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  1. Yes, I download GOG package and: 1. replaced „Assembly-CSharp.dll” in /Contents/Resources/Data/Managed 2. replaced „resources.assets” in /Contents/Resources/Data/ 3. copied "mod" folder to /Contents/Resources/Data/
  2. Doesn't work with GOG on Mac version After copying files, if I start game it will hang on opening screen.
  3. This is a great illustration of my aggresion problem... At Fredericksburg I had 32,000 soldiers versus 105000 union army. I won, Union lost 65000 soldiers, but... i lost 15000.
  4. Politics -> Medicine -> Economy / Training / Logistics. After Fredericksburg I have: 10 / 4 / 10 / 4 / 6 / 3 / 0 But, from my perspective, the key element for CSA Legendary mode is to keep a balance between kills and loses, especially in Great battles. You must destroy most of the Union's troops in every battle if you want to maintain the size and quality of enemy army at an acceptable level but... above a certain level of own loses, a further attack becomes harmful even if You wipe out enemy troops. You will not be able to rebuild your army after battle. This is my main problem bec
  5. What a great battle. This is perfect "all-in"... The only thing that annoys me is the first phase. In a real war, for this behavior the commander would at least be removed from command. The farm can be defended, so there is no justification for abandoning it.
  6. But this causes that this is more an arcade than a strategic game. For exemple, under Siloh, the whole tactic is to force the troops to run to the corner of the screen before the opponent appears. And then killing his troops without any realism. And yet, with the entire map, the enemy has fortifications and other troops a few hundred meters away. In my opinion, here is a lot of room for the developer. A larger map, all visible from the beginning and making the decision of the opponent real, if panic it escapes and does not rotating without any sense.
  7. From what I saw at Col. Kelly, to win Antietam, you must inflict very heavy losses to your opponent in previous battles. I think that in such a big battle as 2nd Bull Run, such a thing is easier to achieve with a larger army than a smaller one In other words I think You must go "All in".
  8. Great battles, but they show the most frustrating part of Ultimate General - unrealistic traps in edge and corners of the maps. I hate it and try not to use it because it destroys the reality of command and falsifies the final result in terms of losses. In my opinion, the maps should be much larger and enemy units should escape from the battlefield when they reach the edge. It's really annoying when I see a three-star opponent's brigade swirling in panic just because the map is over. Of course, this makes it difficult to fight at the legendary level. I got stuck on Antientam, 55,000 are not en
  9. Honestly, after my extreme CSA campaign, commanding the Union's forces is obscenely easy. I just finished Gettysburg and won it properly in the first phase. I destroyed all the troops that my opponent had at the expense of a small total of losses. Then, from phase to phase, I knocked out the rest of the army. The last phase lasted a few seconds because the Confederacy had no unit. If it was not for the Battle of Chansellorsville, where through my aggressive style of playing it brought victory, but at the expense of 38,000 dead, it would be obscenely straight. I would have the entire third
  10. Can you extend the limit for attachments? Because I can not add more maps.
  11. Later, I played this battle many times as a training and I managed to even win it. To do this I had to apply a trick related to gameplay and not real military tactics. Watching the timer I had to leave Marye's Heigts at the last minutes and throw troops across the river. After cutting off the map, it was necessary to reach the edge of the forest at Trafalgar Road as quickly as possible. The II Corps covered the rear at this time. Then the II Corps retreated fortifications and slowly goes to base fighting all the time. This slow down the northern wing of the enemy. The troops on the
  12. Fredericksburg Another big battle, but this time with an extremely small army. After viewing the initial map, I decided that there is no chance to stretch such small forces so I left Prospect Hill right away. In the center, I placed microscopic forces to support the wing of the main troops (I did not plan to defend Telegraph Road) and practically put all my strength on Marye's Height. An optimistic plan was that the winger attack from the north towards Telegraph Road would clear the city and push the opponent into the center. There, I wanted to take Telegraph Road back, hoping it w
  13. In campaigns like mine, it's part of the strategy But ... in war games I always play to maximally simulate the dilemmas of real command. That's why I never did that I let out a battle while avoiding the fight. I only let go if the situation on the battlefield clearly showed that further fight is pointless. For the same reasons, I used the results of the first battles for my career even if the next two attempts resulted in a better result. Therefore, the draws or victories achieved in the second or third attempt I value less than those from the first battle. Simply, the first battle i
  14. Winter 1862 Campaign (before Fredericksburg) After Antientam, the size of my army fell to the title level - one weak corps with about 15,000 soldiers. Corinth - I attacked from the east, from the north-west I watched only enemy brigades fleeing from the farm. Losses could be lower, but they were not. Prairie Grove - here I've kept my concentration, I attacked from the west and won the battle with low losses. As a result, for the battle of Fredericksburg, I've collected a really crazy amount of troops: But it is not everything. I collected only 49 rep
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