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  1. Hi, so US and GB campaigns are now complete with all misions, or still US campaign finish in November 1776 and GB in July 1781? No changes were announced.
  2. What in real "Crew training" personality trait means - crew in my ships get experience more quickly?
  3. In the end of stage I had about 20.000 money, then I click "End od stage" and in the begin of next stage I lost about 15.000 money. Thats not god this system steal money.
  4. New research system is nice, better than older random chaos. I hope this will remain.
  5. well this doesnt work. After I invented bayonet i still see many rifles in my armory without bayonet. And there is no research to invent rifle. So why is bayonet in research? I hope it will work after game release.
  6. Is it a bug, or there would be no more BR limit for missions (there is limit only for number of ships) ? I started play US campaign 2 days ago.
  7. What does bayonet research consequent - all my rifes of that type would transform to rifles with bayonet or I have to upgrade rifles?
  8. OK, thanks Guardin. So techtree in game would be helful.
  9. I play as Brit, now I will atack Savanah, game still didnt offered me grenadiers. But it twice offered me light infantry (which is useless). This random tech offer sytem is not good.
  10. current system of Side missions (POI) is not good. Should be button to autoresolve mission in 5 seconds.
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