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  1. Add a campaign for US Constitution. That is a fun ship to sail the open waters with. And, yes, only Anglo-American fleets matter. 😎
  2. If I am not on the list, and I assume I am, you know I can't wait to help out with this in any way, shape, form or fashion you may desire.
  3. WoWS has many good parts, but also many maddening points. In particular, the design that allows mass firing of torpedoes 'just because' and hiding, hoping they hit something. And this is encouraged. So gamey. I am looking forward to being able to field the entire fleet, from capital ships to escorts, as one coherent unit.
  4. The internal configuration would be interesting, protection of the citadel and the ammunition / fuel storage areas being crucial. Where the boilers go, the stacks go; where the guns go, the ammunition goes. I can't wait to see how this is being modeled in the game. The naval rifles, ammunition lifts, and ammo compartments will be fun to site around the ship; and the differing gun calibers determine how many rifles a ship will hold. Secondary batteries, torpedo tubes, so many variables. Patience is a virtue. I am told.
  5. Knowing how Gettysburg and Civil War developed over time, I would say this is an excellent guess.
  6. Good answer, but the question belonged to Norfolk, not myself.
  7. No. Germany had true diesel U-boats starting 1911. From the Fall of 1914 going forward, U-boats are sinking ships with self propelled torpedoes, and finishing them off with deck guns. Certainly, U-boat range and effectiveness progressed exponentially during the war with the combat experience provided. But submarines used as forward recon with wireless communications will be an issue during Jutland. Regarding communications, wireless radios are still in their infancy. They are generally reliable, but RDF (radio direction finders) is already in use. To use a wireless, from a sub that spots capital ships, is one thing. For the main battle fleet to use wireless communications will tip the fleet's position to the enemy when you begin transmitting that much chatter. Certainly, the technology is in its infancy, and will be nothing like the US picking up signals bouncing off the Japanese carrier fleet inbound for Pearl Harbor on December 5th; but it must be taken into account by the admiralty. Therefore, flags and signals are still the order of the day.
  8. I don't think anyone would imagine combat aircraft, or carriers, could be included in a dreadnought based game. The introduction of combat aircraft is really the breaking point between the Dreadnought / Battleship Capital Ship dominated fleets and the Carrier Task Forces that RULE the oceans in World War II. Spotting aircraft, on the other hand, would be available to the TOP TIER fleet if you use WWI / Jutland as the ending point of this conflict. And aircraft wouldn't appear until the final fleets sail during the endgame.
  9. This past week, I took my daughter and nephew to tour the USS Texas, "The Last Remaining Dreadnought", which is moored just outside Houston and is now a permanent museum ship. A trip I have made many times. In particular is the layout of the ship, the gun deck where its secondary batteries poke out of the side armor rather than placed in the 5" ring guns that will become ubiquitous (and deadly) on future US battleships. And the five primary gun turrets configured in AB-Q-XY formation holding two 14" naval rifles each. And the primative rangefinders located all over the ships, a novel invention when she was launched. She is also the first US ship to mount dedicated anti-aircraft guns, and to have launched an aircraft (from #3 turret) from a moving naval vessel. She provided shore bombardment both to support amphibious operations during the Normandy invasion; and later at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. It's ships like this that really excite me about this game, and the ability to design and deploy a gradually more and more technologically advanced fleet. The position of the primary and secondary batteries, the possibility of early AAA, torpedo blisters and tubes, primative recon aircraft to help spotting. So many exciting possibilities. And the ability to site the batteries in front of the superstructure, as in HMS Nelson or IJN Izumo; or behind to kite an enemy and bombard while pulling away. USS Texas, which would be the end of the production lines this game will encompass (I am guessing that some sort of Jutland type engagement will be Nick's last battle to cap the game) has a fabulous history, and is in desperate shape. It needs to be placed in a permanent drydock to prevent further corrosion of her hull. It would be a shame if this ship were scrapped, too much of our history has become disposable.
  10. Is it just me, or do others immediately begin reading the signal flags to figure out which combat bonuses this ship will receive in WoWs? A beautiful shot of the Queen of the Pacific with Philadelphia as a backdrop. The Flying O was a hell of a ship in her time. I also like the shot of the snout of the USS Becuna on her starboard side.
  11. One of my favorite eras ever, can't wait to start building my dream fleet!
  12. Congratulations to your wife for putting up with you for ten years! 😎 Seriously. Congrats.
  13. OH, wait. I remember you. You are that . . . individual . . . who bought the game because school was out for the weekend. Because a particular patch / battle release was delayed by 48 hours and you would not be able to play during recess you loudly demanded a refund. Then disappeared, only to reappear at this time. I guess school is back out. You are hard to forget, in the entire history of this game you are the only individual who has acted or behaved this way.
  14. With all due respect, you have no idea what you are talking about. If you think Nick and Sterner don't care about this game, you are merely reinforcing what I just said. If you think being a jerk is going to help you, you are wrong again. However, if you want some help with the game, this forum is FULL of seasoned vets who love to help support new players and teach them what they know. Your choice.
  15. Drop the insults, ask the question in a respectable manner, there are a plethora of players who would be happy to help you. The way this is phrased, good luck.
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