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  1. My thought is even one or two pop up screens with introductory information for the first few boot ups of a game, then click the box and make it go away forever. But at least the player has some clue about what to do next. This game is simply too good to let these little details drag it down. I am sure you agree. The main problem, to me, is the results of major battles get lost in the shuffle of paper. All this effort goes into describing the battle and then 'that happened' at the end in some cases. It isn't hard to fix.
  2. A lot of time and effort went into crafting detailed, hand drawn, well narrated intros flowing with beautiful music to introduce both the American and British campaigns. But after that, the player is left on his own to figure out the game using the clues on the screen. A few simple changes to the user interface will dramatically improve this situation. Sterner suggested I post this publicly to debate the effectiveness of this solution and seek feedback on the current mechanics to make them more easily understandable to the player. So I am asking for the opinion of those who have played t
  3. This is actually one of the smartest ways to do it knowing how the game is designed. It would correct the situation without requiring a ton of code changes. Just fine tune the method and agree on which techs are most important - and that might be the tricky part because the naval guys won't care about grenadiers and the land guys won't care about rigging weight.
  4. Ultimate Admiral: War at Sea He who rules the waves, rules the world
  5. Just the opposite. Private investments have kept it operational. And the state of Texas just pumped a large amount of state funds into the ship. The problem was not the ship, but the fact it has been sitting in salt water for 100 years. The hull is paper thin in places. The cheap way would be to encase it in cement in its current location. The strategic long term option is to invest millions of dollars in state aid to refurbish the hull so the lower decks can be safely accessesed to make it a museum ship to be proud of for the next century. It is highly unlikely to be returned to its c
  6. Same publisher under the same aegis, but different individuals work on different aspects of different projects. I've been tracking both projects for some time, and by the end of the day i truly believe they will both be awesome games.
  7. This is the answer you are looking for I have been working with these guys on multiple projects for a while now. They are very small team, and very good at what they do. They are always, always, always collecting information and data feedback from the players; but they only really speak when there is something to say.
  8. USS Texas is no longer open to visitors. As of October 1, she will no longer allows visitors aboard. She is in process of being packed up, her moorings cut away, and will be towed to a dry dock in Alabama large enough to scrape her hull and repair the armor plating which has been in salt water since it was launched and is paper thin in some places. When the repairs are done, she will be towed back to the Houston area. Whether she will return to the cesspool of the Ship Channel in the shade of the San Jacinto Battleground is very unlikely. A new berth will be built for her in a bett
  9. The short answer is 'yes'. If you possess the skill to mod a game, there is very little anyone can do to stop you. It is their game and their choice. But considering that DarthMod is a valuable member of this gaming concern, I assure you the devs respect the skill that goes into making a quality mod that others might want to play. And if you make a mod so outstanding it drives people to buy their base game to play your mod on top of it, more power to you. I've seen the quality these guys put out; it's hard to beat them, but you are more than welcome to try.
  10. Yes, it is not difficult to win, but you need to pay attention to the details. The key is the quality of the torpedoes and the speed and acceleration of your ships. Slow ships will be sunk before they get into range, small torpedoes will bounce. If you use cheap torpedoes, you'll get cheap results. Meanwhile, one or two good hits with a legit torpedo will stop the dreadnought dead in the water and allow water and time to do their thing and sink the boat with minimal loss to your own crews.
  11. Please, keep reporting all you see, it is very helpful. I admire your passion, but counsel patience. Torpedoes are already being prioritized, and I rather suspect will be again several more times before the end. If you think all will be fixed with one patch, you might be disappointed. Trial and error, trial and error. You document hits, but not the size or type of torpedo, or mention the armor quality they are impacting. Surely you don't think a generation I 'Fish' torpedo would punch a hole in the USS Texas? Quick example: I invite you to revisit the US Mark 14 torpedo and its real worl
  12. Autoresolve was kind of hit or miss, more of a placeholder until they turn their full attention back to that aspect of the game. The campaign has a basic form, but it is far from polished. It was an intriguing glimpse at what is coming next. If I am guessing how Nick will procede, he is going to get the basic mechanics working first and then move up the chain of difficulty while constantly shuffling to keep everything balanced. While he was designing The Civil War, I watched him put an AI on the field that was a pushover. It became so ferocious at one point the humans didn't s
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