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Found 4 results

  1. For a long time I have felt that women have been neglected in Naval Action, I feel that it is time to bring Naval Action into the 21st century. It's wrong that we're not able to choose gender upon creating a character... It's so simple to implement and would add diversity to the 17th-18th century caribbean and is sure to attract thousands of players. I'd suggest the following changes: Ranks must be changed to fit 21st century standards e.g.: Midshipwoman Mastress and Commandress I'd also suggest adding new nations; China and the Zulu tribe comes to mind - but I shall leave that for another post. EDIT: Native american tribes are a must - gender neutral ranks could work as well, hence I suggest Midshipperson instead. Thanks to @Hethwill the Harmless and @Licinio Chiavari for expanding upon the initial suggestion!
  2. Prolog: Shortly after Sterett had the American colors raised, he had his men open fire upon the Tripolitans at close range with muskets. In response, Tripoli returned fire with an ineffective broadside.[8] The Americans returned fire with their own broadsides, which led Rous to break off the engagement and attempt to flee. Neither able to fight off the American vessel nor outrun her, the Tripolitans attempted to grapple Enterprise and board her. Once within musket range, Enterprise's marines opened fire on the Tripoli, foiling its boarding attempt, and forced Tripoli to try to break away once more. Enterprise continued the engagement, firing more broadsides into the Tripolitan and blasting a hole in her hull.[9] Severely damaged, Tripoli struck her colors to indicate surrender. As Enterprise moved towards the vessel to accept its surrender, the Tripolitans hoisted their flag and fired upon Enterprise. The Tripolitans again attempted to board the American schooner, but were repelled by Enterprise's broadsides and musketry. After another exchange of fire, the Tripolitans struck their colors a second time. Sterett once more ceased firing and moved closer to Tripoli.[10] In response, Rous again raised his colors and attempted to board Enterprise. Enterprise's accurate gunnery once more forced Tripoli to veer off. As the action continued, Rous perfidiously feigned a third surrender in an attempt to draw the American schooner within grappling range. This time, Sterett kept his distance, and ordered Enterprise's guns to be lowered to aim at the polacca's waterline, a tactic that threatened to sink the enemy ship. The next American broadsides struck their target, causing massive damage, dismasting her mizzen-mast, and reducing her to a sinking condition.[11] With most of his crew dead or wounded, the injured Admiral Rous finally threw the Tripolitan flag into the sea to convince Sterett to end the action.[9] Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_of_1_August_1801 Suggestion: Give xebec the option to do a false surrender showing the ship with white flag but as soon as in boarding range to be able to hoist their colors again and to board right away. Pros: More accurrate game mechanics to sim rl Cons: More annoyed people
  3. My clanmate told me we were supposed to get a mail on the forum for a steam code? didn't recieve this did any1 else get one or not?
  4. A few questions about the rules in Open World and how they will be enforced: -When will we see a clear set of rules regarding the Open World? -How will gankers/griefers/trolls be dealt with, and what kind of punishment will they receive? -Will the Tribunal still be used in Open World?
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