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  1. Keep talking -- you are on target I will seek a thread on novelties n For Inventions -
  2. Sounds like a great experience. I am only starting with a US campaign and managed to fight off 2 attackers. Did you find any keystroke or mouse commands for ship handling beyond my clicking on the map to orient the ship or anchor it and the based on the clicked positions -- also the mouse seems to affect the guns which seem locked on auto firing on enemies in range. Regards, Captain E
  3. The land hath combat s a familiar UG feel but the naval gameplay is fun but seems very simplified - in the first US campaign battle the only control is the tiller using the wind for for maneuvering and bringing the auto-firing guns to bear. Surely there be more to ship handling and the schematics stand as more than mere nautical decoration? I pray you condescend to reveal that such be so. I am Yr obt svt et cetera et cetera
  4. though sea sounds remain. Forced hard reboots , advice?
  5. Your prior land warfare games are great. Age of Sail looked good, but without install instructions and instead an easy looking but misleading UI in the initial processes and my game Commodore membership is useless. it turns out that the game only works with the email used for the game purchase rather than my GL credentials. . One of many things that should be up front in a step by step install guide Someone needs to change this. II did what seemed reasonable from the clues in the game. If there is a foolproof installation guide I will try a last time, having uninstalled it (Security s/w did not like it anyway). Absent a resolution,I want a refund. at I will probably buy a different copy when there are instructions worthy of the name.
  6. Q&A is no substitute for a description of how the game actually works and is intended to work. and assumptions important
  7. I am trying to reset my PRE-EXISTING GL pw but the recovery message is not getting out NEW: also I tried the recovery message using my other email and the recovery message also did not make it out to my email. So that seems a dead end for recovery so I assume I need the original password reset. I assume that what looks like a steam code is entered later as as part of registration
  8. MikeK


    I bought Vommodore Edition.The email I entered in payment processing is the one I want to use to get keys while the one that I have used at this site for other games here is different What do I do to get the links hooked up? THANKS
  9. MikeK

    Where is my key?

    THANKS, THE ABOVE SEEMS HELPFUL. I just bought the Commodore edition. Is there an intro that answers the :WHAT NEXT questrions . Is steam required? DO I get anything other than the receipt" Is rhis game multiplayer in any way? thanks
  10. To your point, I can cite the work in my sig which explains how the professionals, schooled in the campaigns of the Napoleoic Wars, devoted great effort to overlap and outflank their opponents, but both sides worked from the same training and methods which developed into lateral maneuver, extended works, and many a flank move developing into a frontal fight.
  11. The Ageod Pride of Nations 19th C Multiplayer games were the most fun I've had in MP grand strategy gaming - table or digital - a turn a day (each representing half a month) pace over decades of simulated time. and a couple years of realtime. The diplomatic and other correspondence (could keep a proactive player busy on some days trying to manage a situation before the daily turn deadline. The amount of time spent on global trade and economic dealings exceeded by far the periods of open conflict. Keeps in mind that war is a tool in service of broader ends. CW 2 is all about the war. A two-sided game, though I'd prefer more to better represent the east and west and issues of coordination. Because each player's AGEOD turn is a file, one player can do his moves and send to another player on his side who can do his and maybe change some orders before submitting them for processing.
  12. boottom line TLDR: You can't move out all units, leaving a Corps or a division with zero brigades.
  13. (1) Ashamed to admit I'd like to be beaten on in multiplayer UGCW. (2) Based on tabletop wargaming experience the American War of Independence with maneuver units at the battalion and detached company level would work as a game and would feel right, with a big battle feel for the largest engagements. The engine is already set up to accommodate light infantry and "Indian style" tactics. (3) Based on the modding design genius already shown with Total War mods and UGG and UGCW, I'm sure a convincing French Rev/Nappy Empire game would be well done. There are wargames models that properly capture the expertly managed psychological battle of tension between opposing sides approaching close quarters that rarely led to actual hand to hand combat in the open field without one side or the other withdrawing or breaking first. The phenomenon of actual close combat in the ACW is even more interesting. (4) A 19th C imperial age game Mating the UGCW engine to a rework of AGEOD's elegant strategic engine (Pride of Nations) ,and economic game with multiplayrer would be top of my wish list. You did ask for crazy, right? .
  14. Fresh question on the ambiguous explanation of Medicine in the guide pdf "f you want to reduce your battle losses, then you need to upgrade your Medicine Level. Each point heals 2% casualties and on maximum level 20%. After a battle the casualties of every unit are restored by this percentage. Certainly, this skill is very useful if you are an aggressive General. Medicine saves you money that you would spend for reinstating your Veteran brigades and also reserves a considerable number of recruits that you can use for growing your army." Per point, Is the restoration "2% of casualties" suffered or the much larger effect of restoring "casualties of 2%" of the unit?
  15. Thank you for the added detail. I infer from the explanation that the merging ritual should be set up safe from enemy interfence as the other units appear also to be distracted. The official guide pdf also mentions the divide command - - does that work, presumably with a unit of large size?
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