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  1. pretty amazing and daring tactic you showed here. This battle is one of the hardest i think, but with this tactic it might work and keep your own casualties down and inflict heavy casualties on the enemy. Impressive work man!
  2. That Ambush convoy mission was perfectly executed man. Congrats! You have shown with Potomac for and Ambush Convoy missions that a very aggressive approach does indeed work when executed well. Keep em coming
  3. i went for full politics and a bit of mixture of medicine, AO and all. But Politics is the most important, you need to get that at 10 asap. I am still at the outskirts of Washington, looking for a motivation to start and hopefully finish the campaign as CSA on legendary. Good luck @LAVA
  4. congrats mate, a great victory there! My army size and yours is almost the same, it gives me a bit of motivation to start Washington. I have been absent from the game a while now. Congrats again! You going for a Union campaign now?
  5. I thought i was the only Turk on the forum Not many Turks know about the Civil War.
  6. Even if i beat those 2 battles, i could muster my forces to around 80.000 but that would be it. I would rather face the Union at Washington with 78K than to fight those two bloody battles.
  7. Oke. no matter what i try i just can't seem to get my losses under 20.000 at Hall's Ferry. I wonder what happens if i skip the two battles and rush into Washington, i mean even if i kill the entire Union army at both battles i still face 100K at Washington and then around 200K at the defence of Washington. I can field around 78.000 men now if i skip the battles and march into Washington.
  8. i think my army could and should be around 80.000 ( a part of course equipped with farmers ). I could be able to win Washington, i have to. Came a long way, and i don't think i will be able to start another campaign. No way. I have to win.
  9. You sure about the 12pdr Howitzer and 20pdr Parrott? I use both these two types and the 24pdr Howitzer + 10pdr Parrott as my main armament. I find the Parrotts excellent for disabling enemy artillery while the 12pdr and 24pdr howitzers close support. Lucky for me i have a full brigade equipped with Fayetteville and Richmond
  10. Not that bad, 60-65K. I have an army of 62.000 and a reserve pool of 16K which i can use. I get 17600 recruits if i win Hall's Ferry. I could use cash and manpower to bolster my numbers up to 70.000 and use the rest to replenish my army after Hall's Ferry.
  11. I did it! day one victory Legendary mode!
  12. I think i took the objective too late since i had to hold it until the contested time ran out, but the normal battle timer already had stopped so i had to hold it longer than i should have.
  13. I tied two times to go for a day 1 victory, both times i held the objective for the whole duration of the battle but the timer did not stop at 0:00. It went on and on for 1 hour because i need to hold it longer than the actual time of the mission??? I held out for another 30 minutes before i was overwhelmed by superior numbers. I don't think day one is winnable on Legendary,
  14. I think you are right, it is too hard on Legendary to fight this battle and win. I get like 14.000 recruits in reward, i do have another 12.000 reserves. Cash will be an issue since my army will be battered, 3/4 units totally destroyed and not to mention the beating my artillery gets. I tried for a day one victory but failed, think i got delayed too much overpowering the first line of trenches. Will go for another try, 7 best brigades and 1 arty of 24 pounders. I will happily lose 10.000 men so i can field 15.000 more men after Cold Harbor. Although a loss of 7000 men would be ideal for a d
  15. I get confused sometimes what map is the right, and what map is the left. I don't have that much of an issue holding the centre and most right flank when the big map opens. I use main army to hold the centre objectives where the main attack is. I usually put my best artillery there. The thing is i don't have enough men it seems to cover Old Church and Left flank. I got overwhelmed at one point at the Church Road objective, had to hold the line with only 2 brigades, 1 artillery battery and skirmishers. I don't know if it is worth to fight the full day here since i surely will lose 20.000+ me
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