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  1. Just finished the Pre-Dreadnought fleet action. Excellent! Thank you guys!
  2. Excellent job guys!!! Very nice! Considering this is an Alpha, you guys are simply amazing! Great work and great job working with our feedback. I appreciate it very much. I have finished the three new missions, and they were tons of fun. The whole game "feels" better. I found my secondaries functioning much better. Well hell, everything is better!! I don't mind the slowdown, I mostly play at 1x, but I understand why some don't like it. However, I can no longer see my "Reports" in the reports section of my UI. I can see that it is off the screen, to the left and I just see the last few letters of some of the reports. Thank you again. I will give more feedback as I play more. CajunNavy
  3. 1) I really kinda like the sink the full fleet battle. It is a challenge and it's win-able, but not realistic. The player side needs screening vessels. I like all the fleet actions, even when there isn't a fleet. 😉 2) I dislike the most outlandishly unrealistic missions in the Academy. BB vs TB's being at the top of the list. To make them more enjoyable, add more forces. It doesn't need to be much, just enough to make it plausible. No BB would ever sortie without a screen. 3) I would like to suggest several "missions" from history. A full battle-line scenario like AbsoluteOCA suggests (something like Tsushima or Surigao Straits maybe both! and/or something new); a running gun-battle where one a small fleet attempts to escape from another fleet (maybe BC's); a mission to get a BB and a CA out into the Atlantic; a mission to stop a couple of BB's from getting through to bombard something; a nighttime surprise cruiser attack on another cruiser group; a night action where a couple of BB's fight a fleet of CA's and DD's at ridiculously close range; a two on two night time BB action; and both day and night time cruiser actions. Just thinking... CajunNavy
  4. Thank you! And great weekend to you all!
  5. If I recall correctly, I used 5 DD's with 5-6, 5"guns and one torpedo. Tech option was guns. Speed was around 24kts and I armored all I could. The best situation was when the DD's started out on the off side of the BB, away from the enemy. I detached them and started pounding the first TB I could see. The BB engaged one CA until it was slowed some, them went after the other. I brought the DD's around the BB to engage the TB's. I got them all, but the BB had to sink the last two at ridiculously close range. Keep all ships at cruise speed, HE, aggressive opening fire and aggressive torpedo (do each ship individually for fire and torpedo). Prepare to always disengage a DD from the division and fight it separately. I got the ships I wanted and just keep fighting the same battle till I beat the sorry little buggers. LOL Good luck and good hunting! CajunNavy
  6. Thank you for the reply Nick. I know you guys are working on it. Also, I recognize you're obviously correct. I WOULD be worse without this game mechanic! LOL I can get along just fine. Thanks again for the reply. Ya'll have a remarkable achievement already. I love this game. Thank you! CajunNavy
  7. I think this is the single hardest scenario in the academy. Thanks to you, I got through that Fleet action! And it was tough. LOL The problem with Destroyers vs. Torpedo boats is the time limit. I kept fighting the same battle over and over till I got lucky. I used 5 destroyers optimized for gunfire. I put 5 - 5" guns and one set of torpedoes per ship. I armored the ships as best as I could, keeping their speed at 25kt. I finally learned to fight at a distance between the two fleets and have the BB fight the two CA's. After a few TB's were disabled or destroyed, I closed the range and aggressively fired torpedoes. The only ship left was my BB. LOL! But she got the last two TB's. The CA's were banged about but I stopped firing at them to concentrate on the TB after a while. I think without doubt this is the hardest scenario I had to fight. I am trying it again. And again. 😉 CajunNavy
  8. Hi Guys, I have finished all the academy and what a ton of fun! 🤩 You really are doing a superb job. I love almost everything I have seen and greatly appreciate your hard work. I know it will only get better the more time you have to work on it. The only dislike I have (not a criticism at all, just a dislike!!!) is with the auto flagship change. I mentioned it in another post, and I fully recognize the logic in doing it that way. You may not be able to change it because of allied divisions or transports, and that is fine. I understand and can live with it if I have to. I mention it again, not to belabor the point, but to share some unintended problems with not having the player change flagships. One example is when I had a perfect crossing of the T. My flagship, first in line, lost an engine. The second in line had already received some minor damage reducing it's speed, so the program changed the flag to the third ship in the battle line. This caused the first two ships to drastically begin to change course, ruining my crossing of the T. The enemy was coming straight at me, so my battle line speed was not too important to me at that time. Another time the program changed the flag to a ship with a disabled rudder. Not exactly the situation I would have picked. LOL 😉 There are others but I think you understand my point and, like I said, you might not be able to change it. I would like it changed, but if not, I can always chalk flagship issues up to the fog of war. Thank you again for your continuing awesome work! CajunNavy
  9. Hi Guys, I just finished another awesome battle. Thank you all so very much!! I have a quick question and a major shout-out. My question is the info in the ship's log. It gives something like "88:31 - BB 13'' shell" etc. etc." Is the 88:31 the amount of time into the game? For example, one hour twenty eight minutes and 31 seconds since the start of the game. Also, I found the weather report in the barometer. EXCELLENT!!! Thank you all for working so hard on a fantastic game experience! CajunNavy
  10. Nick Thomadis, Thank you very much for the kind reply. I understand the logic in doing it automatically. In the big picture, it is but a tiny thing.😉 I was requesting it because of what happened to me in a recent game. My flagship was changed to the middle ship of the division, which resulted in me having two collide, as I thought I issued orders to the flagship (lead ship), but it was no longer the flagship, a different ship was. Then, in the thick of combat, the new flagship was switched back to the original flagship! This was very confusing to me, it had my ships doing all kinds of bizarre maneuvers and it gave the enemy some really easy pickings. Had I been able to manually change flagships, I could have done it in an orderly fashion and retained my battleline. Thanks again for the reply. Ya'll are doing a superb job! CajunNavy
  11. Niomedes, Yes, I was finally able to do it! LOL Thank you very much for your advice. I helped a ton. CajunNavy
  12. I absolutely LOVE the game! I know it will only get better! 😁😁 But please, PLEASE stop my flagship from automatically changing in mid battle! My flagship will receive some damage and before you know it I have a new one. It really severely effects a line ahead battle line! I would much prefer to manually change flagships if it becomes necessary. That way I can plan the transition. It is the only thing I really hate. Thank you again for all your hard work. It is an amazing game already. CajunNavy
  13. Yep, this one is very tough for me! Is anyone else under fire long before you pick up the enemy?
  14. Niomedes, Well, obviously my game doesn't like me as much as yours likes you! LOL 😮😮 I outfitted exactly as you suggested. The HE shells were amazing. However, I ran headlong into two BB's with 457mm guns and a BC with 355mm guns. 😶 Also, I was under fire for 6 minutes before I sighted the first DD. I lost one BB before I had been able to ID the BB's by name. Also, which hull did you pick to get all those secondary guns? I don't seem to be able to get that hull. Thanks again for your advice. I'm getting closer to killing 70% of those suckers! CajunNavy
  15. I would like to amend 1a). On closer look most of my 4''-5'' casement guns DO fire at CL's and DD's. I guess I paid too much attention to those 8"ers I had.
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