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  1. Problem is, these guns are not properly modeled in the game, are out of place, while others that should be there are badly misrepresented (Bloomfield pattern guns). Yes, you don't have to use them (i don't). But, as they are, they are destroying the game balance, making every other gun completely irrelevant. Instead of having a choice which gun you want to use based on its characteristics, Gunnades always win, because they have no weakness, no drawback.. If they were so superior in real life, they would not get declined by Royal Navy as a failed experiment... This game strongest point is
  2. Hello Husserl, I've seen the change in latest patch, anyway i dont think changing tech description for Congreve Gunnades changes anything... Description itself mentions guns which design was submitted in 1812, and it took some time for these to be tested.. Plus eventually, Navy declined the design, because in tests they (24pdr Congreve gunnade) were found to be less effective than standard 18pdr gun (Bloomfield or Fredrick Armstrong pattern..) The whole problem with crazy stats remains - Gunnades in this game have Dispersion 1.7 despite having (per descripti
  3. But thats how they should work actually.. problem is, AI can manage them right, but human player cant due to retreat functionality which makes human controlled skirmisher units painful to micromanage because they tend to run away and end up facing enemy backwards.. Maybe they should implement a check which would turn the skirmisher unit around based on where enemy is, when they retreat..
  4. enemy skirmishers are annoying yes, but they can be dealt with relatively easy, because they are small unit and cannot survive shootout against line infantry unit that is usually 4x larger... there is no point chasing them around..
  5. Suggestion i posted on discord: - Skirmishers needs to get some bonuses.. right now, they are not really good when using rifles due to their tendency to run away.. in my recent campaign i had much better results with them when i used Infantry carbines on them due to fast reload... when i had two skirmisher units, one equipped with rifle, other with a carbine, carbine equipped unit completely outperformed the rifle equipped unit every single time... Effectivity of smoothbores right now is way too high compared to rifles, so slow reload is way too big disadvantage. Personally, i think skirmisher
  6. True, but considering how big fleet you end up having by Trafalgar, it would be kinda strange having frigate actions with 1-rates present...
  7. There were no big naval battles after Trafalgar.. most actions were just blockade actions.. (either forcing blockade, or trying to break it). but French fleet was rebuilding, while Napoleon did not put major importance on fleet and rather focused on his army, which was best what he could do as there was just no chance to challenge British in open battle..
  8. Just wanna add - Smoothbore ballistics was relatively quite simple, as each gun fired projectile of same shape, so only thing that changed was muzzle speed and weight of the ball.. Muzzle speed was a function of barrel length and weight of powder charge.. shorter guns tended to have lower muzzle speeds, and Carronades/Gunnades used less powder charge(it was necessary because short barrel means powder would not burn completely up) than normal guns due to further weight savings.. so overall, its practically a linear function where barrel length and gun weight shows the clear picture how certain
  9. @Husserl : problem is, stats you have for Gunnades are better than what you have for Medium guns... and Gunnades are much shorter than Medium guns... Mediums in your game should have a lot better penetration and accuracy than any gunnade or carronade... yet Bloomfield guns have dispersion 2.6, where Gunnade have dispersion just 1.7... And look at penetration values over distance... Gunnades right now, can penetrate more armor at greater distance than Armstrong or Bloomfield guns of the same caliber... 5foot long Gunnade should be nowhere near to a Bloomfield pattern gun 9foot long
  10. But of course, its not just gunnades that need some work. Whole naval artillery technology needs some work to better represent actual gun development during those times.. You have Borgard guns in game, which were introduced in 1690, and at time period this game starts, these guns were quite rare. Armstrong guns which replaced the Borgards in 1720, were already obsolete as well, and were replaced by updated Frederick-Armstrong guns, which were technically identical, but manufactured by much more advanced process, which made them a lot more accurate than older types. Bloomfield pattern guns were
  11. @sterner Gunnades in particular right now, have better dispersion than medium guns, have better penetration over distance, take less time to reload and on top are lighter than medium guns... YET, historically, Gunnades were hybrids between short naval gun and carronade, and therefore were nowhere near as effective as standard Frederick-Armstrong or Bloomfield medium guns used.. In fact, when they were employed, they were found less effective than one caliber smaller long guns - 24pdr Gunnade was found less effective than 18pdr Bloomfield gun. So,right now, Gunnade is practically th
  12. British Navy in 1805 had in total 7x 1-rate ships of the line with 100+guns, 15x 2-rates with 90-98guns, 90x 3-rates with 64-80guns (huge majority of those were 74gun SoLs) At the same time, French Navy in 1805 had 3x 118gun SoL, 2x 110gun SoL,3x 80gun SoL, 25x 74gun SoL and 8x 54-64gun SoL.
  13. I will be the one that goes against the stream, but i would say in-game saves are not that important, and will make game much easier because player would eliminate random things happening to him (losing a mast,or ship blowing up for example ) by simply saving a lot...
  14. Regarding Rockets - British used Rockets during Napoleonic wars...they bombarded ports with them, firing rockets from small gunboats (it was a way too big fire hazard to fire them from normal ships)
  15. my only worry about UG:AR is the new "focus" system, where you only control units you have with your commander.. Because people like to play the game, not the game to play itself without player interference
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