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  1. 👌 What I thought might happen PK. The 6 PDRs were devastating so I'll focus on the Naps when available going forward when I start the new version. Thx!
  2. You two come through yet again! Just downloaded the files and had no problem with the install except to remember where the root directory was on my PC! I too have Norton and no issues or warnings during the install! I was just getting to Cold Harbor as the CSA but will end there and restart a new CSA Campaign when back from vacation in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to see all the changes you've made. I'm very interested to see what you did with Medicine and how that plays out! Curious to know how the new version affects the 6 pdr...will we see the same devastating effects or was it red
  3. Hey PK, I've always wondered why the game doesn't start with the full complement of historical officers available in the Barracks from the start of the Campaign? I'd much rather grow my Army commanded by the better known leaders on both sides. That way I can follow their success (or failure) from the start rather than wait for them to pop up later in the campaign to bought using reputation. Anyway that could be bypassed? Thx!
  4. So PK, It's been well over a year ago when I finished playing UGCW until I recently found your mod. I haven't watched your video from a couple of months ago when you did 2nd Bull Run yet. But I was reading my notes from a year ago and saw a quote that Col Kelly had posted on his excellent series that " there is this bug preventing the units deployed in the 1st day to deploy on the 2nd". And so he never did the first day battle. Does his comment on this bug occur in your mod with this battle? Thx in advance.
  5. OK PK, Question for you. Can you discuss Economy in terms of the shop multipliers when you can? Ammo I got it. Do the multipliers increase the number of weapons available in the shop after each battle and or increase the chance of better weapons? Thx!
  6. Just spent the better part of my Sunday going through this thread. Absolutely amazing work and commentary to be sure. This mod has breathed new life back into UGCW for me. If I could request one thing it would be a guide on weaponry similar to the one The Soldier did for Arty which still stands out to me as a "Gold Standard". I'm "Spreadsheet Deficient"!!! 🙄 I need to do a better job thinking about my process for building new units in terms of Perks matching weapons and unit types. This came to mind as I've been watching Fiasco_Games great and current play-through as CSA. His las
  7. I know this is early in the mod thread so apologize if the question is answered later. How does investing in Recon provide benefits with the mod changes? How much is considered ideal? With my first play using the mod (just completed Malvern Hill) I have just one point in it as I'm filling out; org, med, econ, training, & politics over recon. Thx!
  8. Just checking...is the 1.24 the most current version? And just catching up on your video series and at Malvern Hill vid. While in your camp screen on this older vid as your discussing Arty I see a lot more detail in the description of different pieces. Like Accuracy Low & High and rating of different shell types; cannister, solid, etc. I'm wondering how that is? Thx in advance. And really appreciate how quickly you reply to questions/comments posted on Youtube.
  9. So for someone who hasn't loaded this mod or the J&P Rebalence + Surrender mod...which one should we download and use going forward? Thanks in advance!
  10. Dumb question where does the Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory reside on a Windows PC?
  11. and in the end that is what was accomplished! And now we will see how that play achieves the end for the next battle. As always would love to see the Army rebuild between battles. Glad to have you back to complete this series CK.
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