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  1. @admin I respect your stance on wanting to keep RNG in-game, and I'm glad to hear that feedback is taken seriously. We all want the game to move forwards. I think it's important to find gameplay oriented solutions to in-game problems rather than RNG solutions. I love the expansion of ship modifications as mentioned. I just feel that this was a missed opportunity to give some meaning to trading and crafting.
  2. But as testers... should we not test and provide feedback? Or should we simply just sit and play and put money in the pockets of the developers? I assume we're here for a reason.
  3. @admin Just gonna quote myself again since the discussion seems to have gone off track. At the very least consider the suggestions rather than outright dismissing them - we're all players and would like to share our opinion with you to make YOUR game better. There is no reason that the above method cannot be combined with RNG (Letting RNG choose the trim if you don't do so yourself). But by implementing at least some of the above-mentioned ideas you will add content to a game severely lacking it. We all love the combat aspect, but most of us are dying for content when not actively fi
  4. There are many other reasons for doing this than just an advantage in mods - such as making the crafters more relevant
  5. I disagree - If you guarantee the availability of the resources through trade-missions, then you can get the resources for the trim you need by sailing for 2-3 hours instead. A sail like that can easily be split up into smaller bits by logging out at sea. This benefits the casuals since they do not have the time or money to build the ship again and again,
  6. I like the idea that ships are now more customizable than ever - I truly believe that this benefits gameplay and makes things more interesting and unpredictable in PvP. An Endymion is no longer just an Endymion. But why RNG? RNG has always been and will always be game-breaking in my opinion - especially when it costs time and resources. I should be able to get a ship identical to that of my friend provided that we have the same crafter making it using the same materials. I'd like to propose the following: Create a set of resources that only spawns in a few locations on the map
  7. I'm not sure I'm too fond of the idea of 1 PvP mark for sinking someone in a 1st rate doing missions outside the protected area. If I manage to do that in a Cerberus I'd like a proper reward for it. But I do like the idea of a PvP rank and your suggestion is not unreasonable - it's just a matter of making it work.
  8. I'm Percival Merewether - we asked you to provide us with a forum post stating this.. you refused.. we asked around on the TS, and nobody could confirm your statement. We had to tab between the game and google translate throughout half the battle to translate your statements because you insisted on writing russian only.. It would truly be a sad state of affairs if the developers keep a bug in-game and then chooses to ban players from the game should they unknowingly "abuse" this bug... We have always been able to attack players in missions, I do not understand why this situation would be
  9. The ability to open and close the gunports would add a new - interesting aspect to the game. Imagine being in a stormy battle with a ship of the line and a frigate, the SotL would have to keep its gunports closed on its lower gundeck to avoid taking in water, that could shift the balance and give the frigate the upper hand. Please consider this. I think it's a great idea.
  10. Same problem, the steam forums gives me a "Forum Database error" as well. Must be a Steam problem.
  11. Reminds me of Peter Wessel Tordenskjold, a dano-norwegian naval officer. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Tordenskjold The idea of sending an envoy asking the enemy for ammunition to continue the fight would be completely ridiculous today.
  12. Before the RN adopted the "Nelson Chequer" it was common for the captains to choose their own paint scheme. I think the best thing is to let people choose their own custom paint jobs but limit the choice of colours.
  13. I would love to, but as a poor student, I have to choose between travelling and shipmodeling So travelling it is! I have, at the NMM in greenwich this summer
  14. Hello all I too am fairly new to this game and would like to see the same ingame as Larkis here. But as this is in Alpha phase and (very ) poorly optimized, I have much faith in the devs implementing much of the stuff mentioned here at some point. I agree with you that so far Napoleon/Empire is the game that does the best in regards to sailors on deck, just a shame that the game is so terrible compared to other sailing games Favorite one by far is without a doubt Naval Action. It looks like the game that I have been waiting for ever since my father bought me the LEGO pirate sets over
  15. I would love to see this paintjob on the bellona ingame: The one currently ingame looks off, but the model itself is great
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