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  1. They don't, not 75% overall. I'd say 25% traders carry usable resources ( iron, hemp, woods of all kinds, coal, etc ), the majority is trade goods with a okay proportion of others carrying the trasure in doubloons. But the traders that are around areas of those woods are a good bet. But not only teak and heavy oaks are to be considered. Plenty (by raiding standards ) of sabicu, mahogany, caguairan along with teak and live oak, if hunted in the correct areas will be on the AI traders. For example, at the present moment if you hang around Santa Rosa area you will hit quite a few traders with wood shipments ( along with others with trade goods and good amount of doubloons ). Must go to the regions that have the ports with those woods and then have to bring the captured trader back. There's a risk involved as enemy nations players will also be in the areas.
  2. As I told on voice, the Phoebe was outside the reach of the Essex broadside. Not outside range ; she couldn't train the guns to hit the Phoebe. ( guess Porter didn't have Encyclopedia nor good books and mods ) Actually the guns that were hurting the Phoebe were 3 long 12 pounders moved to the stern, that Essex kept from her standard complement. RL and Game do not relate because: - Essex couldn't tack - Essex couldn't make way with the light winds - Essex couldn't go "upwind" to the Phoebe All three due to the loss of the tops that afflicted her before the battle - she rolled so heavy that the gunwhales were almost at waterline with all the canvas open and BAM, the tops were gone. That more than the gunnry decided the battle. BUT in NA we CAN tack without jibs and we can climb the wind without tops. Malachi example is more to the point of gunnery. I posted a example of carronade usage by British sloop-of-war HMS Redfin a while ago. They did use it close range ( else they would be shot long distance by the enemy longs ).
  3. Sextant is a perk. Is awarded automatically to new players as a perk with perk points. Not the same, yes. Fleet for 1 ship is not a perk anymore.
  4. Another suggestion in view of the new gunnery system - all stern chasers back to normal dispersion
  5. IIRC Little River and La Navasse were mentioned when this subject was first discussed, a while ago. ( maybe Saint Mary's as well ? was a free town after Sunbury )
  6. Yep. Had to reset my perks to remove the Fleet perk that became redundant after patch.
  7. BTW, one detail With the possibility of shooting broadside in boarding, please make so that the boarding is interrupted when a ship is full of water, or else it will delay as much as possible and keep broadsiding, when in truth it is already sunk.
  8. Is good. Maybe decay energy a bit higher over distance, to accommodate for the faster pace of the game versus reality. That's all.
  9. Maybe the intention is that ... ? Just trying to figure out a way here. I mean, with Delivery tasks, Missions, etc I think it might not be that hard to bump into the ports that produce certain items and pass that discovery to their clan. Dormant clans are usually... arhem... not dormant, but .... branch offices of ...enemy nation clans. Not all... but some. Some are genuine though.
  10. You are correct. Let's test and find out then. Whatever the state of the clan owning the port, the ports will be found I guess.
  11. You acquired Perk for 2 ships in the fleet ( there's only 2 Fleet perks now, not 3 )? ( fleet for 1 ship is automatic, no perk ) At least on testbed was like that.
  12. explore ? that's how they discovered in the first place. ( you remember that map will be reset on release soon, right ? )
  13. They, the guys that captured the port and are harvesting it - or- not harvesting it. I think war is a good solution to the problem.
  14. Then it is even easier to conquer the port given the enemy is ... inactive ?
  15. Sextant is perk points. The points are automatically awarded to new fellows and automatically converted to Sextant. They can turn it off by resetting perks. Veterans can turn it on by spending perk points. Fleet 1 is free now and automatically given to everyone.
  16. @admin or anyone else is the Constitution Note, purchasable in the Admiralty, the Constitution or the United States ?
  17. War server, yes. More ranks are to be included, up to rank of Sea Lord, from the initial post. What does this means ? No idea.
  18. Tested it quite a bit. Had some great features. ( the prototype of the proper bathymetry system for example ) But... maybe.... the combat was too balanced equal to be appreciated by most... ? 😲
  19. Good morning @admin With the combination of all wipes, I have two questions - Can we expect a reset/purge of all clan names list on the final wipe ? - Will player account reset include the created character ? Start completely new character ( chose nation again, etc ) ?
  20. There's a lot of old testers that are simply waiting for the final wipe and release to come back, so their time from zero hour is guaranteed not wiped. Anyway, this was a hell of an announcement... 😲
  21. Peace server nowadays has a increased number of captains, maybe new accounts, maybe migrants from War server. No idea, but is okay to go there and see "meaty" headcount if compared to 2017 Thanks for the links, helps everyone.
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