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  1. The problem isn't when you use it to counter a "super-modded PvP hunter" - the problem is when the "super-modded PvP hunter" brings a fleet-ships for chaining. It's being used actively for hunting, not defence.
  2. As long as you recognise that there's an issue it's fine - you have a list of priorities and I myself believe that the Port UI will bring (and keep) more players in-game than an 'infinite chain'-fix will. But I do tend to agree with @Intrepido and @NethrosDefectus, a UI will only get you so far... We need balancing in all areas rather than "patchy" solutions - The game is really not enjoyable in its current state, the community is way too small and it's getting toxic. We fight the same people again and again + It's almost impossible to play the game without having a 1-2 hour "forum/
  3. Check your PMs in-game and stop pissing about on the forum involving the entire NA community @Hethwill might want to moderate this one
  4. you had a backup of two Connies and several smalls ships coming in - the odds were in your favour... remember to add all the facts. How is this related to this post anyways?
  5. #Iwon'tfightunlessIhavea1v5advantageovermyopponent... You guys just chased me with a 15kn Bellona and a Le Requin that goes 15kn DOWN-wind whilst keeping me tagged with swivels at 500 meters+ You're not much better yourself Right back at ya..
  6. I agree, I've noticed an increase in players using fleetships for chaining - it's becoming a problem... And before somebody brings it up: FAQ: Does it affect me in battle and makes it harder for me to win? Yes...? Is that why I want it fixed..? Yes...? Why? Because if it affects me it likely affects other players as well...
  7. I don't understand this thread...? What can the developers take away from this that will inspire them to make NA better? the only thing 'Skull and bones' and 'Naval Action' have in common is the era in which the two games are played. They are VASTLY different.
  8. Thank you, was indeed confirmed by Vile on Global chat - cheers.
  9. I do not recall Paradox removing content from already released games, I also do not remember a game being unplayable without their DLCs. With that said, once you've played with DLCs you will of course miss the extra features To not stray too far off topic: Let's us all hope that GameLabs does not take the route you are describing - like I said, I understand your concern, but I feel there is a difference between their predominantly single player focused games VS Gamelabs Naval MMO game. We're not disagreeing on how bad an Edinorog DLC would be, I'm certain we're on the same page there
  10. I already feel like I ought to apologise for a rather long post, so here we go... I am sorry! Ideas like this one pops-up all the time on pretty much every game forum, I can understand why.. If you want something implemented it gives the developers of your favorite product an incentive to create and release your idea if you are willing to pay extra for it. There are some things that, in my opinion, should never become a DLC. The Edinorogs are a great example of an in-game feature that gives players an unfair advantage over others - I myself have a huge stack of them in my wareho
  11. Date : 1 June 1794 Result: British tactical victory French strategic victory 1200 British casualties 4000 French casualties What a happy day that was.. 😉
  12. Exactly.. good idea, but detrimental to gameplay... The only way that I'd see any of this work is to completely eliminate all communications with your nation when at sea. I throughly believe this will lead to less OW hunting and limit PvP to the patrol zones + large gank-squads at capitals.
  13. That exactly what I said they don’t need to... let’s say I’m hunting at Bridgetown/Kingstown - the french won’t need any repairs at all because they bring high numbers - I’m there alone.. that’s a death sentence
  14. So running those mods on an Agamemnon with a basic repair consumption of 15: Hull repair = 15 * 3 = 45 hull Rig repair = 15 * 2 = 30 rig That means in one battle you're likely going to consume around 150-200 repairs. With my current setup I usually carry 100 / 100 / 500 - this is to make sure I can fight 3 full battles (assuming I loot as well) when going out... With this change, I now have to carry 300 / 200 / 500 I will have repairs with me worth roughly 500k then... And imagine the effect on speed - From my point of view hunters like myself will have to use basic upgrad
  15. This happens to me when I hit the PVE button and then exit as fast as I can (usually due to panic) - there's no need to restart steam, just reconnect to the PVE server, wait 5 seconds and disconnect again. That'll make it a bit less tedious for now.. But YES, we need it fixed.
  16. The game is already boring enough as it is, we need more exciting elements in the game - not bore the veterans who keeps the game alive. As it is right now I can sail for three hours and not find any PvP, - when I finally do, it's very discouraging having to go back to port and repeat the process after one fight that might not even have had a proper outcome (opponent or yourself escaped).
  17. While the idea is pretty good on paper, I think it’s likely to completely ruin OW solo hunting. This will greatly benefit the gankers.. If they have enough ships they won’t need to carry more than 1x sail repair. It will make solo hunters slow and force us back to port for repairs more often than we’d like. While it is more realistic, we also have to look at it from a gameplay pov. Is sailing in OW fun? Or do we prefer to fight? we have to make it easier for new players to get into PvP, not harder for the old players.
  18. These are just the speed mods I remember off the top of my head: Fast Very Fast Naval clock Copper plating Navy hull Bovenwinds Crooked hull Gazelle Spanish rig refit Elite spanish rig refit Pirate rig refit Elite Pirate rig refit Art of ship handling Trim - speed Art of proper cargo distribution Optimized ballast Light carriages Navy Loodsman Treatise on square sails trim Studding sails Treatise on staysails trim Staysails Looking at the list it is very clear to me that we have a problem with mods, despite them trying to balance it in
  19. I just assumed they were on an all-inclusive holiday in Tuscany.
  20. What happened is likely this: (I may be wrong) You chased a ship that was slightly faster than you, upon him reaching the limit of your draw distance it appeared as if he stopped. This is because when an object moves out of render range it becomes static - it will remain in that position for roughly 5-10 seconds making it appear as if you're now gaining on him rapidly and then suddenly disappear. That is not an exploit but one of those unavoidable things when using this engine - I suppose one way to solve it (if possible); would be to let the ship fade away before getting out of rend
  21. There's a two minute timer, the only time I ever experienced this to be a "problem" was when I spotted a player who was already sails down. and halfway throughj the logout process. It's fair enough that if a player can get far enough away from you to sit and wait for a two minute logout timer that he then disappears - you couldn't catch him anyways... it's a good way to counter the fir/fir Endymion chasers that "magically" gets teleported to a nearby port to chase you while the bigger ships catches up after the battle starts. If someone is within visual range then you can always get
  22. I think the biggest problem with alts is when you’re out hunting and being followed by a basic cutter - there’s nothing you can do... Unfortunately I see no real way around this but to make notes of who these “suspicious elements” are, sometimes they’re geniune new players looking for players to follow. If somebody wants an alt for the purpose of getting resources, then I see no problem, just be prepared to lose your cargo to a captain from your own nation when transporting goods. I have attacked british alts in the french nation multiple times - it’s funny how these individuals considers
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