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  1. With a basic cutter try to capture a Trader Brig. Use it for Trade missions and make some open world sailing. This will give you a sense of time and distance of travels in the open world. Explore the map as much as possible. Set objectives - for example, do a circumnavigation of the entire map. See different parts.

    With a basic cutter try to capture a lynx/pickle. With a lynx/pickle try to capture a privateer. With a privateer try to capture a Brig. With the Brig try to capture a Navy Brig/Snow. With the Navy Brig/Snow try to capture a Mercury.

    While doing this exercises you will be practising manual control of rigging, discipline of fire, wind control, distances, boarding and most other combat mechanics. Additionally it will provide whatever those ships have in the hold with the benefit of already being equipped with guns and ready to use.

    Specific for war server, in addition to the mentioned ----- be social. Try to mingle with a group. See if you fit in. If not, try another. All groups are different and there's no right way to play the game. Always sail with guns ( don't listen to the vets that tell you nothing can catch your trader lynx ). Always have a bit of repairs. Do not fear loss. Loss is just a mechanic. Rinse and repeat. Once over the fence you will be winning more than losing. There are no shortcuts to the game, other than staying in port and never sailing.

    Have fun playing with other people. Even a quick trade run can transform into a battle instance, so why not ask a friend to sail with you in a warship ? If enemies appear, you won't be fighting alone.

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  2. Large vessels have more than one magazine. All guns have gunpowder. Ships with no guns have no gunpowder. Most warships main powder storage was under the waterline, but the multiple decks ones had additional storage per deck to supply the batteries.

    It is rare to see multiple explosions in game but it can happen, as two different powder "rooms" ignite and explode.

    If i recall, as an example, the Victory main magazine is fore bow under the water line with two additional at equal distance between masts - fore/main and main/aft.

    I would believe most vessels will have it fore or aft under the water line. The Snow is a good example.


  3. A classic declaration of war throughout the grand age of sail can be summed in game terms:

    (...) "to subdue, seize and make prize of all vessels, goods and effects belonging to the (enemy nation), or his subjects...and to cause to be done all such other acts of precaution or hostility as the state of war will justify, and may, in his opinion, require. The (nation council) also has the authority to grant special commissions to private armed vessels of the (smaller clans in nation) to permit them to lawfully subdue and seize "any (enemy nation) vessel, goods or effects with the same authority as (the major clans in nation) (...)

    There was never a distinction between warships and trade vessels.

    And yes, more RP needed. I miss the periodic "newspapers" many used to publish.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, JoeForKyo said:

    I have a better analogy, not giving a shit about giving a port boni crafting possibility to pve , in a pathetic attempt to yet again not only not caring about pve, but trying to force them into the almighty war server. Apologies if it's too trascendent and definitely not down to earth to understand.


    ... there one thing to look to how things are right now and another to go wishful thinking.

    But hey, whatever. As I said, peace server should have all models sailing around but you rather ignore that part and just unleash the flak without even aiming proper.

  5. 1 minute ago, JoeForKyo said:

    I believe he was just saying, in a "polite" manner, that either you play pvp, or you can't get crafting port boni. If you play pve, you can go hello kitty yourself big time :)

    That's very incorrect.

    The correct approach would be to pick up a wargame ruleset and play only the basic rules and the advanced game rules.

    Peace and War servers both the same ruleset, just one is basic, the other advanced.

    Better analogy.

  6. Correct, PvE against elite ships will yield Elite notes that will convert to elite ships.

    Given Endymions do not roam OW, you won't be able to get a endymion with port bonuses in the Peace Server.

    To acquire a Endymion with Port Bonuses there's a requirement which is to play Conquest in the War server.

    Hope the answer to the comment is complete.


    Sure, Peace server should have all vessel models roaming the seas in all forms, regular and elite.



  7. Just trying to see where and how the line in the sand is drawn from your own personal perspective. Not implying anything.

    I really dislike killing traders just for mission counters. I would "kill" to return to no reward by killing trader, but rather the capture of the resources themselves ( patch 10 ); but we are way way way beyond that now, so no spilled milk on my part.

    Warships though are warships. Get ready for War or not at all.



  8. 10 minutes ago, Atreides said:

    This information would be good to advertise, might give pause to the roving gangs of trincs that tag trader brigs over and over to sink their escaped fleet ships ad absurdum. 

    But you see, if it is another player sinking the fellow, then in counts.

    Doesn't count same player sinking same player, hence sailing in a squadron.


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