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  1. Hi, again thanks for putting a lot of effort and making this mod. I just installed and would like to provide some updates too : 1- the FOG . I really liked the idea of more smoke coming out of your guns and realistically it's probably true. In civil war or Napoleonic wars that might be true but I am just a human player trying to run my divisions from a pc screen! Long story short in the first game I could not see anything in the battle and I kinda did not like the fog instead of dissipating over time growing more exponentially . Please see my first screenshot. 2- I am using my computer an a TV with a resolution of 3841x1260. I don't know if this is it but the texture became almost 8 bit with fog, Like a game from 90's. I admire nostalgic game and 90's but honestly I was not expecting it. Hope you can have a look and I can continue playing this amazing game and mod! Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi , I can't remember how many times I finished this game but your mod actually made me download the game again and gave it shot! Everything looks in line with what I have been looking for before, thanks a lot will definitely try and give feedback!
  3. Hi. do you know what game is working the developer on? It is such a good game that I would like to follow his works.
  4. Hi Pandakraut. I am persistently following your CSA campaign on youtube . I'd say I am impressed by your smaller brigade sizes and tactics you use them. I could not replicate your impressive results yet but I am on it! Just written to support your cause. Thanks and go for it.
  5. Hello all, I'd like to share a moment with you while I was playing as Union at the Battle of Fredericksburg. I was on BG difficulty level and I was thinking of moving all my forces to the other side of the river to preserve them after a shameful defeat. I've played at second time and after each pull back one lonely Confederate artillery brigade always follows me to the other side and puts the fire on me. I thought it was a bug, after all Confederate was historically defending but after second time I investigated more. I'm not a civil war history expert but I watched animated map only to see that there is a single battery of Major John Belham against an entire Union corps to defend on the left flank opening fire from the woods to Union side. (https://youtu.be/YJOPPaPCwXo) Although the name is different in my game (in mine it is Brockenbrough) I think AI is trying to follow history ! Now folks, I am Turkish but I am really moved with that.. My heads up to this courageous Southern officer and his men , and the to the makers who programmed this in to this game!
  6. Thank you for this wonderful game. I've uninstalled and re-installed several times to play it back ! I have some ideas for you to consider: - Just like we're adding troops to a brigade, can we please reduce it also? That will help for me to have a unit at the exact size of my expensive rifles... - It's great to have so much customization of a unit, can we have special customization on uniforms? Like black hats for "Iron Brigade"? Or a bunch of different clothes southern rookies ? -Can we add a bunch full of men for "General's Bodyguards" unit? 50 strong at most. -Can we have specialists traits for Division's Generals as well? -Can we decorate our Brigades's a medal for special behaviours during battle? Like "Bravery Merit" for standing 10 flanking shots with 2 enemy brigades , "Assault's Badge" for frontal assault to artillery brigade, or "Assasins Medal" for sniping down an entire brigade on the back? Thank you!
  7. Thank you for all the effort you put in those videos and in discussions Lava. Really appreciated , I've lost in my Legendary campaign with Union and now I have lots to try on my hand.
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