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  1. I think so too @Sir Matthew Latham. I think it would be right to reduce the seasons to a reasonable length. Not only when marking but also in the fighting itself, see my suggestion: Das denke ich auch @Sir Malachy Karrde . Ich fände es richtig, wenn man die Spielzeiten auf eine vernünftige Länge reduziert. Nicht nur beim Anmarkieren sondern auch in den Kämpfen selbst, siehe meinen Vorschlag: After a few fights, I think that a total time of 1.5 hours is completely overdrawn. 60 minutes are sufficient in my opinion, too. Nach einigen Kämpfen denke ich, dass auch eine Gesamtzeit
  2. A character assessment of laymen usually leads to the facts of "discrimination"! Anything that favors discrimination I decline personally and I will also distance myself from it. Eine Charakterbewertung von Laien führt meist zum Tatbestand der "Diskriminierung"! Alles was Diskriminierung begünstigt lehne ich persönlich ab und ich werde mich auch davon distanzieren.
  3. Exactly, refits could then only be created in a shipyard. One does not buy the refits any more over the admiralty but in a business of the "free cities". Genau, Refits könnten dann nur in einer Werft erstellt werden. Man kauft die Refits auch nicht mehr über die Admiralität ein sondern in einem Geschäft der "Freistädte". The 3 modules can then each use themselves later, after the refit was "unpacked". As with a "normal shipbuilding" too. Die 3 Module kann sich dann jeder später selbst einsetzen, nachdem das Refit "entpackt" wurde. So wie bei einem "normalen Schiffsbau"
  4. @admin and players, I wish that you can only make refits in yards. This would improve the economic cycle. A refit is made as a ship. But there is a "special" recipe for it. The materials are written down and will not change later when unpacking in the port. There is a fixed final price for this ship. This final price should be equal to the "minimum price" for raw materials and working hours, ie the actual value of production. Then you sell the refit in a "free port" and receive an additional 1 PvP mark. So a shipbuilder can develop PvP brands without fighting. You can sell unlim
  5. Supplement to 3. Interaction and a): The seagull swarms could mean 3 possibilities: "Without fish swarms", "whale fish" or "fish swarm". So you click into the unknown. A limited number of occurrences (fishing amount) could trigger competition. That's why it would be nice if the swarms had different amounts. The quantities could be: 300, 600, 900 and 1200 weight. The fisherman does not know the number. When the flock has been fished away, it disappears and reappears in another location. Several fishermen can fish on a fish bottom. (I think you should do this the way it works best
  6. Addendum to point d) Fleet ships can not transport any cargo. Nachtrag zu Punkt d) Flottenschiffe können keinerlei Ladung transportieren.
  7. Further possibilities for implementation: a) One could hide in the swarm of seagulls "invisible swords" to click. This activates the "fishing mode". The radius of the fish swarm is invisible but you can think of it. Should work in a similar way as marking "attack". But there is no visible time. Time is the existence of the fish swarm. b) There should be no PvP or Combat Marks for attacking fishermen. You can only rob the cargo. If a fisherman yields in time, he keeps his boat and crew. Then you can not attack the boat for about 30 minutes or longer. (Reminder: "Christian Maritime")
  8. @admin and players, I also wish a targeted fishing. 1. The old fish should be kept as "fishing". Maybe you could reduce this catch to about 50%. 2. Ships In addition, certain ships (such as Basic Cutter and 7.Rate merchant ships) could be converted to fishing boats. It would be to consider either "ship knowledge" or "permanent upgrades", one for "fishing nets" and one for "whale harpoon". Good would be a reduction in the number of cannons. Fishing boats had a low armament. Something could be achieved by "doubling the load time" or even more. Personally, I
  9. Yes - now I understand your previous statement and I agree with you completely right. __________________________________________ But now back to the main topic: In addition, it should be considered that after the release of the game, the number of participants could quickly increase to more than 1000 players. It will then be increasingly difficult to get game interruptions, especially for business players. In my opinion, an economic game also includes PvP content. That's why I would like to find a just balance of both types of game on the same server. Again, this problem would be a
  10. I think it's good that opinions are voiced here. It is also important to show empathy and moral courage. The human rights of the UN, Europe and Germany, as well as the WHO Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, recognized by all the major countries of the world, are an important standard for every human being. The needs and dignity of the people are placed on a very high good and have to apply in all areas. Whether in leisure time with community games or at work. If someone has to "exit," then he has to quit. If someone has to relax his limbs, then he has to relax. If someone h
  11. @admin and players, Would it be possible to take a break of 5 minutes every 30 minutes in all combat operations? The game would be frozen and a clock is running. (Of course it would be possible for you to suffer a disadvantage as well, but on the other hand you could also benefit from an advantage.) The reason: Philanthropy and disability-friendly This would give time for the fulfillment of human needs and a brief relaxation from a physical and mental compulsory attitude. Often you play to yourself. Suddenly you are drawn from outside into a fi
  12. Suggestion: How about playing a mission? From a certain rank you get the basic cutter only "free", if you play a simple mission of the 7th rank. If you pass this mission, you can get the cutter and the "reward". That should be easy for an experienced player to do. Just a little time. In my opinion, punishment should be if you play so that you have no more money in your pocket. Vorschlag: Wie wäre es mit dem Spielen einer Mission? Ab einem bestimmten Rang bekommt man den Basic Cutter nur noch "kostenlos", wenn man eine einfache Mission des 7.Ranges spielt. Wenn man diese
  13. In documentary feature films, I saw that ships also had spare pylons on board. So a repair in OW would be possible. But maybe you could fix them to only 70% strength. After all, it is a "provisional". Even in combat I would allow this with "a lot of rig repair". As mentioned in another thread, the fight times are sometimes 1-2 days real time. This sometimes includes maneuvers in which perhaps no combat took place for 3-4 hours. (German texts are always translated with the help of Google.) In dokumentarischen Spielfilmen sah ich, dass Schiffe auch Ersatzmasten an Bord hat
  14. The name change was made with today's server maintenance. Everything is correct and everything is there! Many thanks to all for the adequate help and support 🙂 Die Namensänderung wurde mit der heutigen Server-Wartung vollzogen. Alles hat seine Richtigkeit und alles ist da! Vielen Dank an Alle für die adäquate Hilfe und Unterstützung 🙂
  15. @Galt It's not about being against it, but about the following thoughts. Safety on board during combat is extremely relative. A bullet hitting the hull can injure and kill a lot of crew below deck. The wood splinters are distributed and fly around the room. Above all, if the crew had sought protection below deck, such a hit would have serious consequences. In such a case, the crew on the deck and in the rigging would be safer again. Also on the rigging there are safe places as on or below deck. Often only the sails are hit, shoot through and that's it. Probably no man was hit. From clos
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