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  1. Thank you so much Pandakraut! I always appreciate your help! Thank you again.
  2. Hi Guys, I have transferred from backer Build to Steam. I am very new to Steam and frankly don't know anything about it. But my game is only updated to 7.5 something. I see comments on 8.7. How do I update on steam? Thanks
  3. Thank you sir! You are always so helpful! Doing it now. 🙂 Regards
  4. No I'm running the Backer Build I bought back in like, August. In the past when an update was made the game launcher updated prior to getting into the main screen. Oh, thank you so much for the reply. You're 4.0!
  5. Pandakraut, Are the updates listed in Steam Beta Branch automatically updated in the Backer Build? I don't want to start a campaign if the whole (British) is not completed. When I open the game there is no update and my version is 1.6.38. Thanks
  6. Hi man, I should have looked closer to those skirmishers! LOL My bad. I'm sorry I don't have the savegame, I deleted my games when I quit playing. I'm sure I'll be back, but I need a break from UGCW. Stay well, everybody!!
  7. @adishee I have finished the Union Campaign and it was a blast! I am so glad I played BG as the mod makes the campaign a lot more difficult. Right now I am stuck at Shiloh. I do not think I will be able to get past it. Playing Confederate is not very much fun, at least for me. I may just give it up. The main issue, one I think you should consider revisiting, is the skirmisher changes. They are a great benefit to the Union but a major problem for the Confederates. For example in the Potomac Fort, I start with @ 2500 troops in three regiments. I face 4 skirmisher groups of 500 men each. There is simply no way for my 70-85 man skirmish units to compete. Put on top of that, there are 8 (I think LOL) regiments of regular troops of >500 men each. I was able to win twice at BG, but the skirmisher units make it verrry difficult. It is extremely tough just getting to the fort, much less holding it. Fast forward to Shiloh, and I am finding the vast multitude of skirmisher units just make it impossible to win. Again, I am talking about my experience, it may be different for better players. I have played it three times, capturing the landing two of the three times. Moving to the second day, I am overcome, overrun and overwhelmed in just a few minutes. It is just too much for me LOL. I think you are without doubt on the right track. But I personally think the campaign starts with an ahistorical amount of skirmishers with late war power. This is of course a game, but the object of the mod is to make it a little more historical, one you are succeeding in brilliantly! But at the beginning of the war a regiment's skirmishers were one or two of it's companies and this remained throughout the war. I don't think Berdan's regiments were formed until the end of '61. ( I could look it up but you get the point). I don't think the Confederates started dedicated units until about the same time. So it seems to me 500 superman units didn't start at the very beginning of the war. Just something to think about. 🙂 Other thoughts: I love the regiment and brigade changes. A regiment was nominally 1000 men anyway. Totally awesome! Makes it a totally different game. But I think 4 regiments should make up a brigade, not three. My thinking only, just something you might want to revisit. I love the pace. Superb. I have always played at regular speed anyway, but this is like watching a real battle in real time. Of course I have never seen a real CW battle 😉, but it is very, very much like a reenactment and I have seen plenty of them. The perk changes are also brilliant. I love them! All in all I do absolutely love the mod. There is likely a lot more, but I just finished Shiloh and my head is hurting and I can't sit down, my a** has been thoroughly kicked! 🤢 Thank you for your hard work. Also thanks to @pandakraut for his mod and assistance with this one.
  8. Well, it doesn't develop like it used to. If I have to pause for any reason, the smoke will be awesome when I start back, but when it clears it disappears again. Also, after the first volley it seems to be lighter than it was before, sometime I won't see it at all. I am only playing at BG level as you have made this is an entirely new game. There are so many new considerations and limits. Very fun to figure things out. LOL!
  9. I just finished Gaines Mill. No problem. Playing faultlessly. But I do miss the smoke. LOL Great job!
  10. Hey @adishee, I think Phillippi was likely a problem on my end. I have started again and got through it without a problem. Great work! I am really enjoying the mod.
  11. Yes, I could not get past both. Potomac wouldn't recognize I killed both batteries and Phillippi just never ended.
  12. Wow, I didn't know about godmode, thanks. I have completed Phillippi but the game will not end. It went well into the next day before I quit. I will move on using godmode but you might want to check it out.
  13. @adisheeThanks for your effort!. I will give her another go. Any news on the Potomac Fort bug?
  14. adishee, I am gonna have to just give up on your mod. This time I made it to Antietam before my Corps disappeared. Two of the three. Starting another campaign, I replaced my character with one from the barracks. My character was made a brigade commander. The corps commander of III Corps was also from the barracks. I have a clean install, the mod plays perfectly, and it is fantastic. Up to the point my Corps disappear. I am disappointed that I can't finish a campaign with it. Also, I played the first Confederate battle three times. Each time I captured the fort and killed both batteries, but the game only gave me credit for one and I lost. Bummer. Thanks for your hard work! You have made a beautiful mod. It's J&PV1.26 for me. 😀
  15. Thanks adishee, I greatly appreciate the help. I'm starting again. I love the mod. 😁
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