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  1. Level one is always the first step to level two.
  2. for 5 L'Oceans , 1 for each ( if they don't want to use mediums, that is ) Aye, that's correct if the OP math is on spot.
  3. It is not a novelty that cooperation is key in multiplayer games, more so in Conquest driven clan warfare games. If you say it take you 5 days to produce the complement of guns for a L'Ocean, then if 5 players cooperate, it becomes only 1 day. Have not looked to the entire production line but fact is, cooperation has always been the key. No need to lose temper At the very least, buy mediums and equip it.
  4. Devs have posted this. Launch window is set for Thursday 13th of June to Friday 14th of June (but if we are able to test everything properly we might release on wednesday evening (kiev time). https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/29843-pre-release-server-status-information/
  5. Keep in mind that Warlord Games also advanced that Black Seas is planned for October this year 😮 That's naval autumn it seems. The niche of the niches even, age of sail.
  6. I don't think the battle mat comes in. I wouldn't mind but the packages images and the descriptions do not mention nor show it.
  7. Your best bet is, as always, the official records. https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk They are mostly and truly helpful. Enjoy the research and chasing the history.
  8. This is simply NOT true ! You have zero clue and I can tell you with 100% certainty many of the most qualified to suggest or test even the sailing and gunnry aspects of the game translated from reality do actually play on PvE, because they don't want permanent competitive game and because of their limited time as they work and hobby mostly on hands-on-approach with history. Someone throw a lifeline ! He's losing his grip...
  9. Some fellows have several hobbies, so they split the time. Others simply have pc gaming, and many dedicate themselves to one single game. What part of "hobby time is a personal choice" is hard to understand ? Is not a race, is not a competition, and if anyone wants to make a game, any game, their lifestyle, who cares anyway. Don't judge "everyone will be left behind because this and that individual spends a lot of time in a game". Is a bit ridiculous. Enjoy your hobbies and enjoy NA if it is one of them. And if you set yourself to compete against them, then it is on you. Not everyone else. Play to win. Talk about measureing others by our own self ...
  10. Get over it then. Thanks for the reminder.
  11. I am all for that. How will Impossible nations do it then ? I mean, conquest ? Think before you write. Mechanics must fit all nations. At the worst you'd make the only free town with Hostility to be Shroud Cay. And personally i'm fine with that. I'd also remove tows for frontlines to work
  12. I see nothing wrong with that. Is not that anyone HAS to choose Impossible You clearly stated "starting port". I'm not inside your brain to read what you didn't write. Plus ANY nation can do that with the free ports. ALL nations.
  13. That's Shroud Cay. One single starting port. Or did I miss anything ?
  14. That is correct Archaos. All you can do is conquer it and deny it. Now that we know it, we should prepare for it. War is coming.
  15. You can't limit any other player from playing with their communities in whatever game. Get over it. 2 extra ports + the capital means you have to control the majority of a region ports ( 3 ports out of 5, average )before you are even allowed to generate hostility to the neighbor regions.
  16. Not really. If 1 region limit, then Impossible nations will have to carve their presence against all the non Impossible ones, as all have the same mechanic and can also do it. Is not exclusive to Impossible nations. What is exclusive to them is "no starting region" that is unconquerable. So, given you know a strike from a freetown is possible, setup proper defense against it, including escorting your traders with the vital supplies for the ports. I definitely agree with the 1 region limit, and this being said by playing in a Impossible nation.
  17. +1 and that includes all the "fluff" caribbean news I hope.
  18. I'd say 1 region radius. -and- No conquering the neighbor regions without first controlling that region - capital + 2 ports. ( this allows conquer region next to a free port but to expand the clan needs to conquer another 2 ports on that region )
  19. In Game function - Right Click player name - select Report All verbal offenses are verified.
  20. If you report proper rules breach, things happen. If everyone follows rules there's no need to report. Thank you.
  21. Don't know. I like the game and i can't be inside other individual brain, nor am I a herd sheep. In truth some other "overwhelming positive" games I bought ( and they were really expensive! ) I couldn't stand them ... really... and couldn't see what was so great about them. And yeah, didn't go run and plaster negative all over, but to each its own. Glad the release is around the corner for NA.
  22. .. right ? Last time someone told me bad things about a restaurant they were 100% wrong. I was a bit...hmmm... okay, maybe the person had a bad day.
  23. No idea what you are talking about. I'm involved with many other alphas/EA products and each software house has its own workflow. And I simply cannot put myself into their brains to make such an assessment as you make it. 😮
  24. I'm happy that release happens in the way the Devs want it. Wipe or no wipe, we all voiced our opinions. They are the designers. Not us. It is coming. Finally.
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