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  1. Then you're in the wrong forum, consider "Suggestions" instead. Admin replies there constantly. This has happened to me more times than I can count.. I've done it myself and I have been a victim of it. It's part of the game, there's nothing wrong here. Not long ago the swedes blockaded Island Harbour and trapped a friend and myself inside. I stripped off my french rig and replaced it with cotton sails, ditched everything in my hold and destroyed my guns. I managed to outrun them.
  2. Are you kidding me? Would you actually deny women their rightful place and rank in-game based on something so insignificant as history?? Welcome to the 21st century, equality is what matters. equality for all. PS: When in doubt, read the tags 😛
  3. Yes! Only uneducated male chauvinists would deny transgenders and shemales the right to a gender-neutral rank. PS: When in doubt, read the tags 😛
  4. Both of the above has been added to the suggestions, great work guys - we're on to something here.
  5. For a long time I have felt that women have been neglected in Naval Action, I feel that it is time to bring Naval Action into the 21st century. It's wrong that we're not able to choose gender upon creating a character... It's so simple to implement and would add diversity to the 17th-18th century caribbean and is sure to attract thousands of players. I'd suggest the following changes: Ranks must be changed to fit 21st century standards e.g.: Midshipwoman Mastress and Commandress I'd also suggest adding new nations; China and the Zulu tribe comes to mind - but I shall
  6. Is that not the same thing they do in Africa to save endangered wildlife, E.g.: Elephants?
  7. I would love to have no fixed numbers but visual damage instead - the problem is that none of the visual dmg seems like very good indicators today, not even sails, despite being the most obvious. Sails can look "okay'ish" at 50% and look completely torn at 85% depending on the vessel. Real life examples of visual dmg: Blood streaming from scuppers Broken yards Flying sails Guns knocked out of place Battered planking Destroyed stern galleries I have often suggested that the structure bar should be replaced with morale, and auto surrender when it
  8. That's true, we know names of many great pirates - but on avarage pirates were horribly outmatched by their naval counterparts. We also know names of many great naval captains, no need to mention them here though. Putting a gun in every hole did make me laugh a bit though
  9. I agree with everything except this: Pirates were never better than navy sailors, at best they were on par (often former navy/merchant sailors). But let them have the increased chance of an extra trim in freeports like we (Nation players) have in capturable nation ports.
  10. If NA really kicks off after release (As we all hope), would it be possible -in theory- to run storm battle instances on a seperate server? So that when a battle happens in a storm, we simply load the battle on a different server and have that one sync with the primary server?
  11. With all due respect sir, not everybody wants to level up their alts 😜
  12. To clarify, with your suggestion a M&C would have to grind PVE to get to Commodore in order to do PvP against the majority of the server.
  13. There are some really good PvP'ers out there of Post Captain rank, should they be limited because they haven't PVE'ed enough? I like that you're trying to solve the issue of new and inexperienced players. This is just not the way to go though.
  14. This Please give us this, it makes it easier to do trade, duels and keep in touch.I remember there was a guy once arguing against this by saying it would make alt farming easier because it'd help people find out when their alts are online.. Damn I'd be shocked if I found my alt online someday without my knowledge 😝
  15. Looking for Agamemnon, Teak, White Oak, Very Fast, 5 slots, offering minimum 100 pvp marks or 10 million (Price can certainly be discussed).
  16. How about a 50 meter radius like @Sir Texas Sir says, that only activates after 30 seconds of being in range. Then it shouldn’t affect raking at all. you could also limit it so that the crew will only defend on the sides of the ship.
  17. Alright "Mate".. I am looking at it from his (Speijk's) perspective, he has a family and is a busy man - whether you like it or not he CANNOT get everything in 30-days ingame. The reason that you and I are able to do that is because WE know pretty much everything there is to know about NA already, there is a good chance he doesn't. I merely acknowledge his problem BUT stand by the Developers (As you do so often) by saying that the system we have now is good. So how about you cut me some slack and have some understanding for this Game-labs customer's situation and try to help him out inst
  18. Why are you being a constant dick towards me? I'd like to know....... It seems that nothing I say is right in your eyes - there are obviously people having trouble getting the books, yet I support it being difficult.
  19. Just remember that loodsman in PvP-mark value is rougly 30-45 million (100-150k per mark). If you manage to get 300 marks you should be able to trade your way to the better books. I think it's quite alright that we have books that are hard to get, if everything could be gained within a month of playing, wouldn't that be boring?
  20. I'm sorry, you're difficult to understand. With my suggestion they CAN do PvE in the safe zone - completely safe and uninterrupted. Let's take a look at what they CAN do with my suggestion: PvE safely in the safezone uninterrupted by gankers/"PvP'ers". Do short-range missions uninterrupted by gankers/"PvP'ers". level-up to rear admiral uninterrupted by gankers/"PvP'ers". Make limited money uninterrupted by gankers/"PvP'ers". Have fun uninterrupted by gankers/"PvP'ers". Test new ships uninterrupted by gankers/"PvP'ers". Buy all basic books fro
  21. Care to explain? I don’t see anything preventing the implementation of this. Remove secondary safe zones (E.g. Belize, New Orleans). Disable PvP in current reinforcement zones. Remove enemy AI fleets from reinforcement zones. Doing these three things will get you very far already.
  22. I am suggesting to make safe zones pvp free - you cannot fight or tag anyone in the Safe zones. I shall edit that from "no fighting" to "no PvP"
  23. Your idea is good in principle, but I'd rather not have my opponent freeze the game for five minutes when he's in half structure so that his mates can get to the battle in time for revenge.
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