the start of that next day.
  15. jamieva

    UGCW Feedback v0.90+

    Ah ok i see now. I like the intelligence report so far