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  1. CAVALRY GUIDE: As far as I can, try to group cavalry units in a single Corp, then give the Cavalry Perk to the Commanding Officer (+Charge Damage Bonus). For small engagements with small brigade allowance, at least 1-2 Melee Cav. units are mandatory. One of the uses of this type of unit is rearguard/flank vigilance, supply train and artillery lifesavers (keep them close and hidden if possible). The Weapon Equipment depends on your tastes, Armory quantities, and your $ expenditure limits, but here I list my own preferences, sometimes a compromise between cost/efficiency ratios.
  2. Cause game it's designed to be challenging... AI is receiving reinforcements, technology, money, etc... as needed to oppose your army, whether you play as CSA or Union. It has an algorithm called DifficultyAdaptationSystem coded.
  3. I think we are able to change the Weapons image without changing it's internal ID by brute Hex editing. That's not a photoshoped snapshot. It's a GIMP modified TGA imported into the resources.assets file. I took Palmetto+Saber and Re-Bored Farmer Musket Exports... Edit. Rename. Import. Restart Game. It works as long as you don't change sizes, etc... Hypothesis: same process could be done with Hero portraits, but not with the random Officers. I hope it helps weapon modders. Edit: I was going to write Penis/Penis as a proof over the weapons, but then i refrained..
  4. Found this interesting concept: If you chose Custom Battles, and Scenario instead of Own Battle, you get the Historical troops for the engagement. But 0 Money and 0 Men. So you can't add troops. But, you have Supply. So you can decrease the Supply amount to get money back. And maybe disbanding a unit, you can start to rearrange your troops better than initial Order of Battle. For Example: Custom Devil's Den. Edit: I just realized that the perks they come with are random in this option and change with each loading. Longstreet does no good as Corps Commander (having Cava
  5. It looks like there were many more Perks intended... Maybe you could use some. UCWG Texture2D in TGA Format.rar
  6. Not directly related to Scaling but found this interesting info related to AI behaviour :
  7. Anyone noticed getting those units? I got Forrest Cavalry once. This Hero Generals...? I couldn't get all.
  8. Made me ROFLMAO. - ... And tell me, dear Murat, did @Lord Gareth accept our terms of surrender? - He was a real gentleman... threw the computer out the window, Sire... (Maybe you could post links to image hosting webs, instead. Keep those maps coming! they are wonderful)
  9. Yes they do. That's independent. You just buy some weapons (say 111 Farmers) then search for "111" number. 111, 77 or 11 are good numbers cause they are prime and odd. Then go back to the game, buy some more (lets say till you have 133), then continue filtering search again for "133". On my experience 2 filterings are enough. If the number is big (and "unique") 1 filtering could be enough as is the case of big Money. You could just buy 1 or 2 and start searching, but those are too common numbers in the game. So, many more searches are required. Negative or abstract num
  10. Tried this for the Ballast theory. Didn't work 100% denying Scaling. Or else I hit the minimum cap at Legendary CSA Siloh (roughly 2 vs. 1 disadvantage)... I think the problem is the fixed scenario 2000-3000 men brigades from Bragg & Breckinridge.
  11. Found a limited way to Edit Names and change appearance, and rank of the random Officers. The Names are 2 part (Name + Surname) separated by an ascii character (those ascii are easier seen as Integers with numerical values being "null" equivalent to 0, or 1 to blank space). So you must fit the given name in the original space of the old name or surname. There are various separator characters (whose meanings i don't know), and if you put the wrong one, you trash the file. The easiest way is to copy existing ones. So trial and error... The faces have different Offsets to control hair,
  12. We should make a research of the Draw/Defeat penalty points. And see which battles deserve fighting and which should/could we avoid.
  13. Wandous here... I'll kill myself if i tried to make same arrows and that stuff with Paint, Photoshop... whatever... Keep on with those nice Debriefing reports!
  14. Me neither, that's why i wrote it didn't help at first glance. Then I edited. No clues yet.
  15. About scaling... Legendary CSA Newport News (3 Brigades allowed): If you wear no Arty nor Cavalry, Enemy Arty and Cavalry stays low. With minimum 500 strength 3x Infantry Brigades, Union deploys about 9k troops, Infantry Brigades being 1100 men and arty units are 8 6Pdr Field Guns. If you max out 3x 2500 Men Infantry Brigades, arty stays the same, but Infantry Brigades goes to 2900+- strength, Overall goes up to 13k. Fixed scenario troops also count towards the scaling, so there is a minimum. If you swap an Infantry Brigade by a 12 gun arty, their arty goes to up to 20 gun per b
  16. How do you do that nice arrows? They look very good for tactical explanations.
  17. <--- Pretty Arthuric. <--- My divisional Mexican cook. <--- The Pot Dealer. <--- Former drummer of W.A.S.P metal band and Ozzy Osbourne. Got one Lance Spears and Hilary Clinton, but then i wasn't capturing yet.
  18. Those are some random Officers I got... <--- Repeated Stupid Names <--- Taken from Legendary Turncoats DLC. Feel free to post your screenshots.
  19. My owns (Vanilla Colonel Difficulty) Want to note this: 5k kills each! (Northwesternmost Fort batteries)
  20. By the (green) uniform of William Hazard he's supposed to be in a Elite unit. Col. Hiram Berdan Sharpshooters. It should be a Lt (blue shoulder straps?). Is this portrayal of the unit accurate? Edit: Ok, I just found by myself... they are the 1st US Sharpshooters. As i have seen on films before, the XVIII century british red coats did consider that sniping officers was out place, because that left soldiers without men to guide them. - When did Officer and NCO sniping start? with Napoleon? At the War of Independence? - Can we say sharpshooting and sniping were equival
  21. At last... But i'm replaying this and letting them get the Flag. I rather go for a longer battle. More Corps involved, more XP gain (8-9 promotions instead of 1).
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