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  1. Hitorishizuka

    How do you distribute your elite brigades?

    One per division to bolster the rookies, then additionally one or two in Fourth Divisions to follow up after weaker Divisions have been bloodied creating breakthroughs. Also, I keep any truly elite brigades to a nonexistent Corps all the way in the back that never get deployed until the final stretch of the campaign.
  2. Hitorishizuka

    Tips for new players

    It's very bothersome, honestly. You can see me do it all the time in my playthroughs and it takes a lot of micro to combine the divisions and it creates a bit of temporary weakness from time to time because you don't always have the brigades to cover the ground you need to because you're always a few short due to combinations. On the other hand, especially with how early you can get Fayettevilles as CSA, you can get some devastating effects out of them done right.
  3. Hitorishizuka

    Battle of Washington

    Actually...with good fortifications and good artillery 1:2 is manageable. That's basically CSA Antietam, after all.
  4. Hitorishizuka

    Battle of Washington

    You don't seem to have anywhere near the # of troops or even just brigades to have good success there. You also probably aren't really doing much with just 7 brigades on the left flank. It's possible to use the secondary attack (which starts things off) and make it all the way to Fort Stevens, so if this is all you have to work with I would consider beefing up that side, slacking on the "main attack" with only a few brigades to take the eastern fort, and then putting much more into Flank Right or Flank Left and trying to roll through the entire side from there. (Probably Flank Right, the left approach kind of sucks imo) Still not a good situation. You really shouldn't be outnumbered in Phase 1 as attackers, considering what happens if you can even win this part.
  5. Hitorishizuka


    If you push fast and hard, you can take the western VP on the road and then bunker around there, using the gaps between the wood to the east and the wide open ground to the south. You should be able to wipe a division or so at least as they counterattack and trickle in, which greatly relieves pressure later.
  6. Hitorishizuka

    Combine Unit?

    I doubt there's an intrinsic penalty. It's more likely that the division is just larger and sticks out more compared to the component smaller units that made it up, but I'm willing to admit that I've never tested a 2500 normal Brigade side by side with a 2500 Division to be sure.
  7. Concentrate your forces right around the VPs only, get cavalry and skirmishers to harass the flanks of the southern artillery. Get your reinforcements in to protect the southern VP as they arrive as that'll probably see more enemy action, then pick either the far north or far south to counterattack. Once you crack one brigade in a fortification, you have free reign to roll up the entire line.
  8. Hitorishizuka

    Combine Unit?

    Whatever nerfs there have been aren't really noticeable. Combined divisions will still murder with good weapons on everyone. More importantly, what it still does is let you leverage rookie brigades as journeyman by effectively bolstering them with elites but as a 2500 man unit, which is very deadly.
  9. Hitorishizuka

    Guns per battery

    Not only do they inexplicably perform worse, but they suck up ammo like nothing else. Double hit to effectiveness.
  10. Hitorishizuka

    Difficulty scaling, what became out of it?

    1. Not really. The Armory score exists now and puts a pretty reasonable hard cap on the kind of equipment you'll see on the enemy side. Feel free to have a bunch of top tier snipers in your army and no longer get murdered by the enemy's own masses of the same. 2. Yes but solely if you are playing large enough to take advantage of the enemy army cap and you aren't overextending yourself in the process. 3. Unsure, but anecdotally I've heard it's more about preserving your force above medium. 4. See 1, but Training caps their experience.
  11. Hitorishizuka

    Union Strategy at Cold Harbor

    A neat thing to do if you're sending in melee assaults to open a crack in fortifications is to detach skirmishers and have them walk up first ahead of the infantry. They'll eat the volleys on the way in and give your infantry a better shot. If you're still using melee cavalry, you can also have them mass in behind the skirmishers and contribute to your punch. Most maps have at least one point, however, where you get at least okay cover and you can sort of shoot it out with the enemy with 3 brigades to one and push them off that way, if you don't bother keeping dedicated melee brigades.
  12. There's some Command score you need to hit between the Division and Brigade general for a given size. I would just play with it and see if you take an efficiency hit. If you don't, you're fine. (I'm not sure I agree with not putting a 3 star as the Corps commander given that it makes them safe and the top end bonuses are pretty good, but whatever floats your boat.)
  13. Rotate out your top level commanders in areas where they're not needed. Artillery can be safely commanded by Majors and below unless it would hit a new veterancy threshold. Small units can instead be commanded by Lt Colonels, etc. This ensures that you keep a broad officer corps instead of focusing only on top level officers and find you run out if you lose a few or need to do a large recruitment.
  14. You've probably just learned more about the game by the time you're playing this. Union is held as hard pre-Antietam, afterwards their advantages start accruing.
  15. Laurel Hill shouldn't be too bad normally...you have a very good defensive position to start and should be able to just mulch their troops. What did you experience?