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  1. In the Admiral Edition of Ultimate Admiral Age of Sail, how does one confirm that your "Character" (alter ego) has been accepted? I clicked the ACCEPT button, but I cannot tell whether anything happened. I do not see my Character in the list of officers for hire; albeit, that might be only a partial list of officers for hire at my starting level in the American Campaign.
  2. Ah hah! Yes, that does it. Thanks much CajunNavy! BTW, from my play it does appear that crews can repair a damaged rudder underway, although I cannot confirm whether it can be done while delivering and/or receiving cannon fire.
  3. OK, my maps are clearly oriented opposite one another. On the large battlespace map, south is at the top of the image. In the minimap, south is at the bottom of the image. Per your response, how do I rotate the battlespace image so it's cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) align with the minimap?
  4. Sorry, this message will not follow the requested format. I just have a question. Is it just me, or is the small locator map upside down relative to the battlefield? On the small locator map for the tutorial play, the islands are at the top, but in the larger battle-space map, they are at the bottom. It really confuses my sense of direction.
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