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  1. Answer to your question - if there is a way of changing nation without DLC in PvE server - Delete character - Start new character in intended nation That's the non-DLC option. The Forged Papers were given for testing purposes leading ultimately to the DLC.
  2. This has run its course, started as a mild rant, ended in Locked.
  3. No disrespect meant sir, but you named your own thread in that fashion, with stereotypes, patronising, and veiled injury.
  4. that's your reason and what you take out of the NA hobby. Your own experience. Your own. Not everyone's. It may be shared by others but is your own and you cannot say it is the same for absolutely every single one out there. And bringing the name of some game that many did never EVER play ( we have players that barely play PC games, so think about that for a second... guys and gals that barely played anything else on a PC other than NA... ) Thing is... and please stop and think for a second...you played some games where you really had fun. Others didn't. But still both sides are in Naval Action and none share the same views of "your game" nor you of "their game". Having you as a veteran of some fantasy realms MMO doesn't make you more right than a historical world war 2 air combat MMO or a sci fi die hard MMO guy. Why should it ? Accepting that NA shares some aspects with a lot of games is one thing. Wanting that NA is tailored, square and ruler, to what those games are is another thing. I'll show you one example: - players love to have their own collection of ships right ? Well man, i'm going to completely oppose that. Because you see, that's not the BEST in my opinion and I can come up with a lot of games where I know they had much better yadda yadda yadda and therefore - one player, one character, one ship, one career. Live and die by cannon and cutlass. ... Does this makes me right or wrong ? Well... neither. Is just my experience and point of view. But bringing some game ALL the time to serve as compass serves nothing and serves no one justice. It only suits that individual that makes such a post. IS NA great ? yes. Can it be better ? very much so. What would I do to make it better ? definitely a lot. some would like ti, some wouldn't. And these 3 questions fit to any single one of us NA testers/players of early access.
  5. You missed the entire thread of posts then. I am not commenting on any game other than Naval Action. So i'm not commenting on them. But apparently the incessant commenting on EvE is a trademark of many. The incessant search of the "wowowo!!!!" nostalgia somewhere else than EvE... Well, glad we all have different paths that led us to NA, hence it would be a boring boring entertainment product.
  6. Why Wow and Eve ? Why not Dark Age of Camelot ? Why not World War 2 Online ? Why not Elite Dangerous ? Why not Ultima Online or Anarchy Online ? Hell, why even only MMOs ? ... I know... That's the ones you like, the others may say nothing to you. That's great, we share common differences that brought us to Naval Action.
  7. I'm not confused. I know exactly what NA is at the present. And while I look to many games in the past that did have a strong impact on my hobby time, and not only computer stuff - actually most are not computer related, I also know for certain they had their time and they are not coming again. What you love nowadays is the idea of the great experience you remember back in the past with whatever game. Happens to all of us and everyone has amazing stories about how fun this or that game was. That's what i was referring to. Hence we go through libraries and shelves of games to try to find that "wow!!" moments again while discovering new games all the same. ( that's how i discover new games ). You talk about "how the game felt to you back then" Looking to the present game objectively leaves no leeway to romanticized nostalgia of "oh that was the perfect game". Glad we can share our differences.
  8. Because some want a age of sail eve and not naval action. Is really confusing for all the others that have no idea what they talking about. ( nostalgia factor is the most important - they want to feel the same as they did with that game in another game - and they cannot understand that will not happen. Given they refuse to accept that fact they keep ranting on and on and on... So, make peace with your past game experience and simply stick to what is and what will come and things become much better and simpler and save everyone a lot of posts )
  9. Legends is indeed a different experience. I really liked it the time that was up. Not my prime go to ( same as with other non ow games i play, 3 rounds and i'm fulfilled ) but was good. Really liked the bathymetry testing included on it. Really like how GL tests stuff, but then gamelabs as a name should be a nice clue
  10. Exactly. When EA steam release OW was a reality already and tested during closed ( before ea release ) .
  11. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/02/26/elite-dangerous-player-stranded-for-three-months-has-been-rescued/
  12. Very improbable given the open world was already going under very heavy development in closed testing. How the hell do you come up with such stuff ?... 🙄
  13. Guess being on a sabbatical retreat until Spring and Release does me good then. There's nothing that puts me off more than what you wrote. Thank you.
  14. Stop acting like you know it all. Naval Action is awesome. Glad we both like it.
  15. Concurrent ? As many as the server handles. Across campaigns ? More than you can count. Enough of it ; we not discussing what YOU think a mmo is, nor what I think, nor what jodgi thinks, nor what all others think. Gear is NOT what makes a MMO. For me that's it. ... massive is not a boss instance with 12 guys, nor a instanced area with 64. massive is, for example 250 in the same instance, or even more
  16. Go play The Air War (TAW) server and then we talk about that. Most hardcore feature is "dead is dead" brother. Very very few become aces before they go down in flames. Characters are pesistent... until they die. And then, all awards, all medals, all streak, are gone. Seems the MMO definition is highly diluted these days.
  17. It is a player fleet ship. Those can be captured whatever rate
  18. Probably, yeah. But this reminds me something... I play a home made boardgame with the kids in which we, the players ( we even testers as we still designing it after a few years ), cannot establish more overseas colonies until the previous season cargo is brought to mainland. Simulates abstraction of "crown & investors" not advancing more support until the "governor" ( the player ) had shown some return for the previous investment. What does this has to do with what we talking ? Nothing. You can "make up" whatever reason you want for the "ruleset". ( but the kiddos ain't salty, nor play for drama, nor use alts, they play fair and rejoice more with winning than if they "cheated" )
  19. No, sitting in port to join battles was not good.
  20. outside of reach, not range. She couldn't get into position. Read Lieutenant Gardiner's diary ( HMS Phoebe ) or the very first Porter report to the Congress ( forget the propaganda written after that ). She used 3 12 pounders on the stern ( not the bow ).
  21. Can't vote. Insta close, rest as it is now. Have to make my peace with the universe. Wanna gank ? Make sure everyone is in the circle.
  22. Oh, I totally get you. But the design is "focused", as i interpret it, as simply means to an end. A money making mechanic. Money that will be turned into clans/solo players assets - ships, ports, books, modules, resources. I won't deny a living world with dynamic trade would be ideal but entire design is aimed at - road to combat and conquest. And this cannot be ignored, just avoided. Some players simply like to pursue a sandbox-trader career. Very few, but there are.
  23. Good point. There's indeed a gap between Focused gameplay and Casual gameplay and it has nothing to do with time spent.
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