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  1. Very good guide, Although always keep this in mind.. if you encourage this: You lose your right to complain about this: Many PvP'ers if asked politely during battle will often help you get the ship back or simply accept a 1v1 duel with no kill. The gain from PvP these days are minimal (better to hunt AI traders), so I would recommend a good tone in battle since most people tag because they think PvP is more fun - not because they stand to win something.
  2. Let me just get this straight.... This is the point he is trying to get across: And these are your answers: You guys are all amazing 😂
  3. Perhaps this could be solved by disabling outlaw battles in the safe-zones (Reinforcement-zone)?
  4. That sounds about right - the AI has always been OP in boardings.
  5. A small animation of the flag being hoisted would be cool too No pressure!
  6. Is green on green not allowed in this scenario? I'd have warned him not to get in my way and then focused fire on him til he's dead or retreated regardless of ROE. If he poses a danger to me I'm not going to care much. If pirates are allowed to act like pirates, then surely a naval officer is allowed to act like a naval officer and accept no kind of piracy regardless of the side of the battle they have chosen.
  7. Would be cool if they were capturable but that it would be impossible to gain XP on them without the DLC. Then the DLC ships can still be captured, but can't be sailed effectively without buying the DLC (Stuck with 0 knowledge on them).
  8. Would be a very interesting statistic, may be completely different from what we expect though
  9. His Majesty's Ship "Agamemnon" of 64 guns.
  10. Just leave it as it is - yes.. it's unrealistic... But provides us with great screenshots and the ability to scout across islands which arguable can increase gameplayability (a real word??). Most importantly, it does not grant anyone an unfair advantage, it can be freely used by everyone and has aided me in both the capture and escape of/from enemy vessels.
  11. The main problem with fir/fir is not thickness, it's crew resistance. your crew die easier than all other ships no matter how thick you make it. In the Trinc vs Endy discussion, remember that higher caliber does not mean better gun - I personally like to run 18lbs on the Endymion with 32lb carros on top. That is wrong, a 64-gun ship of the line is a 3rd rate in real life. they are classes wrong in-game for balance reasons.
  12. My 3/5 TT Agamemnon w/ Mediums does 13.8 in Open World and 14.3 in battle. For that setup Navy Loodsman and Elite Spanish is essential - be aware, your upwind speed will suffer greatly. I occasionally use this setup for solo hunting, it is important to note though; this is only because of my personal interest in that particular ship and its history. Game-wise it makes very little sense. I imagine the Wasa is the same. I'd reccommend a frigate (Endymion/Trinc) any day for solo PvP. Always bring more hull repairs than you "need". For me, a fir/fir Wasa is a dream target in a frigate because
  13. I know, but it will stop their endless complaining. Problem is: Then we will have a bunch of people from to opposite camp complaining and insisting on no invisibility and 30 sec retag timer.. You'll never satisfy everyone, so satisfy the majority. Again: I don't understand the problem, I very rarely have to tag twice - and I very rarely get tagged more than once. If I am up against a superior force that I cannot beat I simply surrender. Move on.. Perhaps the problem lies somewhere else: Control radius, Navy Loodsman, Sail Force mods? Consider that too. No it’s not
  14. Is that what I'm asking for Staun? Am I asking for anything at all Staun? Did you read what I wrote Staun? I'd prefer to keep it as it is - but people are CONSTANTLY complaining about getting retagged over-and-over again. I'm suggesting a potential solution to other people's problem that won't affect myself because I usually manage to catch my enemy in the first go.. + I always surrender if I can't get away (Can replace the ship in the time it takes to run tbh..). Try to be constructive Staun, it suits you better.
  15. I'd suggest a two minute invisibility timer + 1 minute tag reset to simulate getting away in open World. That should solve all problems and give people three minutes to get away in total. The reason for the 1 minute tag reset after invisibility ends is to prevent "surprise" attacks where players would have no time to react to people coming out of invisibility. Weird thing is; I'm kind of against my own suggestion, but I know that being retagged is a problem for a lot of people. I never really seem to run into it though.
  16. Then you're in the wrong forum, consider "Suggestions" instead. Admin replies there constantly. This has happened to me more times than I can count.. I've done it myself and I have been a victim of it. It's part of the game, there's nothing wrong here. Not long ago the swedes blockaded Island Harbour and trapped a friend and myself inside. I stripped off my french rig and replaced it with cotton sails, ditched everything in my hold and destroyed my guns. I managed to outrun them.
  17. Are you kidding me? Would you actually deny women their rightful place and rank in-game based on something so insignificant as history?? Welcome to the 21st century, equality is what matters. equality for all. PS: When in doubt, read the tags 😛
  18. Yes! Only uneducated male chauvinists would deny transgenders and shemales the right to a gender-neutral rank. PS: When in doubt, read the tags 😛
  19. Both of the above has been added to the suggestions, great work guys - we're on to something here.
  20. For a long time I have felt that women have been neglected in Naval Action, I feel that it is time to bring Naval Action into the 21st century. It's wrong that we're not able to choose gender upon creating a character... It's so simple to implement and would add diversity to the 17th-18th century caribbean and is sure to attract thousands of players. I'd suggest the following changes: Ranks must be changed to fit 21st century standards e.g.: Midshipwoman Mastress and Commandress I'd also suggest adding new nations; China and the Zulu tribe comes to mind - but I shall
  21. Is that not the same thing they do in Africa to save endangered wildlife, E.g.: Elephants?
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