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  1. Thank you for confirming, Commodore. Very much appreciated!
  2. Hello, LT Sterner,...I am still waiting for you to send the promised form to my email.
  3. Thank you, LT Sterner. I am looking forward to receiving your email (sertman@optonline.net).
  4. I get your point, PinkyDK, but my first time through the campaigns I did not have a clue what I "should" be doing, yet I still managed to achieve victory (medium hard level) through each sea and land battle. In the first sea battle, I did not realize I could capture the two ships, so I just kept them at bay and got my critical assets to safety. Yes, some of my subsequent victories were very close---in particular, I did not have sufficient land troops---but I managed. So even "noobs" (which I clearly was) can complete the game and win. I have never tried "easy" mode, so I can't say whet
  5. Sorry, I just saw your post. FYI, I have just posted a related comment in General Discussions about a perceived imbalance in the game mechanics for stern damage.
  6. To the game developers: On several occasions, I have used my ships to force an enemy ship aground, bow in. I've then pulled in and anchored perpendicular to the stern of the grounded ship and sat there bombarding the grounded ship with my cannons. My impression is that damage to a ship's stern may not be accounted for realistically by the game mechanics. First, I tried using canister shot to rake the decks and take out crew. Canister shot appears very ineffective in this instance. Given that the quarterdeck and poop deck are elevated, the lack of effect due to canister shot at th
  7. Greetings Skeksis, In your screen capture of the game, I see that the Galga is on fire. I can't see the ship to tell how bad is the fire...it may be too out of control to save the ship. Nevertheless, to have any chance of saving the ship, you need to transfer an officer and sufficient crew to perform damage control. Also, when coming alongside for boarding, I typically shift to canister shot to take out crew without causing more damage to the ship I intend to board. If you keep blasting away with round shot and cause a fire, its liable to catch your own ship on fire, as well. I've
  8. Gsam, I am truly sorry that you are unhappy with the game. My comments below are not meant, in any way, to minimize your concerns; we just have different perspectives. I expect, a priori, that managing a fleet of ships will be difficult. For me, that is part of the challenge...a game should not be too easy or it will not be fulfilling to achieve ones tactical objectives. And I never use AI because it is just "too dumb." This is not a complaint about the game...even the best AI will not have the same tactical insight as a human warfare fighter. While I do agree with you that some
  9. To the game developers: Firstly, let me say that I sincerely hate to be a "whiner," as I know you have many other issues still to deal with. However, as one of the very early Admiral Edition supporters of game development, I am concerned that I have not yet observed my Admiral Character in the game. This despite playing through 2 American and 2 British campaigns, plus numerous separate battles. It was never clear whether anything was actually happening when I accepted my Admiral-Edition Character name and image. So I am concerned at this point whether some sort of technical gl
  10. Graphics: High ; Resolution: 1920x1800 ; No other video options Thanks for reporting via F11...I was wondering if others experienced the same sort of problem. The game is still very playable, as is.
  11. This is intended as a general comment, not as a major criticism. It does not seem to me that troop positioning via mouse in UAAoS is as refined as it was in UGCW. When I attempt to position and align my troops along a specific line of defense, some end of in front of my intended position and some behind. As well, I often have to use the shift key to reorient the troop facing direction, even though I was very careful to orient the desired facing direction when I released my mouse button during troop movement. I recall mouse positioning and facing of troops in UGCW being much more
  12. Once you have the boat deployed, select it, then put your mouse over the surrendered vessel and right click. As you do this, you should see a small boarding icon over the surrendered vessel as you right click the mouse.
  13. Ditto to Rygoat's comment. Proper application of pushing the ship aground with another ship can help. Of course, I've heard that collision damage may be added to the game, which might make this method obsolete. Maybe they can add a towing kit to the upgrades list, so you can try to rescue your grounded ships.
  14. Interesting idea. You'd want to bring some small/fast ships along in battle scenarios to act as naval skirmishers/scouts. That would be tough to do in the American Campaign. I never have enough money to deploy my large ships without selling the smaller trophies.
  15. Greetings and welcome, MikeK! You ask about the mystery keyboard and mouse commands. There are others on these message boards more knowledgeable than I. However, here are a few useful commands. Q and E rotate the large battle map, which usually does not start in a N-S orientation. I find often find this confusing because the smaller large-area map in the lower right corner is oriented N-S. So if you are having trouble figuring out which direction are the bad guys or the retreat boundary, use Q and E to orient your battle map N-S. That said, when you are trying to board an enemy
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