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Found 7 results

  1. Anyway to implement some kind of reputation? Perhaps a different kind of rank structure for completing different actions. Maybe a limited time rank where you keep performing certain actions to keep the rank or permanent. Or a point based system, more points for sinking ships, lose points for being sunk. Gain points for assists, lose points for your nation sinking in your battle, etc? Even a voting system, where titles are assigned for a week? This could be displayed like the clan leaderboard or something. Ofc would be best for clans to be awarded the titles and not for individual players to prevent any abuse :). any thoughts, or I am alone in my thinking? Mcbaity. could you move this to suggestions @admin
  2. this is just a humble list I have gathered over some months of mostly the active clans and my experience of them along with what has been witnessed. also should any questions of BAITY be raised here is where you can talk freely. trusted - will generally do something if they say they will, i.e. not betray you should they say they will help gankers - this is NOT a list of clans who have ganked, but rather of those who CHOOSE to gank when there is another choice. non-gankers - those who have chosen on several occasions to not gank AND who sail around in fleets of fair size, i.e not disproportionate (10 1sts to go fight 3 etc) kiters - those who will not actually choose to fight a battle, but rather who choose to sail upwind waiting hours for the newbs to make a mistake, OR who run away for the majority of a battle, never committing to fight. will be edited with good enough evidence sent to - https://discord.gg/DkSd5fc TRUSTED LIBRA, ALOHA, PGP, HANSA, BCC, CSA, FLEKI, HYDRA, LSC, CRED, SNOW, TAYLER, RUS, CABRAL, DRAKE, HAVOK GANKERS BF, TALER, SH, BASTD, SLRN, WO, VLTRA, CBC, DNP, RUS, CABRAL, FELIX, WTF, BAIT, ARM, 7UP, SOL, SNOW NON-GANKERS NPG, BETEP, ALOHA, VINO, PDP, BCC, ALU, VCO, TSA, CSA, DRAKE, REDS, NN, RUBLI, DREAD, LIONS, VWIC, FLEKI, RED, NPG, SNOW KITERS VLTRA, SH, WTF, ARM, 7UP, KINGS, HRE, RUS, HAVOK, BETEP, BASTD, LIONS, HRE P.S what happens in the defense of newbs in the capital zone is not included. I doubt anyone cares what I think anyway. All is based on facts and evidence, terms and conditions apply, not sold separately, always read the label
  3. Rewards: 1 Officer representing your character as 1st Corps Commander (his Rank depends upon difficulty). The Officers Rank at the Barracks varies (you can reload your last battle savegame, before camp, to reset Barracks until you get 2 Bde. Generals). Potomac Fort * CSA * · The Civil War Campaign Medal · Career Points +1 $33000 Men 2100 Reputation +15 Units: - Sigfried Inf. Bde. (Springfield M1842) - Kemper Inf. Bde. (Springfield M1842) - Cabell Arty. Bde. (6Pdr Field) Government: - 2000 Springfield M1842 (4) - 2000 M1841 Mississippi (4) - Brig. Gen. James Archer (4) Newport News * CSA * · Career Points +1 $41300 Men 2900 Reputation +4 1st Bull Run * CSA * . The War Service Medal · Brig. Gen. Thomas Jackson · Army Organization Corps +1 · Career Points +2 $154700 Men 10400 Reputation +10 Government: - 2000 Men (18) - 2000 Lorenz (9) - 8 12Pdr Napoleon (9) - 2000 MJ&G Type II (7) - Brig. Gen. Richard Ewell (4) - Brig. Gen. Jubal Early (4) - Brig. Gen. Jeb Stuart (4) Ambush Convoy * CSA * · Career Points +1 $61900 Men 3700 Reputation +10 Siloh * CSA * · Maj. Gen. Albert Johnston · Forrest Cav. Bde. 300 Men <=== NEW UNIT (Goes to the First Open Slot Available) · Army Organization Corps +1 · Career Points +2 $154700 Men 13500 Reputation +10 Government: - $75000 (18) - 3500 Men (18) - 2500 Pattern 1853 Enfield (11) - 750 Fayetteville (8) - 250 Withworth (TS) (6) - 8 10Pdr Parrot (6) - Maj. Gen. Danel Hill (6) - Maj. Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard (6) - Brig. Gen. Joseph Kershaw (4) (Will Update) Chickamauga * CSA * · Career Points +2 $234400 Men 14100 Reputation: - 70000 $ (25) - 4000 Men (25) Mansfield * CSA * · The Roll of Honor Medal · Career Points +1 $156300 Men 11000 Reputation +8 Saunders Farm * CSA * · Career Points +1 $156300 Men 15700 Reputation +8 Laurel Hill * CSA * · Career Points +1 $156300 Men 15700 Reputation +8 Cold Harbor * CSA * · Career Points +2 $187500 Men 18800 Reputation +25 Government: - $140000 (35) - 8000 Men (35) - 4000 CS Richmond (20) - 12 24Pdr Howitzer (10) - 12 20Pdr Parrott (10) - 600 1862 C.S. Richmond (8) - 600 LeMat (8) Hall's Ferry Road * CSA * · The Southern Cross of Honor · Career Points +1 $250000 Men 26600 Reputation +5 Hardin Pike * CSA * · Career Points +1 $250000 Men 26600 Reputation +5 Washington * CSA * · Career Points 0 $0 Men 0 Reputation +35 Campaign End (Will Update...)
  4. After some discussions the last days, about becoming a pirate with no way back, I think it might get time to think about some kind of reputation system. Just imagine, you are tired after 8h sailing. You want to hit the bed - right after the next battle - u click and DANG! Now u are a pirate, by just clicking the wrong button. Yeah, I know .... you have to confirm your attack on a friendly vessel, but you know .... there are some people out there, who might ..... and so on, and there are others who will abuse such a system, by using .... and so forth .... whatever. Lets stop the discussion right here and find a reputation system, wich is easy to build in and wich cannot be abused that easy. My proposal is simply based on the damage u deal. For every point of damage (or maybe every hit - depends wich is easier to implement) you deal you will get a specific amount of reputation. Maybe we can think about a cap for reputation points too, that might be finetuning, but lets give it a try. So here is my proposal in detail: 1. Preparations: Within all nations you will be able to build up reputation. Pirates are not considered being a nation. The reputation you can have with one nation, is between 0 and 2.000.000. You need at least 100.000 faction points with a nation, to sail under its flag. You will always sail under the flag of the nation, you have the most reputation with. If you have two or more nations with the same amount of reputation points, you will sail under the flag of the nation, you reached the points first. If you drop below 100.000 reputation points on all nations you will become a pirate. 2. Character Creation: If you start as a pirate you will have 0 reputation with all nations. If you start alongside with a nation you will have 1.000.000 reputation points with this nation and 0 with all other nations. 3. How to gather Reputation You will get positive reputation only for hitting NPCs. You will get negative reputation for hitting NPCs and Players. You hit a nation vessel: -100 / hit for the nation being hit ;; +1 / hit for every other nation You hit a pirate vessel: +5 / hit for every nation Such a system will make the world more dynamic and the players more flexible, specially if we are looking forward the population issues this game will get. It will give the player to choose sides, even later in the game, if he is willing to go on a massive grind. Also the player is able to revert (stupid) decissions he made at some point. Will this system be abuseable? Maybe, but you will have to grind alot, if you have killed another player of your nation. Enough proposal stuff for now. Everyone have a nice XMAS! Cheers Brog
  5. As a player merchant, in support of my nation, I may wish to have preferential pricing for player groups. There are a few scenarios that could work that tie into other game mechanics suggested. But high level, I may decide that for French captains, because I fight for France, get 15% off due to their loyalty or status rating for France (as example). The British Captain / Merchant pays full list prices. Or... I may choose to disallow sale to non French nations. My goods, they are for France. Or, I'm allied to Brits and we give then some discount but not as much as our nationals. Based on discussions, Standings / Reputation / Loyalty to nation have suggested. The pricing model options would tie into that. Why? I'm patriotic, and economy is another form of PVP. If my opponent pays more, and we pay less... Victory.
  6. It would be interesting if players could garner a reputation for themselves in-game based on their every-day actions that would also be visible to other players and even affect how someone is identified. For example, a captain who has won many great victories for their country will be well known, and thus will be easily identifiable by their peers. The captain just starting off will have no such luxury. Or perhaps someone is known to be a bit heavy handed during actions, being quite merciless to his enemies (and perhaps even allies) while in combat (and still within the realm of naval law.) Identifiers for both of these would serve two main purposes: 1, A bit of bragging rights. 2, Allows for players to see who's who in game, allowing for new players to identify the more veteran players. For this, i have devised 2 factors: Notoriety: This is reputation gained for meritorious actions in the name of King (or Queen) and country, gentlemanly conduct when dealing with allies and enemies alike, and other actions that garner positive fame. Perhaps you were civilized when conducting affairs with a more hostile opponent. Perhaps you went headlong into surmounting odds for the glory of the navy! Anything that would herald you as a hero. The higher the notoriety, the more well known you come do by your peers (players of your nation) and perhaps, if high enough, even other nations. (become easier to spot and identify by friendly players) Infamy: This dark reputation is gained when acting out of mercilessness, but still within the bounds of legality. You carry a dark label when viewed by friends and enemies alike. Perhaps you have never given quarter to an honorable enemy. Perhaps you left a fellow captain to sink while chasing your own greedy ambitions. Perhaps you showed little respect for fellow captains. players are warned of this and encouraged to stay clear. This is a small attempt at a sort of "moral" system found in other games (The Fable series is the first to come to mind). What is important is that this system should NOT be player run, to avoid abuse and trolling. Both of these could be gained from specific actions in the open world or via missions. Notoriety would be a two-piece factor: one domestic and one foreign. Whatever faction you decide, reputation will be both gained faster/easier, as well as lost easier. Certain reputation gaining events can be exclusive to domestic reputation, as well as vice versa, as well as having universal reputation gaining/losing actions and events. The last aspect relates mostly to the concept of Piracy, but could find implementation within the navies. "Heat" or Wanted Level: I used to play an X-box game called Need for Speed: Most wanted (2005 version). In it, you played a street racer who often had to run from authorities (not unlike pirates). The system was interesting in that the difficulty of evading the police rose depending how active you were in game: The more the police chased you (and where unable to catch you), the more a priority you became. The level of priority that the police considered you was called "heat". At the lowest, the police would dispatch simple, local police to chase you. The more of a nuisance you became, the more resources they committed to catching you, from spike strips, faster police cars, to even helicopters. --> --> This could be implemented similarly for pirates (and even Naval Captains of opposing Nations). A Higher wanted level will make a pirate be easier to spot and identify. The more active a pirate is, the harder it will be for them to lay low. Now the game also allowed to remove "heat" in a variety of ways. The easiest was to switch out to a different car. This way the authorities would still be on the lookout for the previous car which had more heat on it. you would effectively be starting over in a new car, "heat" wise. The longer the 1st car is inactivate, the more "heat" is lost. The second way to lose heat was to alter the appearance of the car: Paint jobs, additional details such as rims and spoilers would slightly reduce "heat" (multiple changes added up). Completely change the appearance of a car and you lose almost all heat, because teh authorities would still be looking for the old description of the vehicle. So lets look at a possible scenario: A very active pirate is heavily wanted by national authorities (high "heat") So he swaps out his old ship for a new one, or re-paints/ modifies his current one, thus reducing his wanted level (until they start pirating again). He is still somewhat wanted though, so he decides to change his area of operations. He moves from (for example) The Virgin Islands to the Bahamas. His wanted level will initially drop, but both areas being English, should he be identified again, his wanted level would spike back up. Now instead of the Bahamas, he goes to western Cuba Area. His wanted level goes down A: because he has traveled a longer distance, and B: The area is Spanish, and they know less of his piratical exploits. Should he begin to make trouble there, his wanted level will rise for the Cuba area, while it slowly drops in the Virgin Islands area. Notoriety and Infamy could also heavily affect at which "heat" accumulates as well. Speeding it up or slowing it down.
  7. I try to suggest a fully abstract system to rule players activities in risk/reward fashion without concerning myself with travel, combat or any other factor including playing time spent by players. It is merely an exercise for the Developers and Community to think if it is doable and before that, if it makes sense. I for one would dislike if the Open World production version would be sub-par. Thank you in advance for reading. All discussion is welcome. Part 1. Of Trade profit and Prize money As I see it, and taking inspiration from many of the diaries and logs, these two were the obvious ways to get rich. Merchants were usually paid better for their assignments. Navy was on low payroll but with possible bonuses on captured prizes. These two are accounted in game by the Wealth ( or similar ) indicator. As the banking system was not what we have today, with on-the-fly sums exchanging hands, the Captain shall be presented with two levels of Wealth management. One is the treasury sum, the one he keeps at Home Port bank. The other one the ship coffers, so he can use it for trade in far away ports or for supplies while out at sea. Prize money can only be claimed by the Navy commissioned captains. Company trade can only be run by freelance captains. All captains can use Wealth for supplies but Navy captains are not allowed to conduct trade under penalty of Reputation ( see Part 2. ) unless the Admiralty missions state it specifically. This way wealth is a equal measure for all chosen paths, and allied with the need of Reputation guarantees the healthy spread of wealth and provides the same opportunity to all players. Only defining factor is the performance of the player. Important! - Payments should only be done at the Ports, be it by delivery of cargo or delivery of prizes. Part 2. Of a captain’s credibility and Reputation A captain career is filled with the successes and failures and everything in between. This is measurable and for a game it is perfectly moldable into a abstract system simulating a real life counterpart sequence of events. Any assignment that a captain takes should have a base Reputation for success. Anything beyond the scope of that, sideline activities should count towards the Reputation as well as failures are accounted as well and decrease the standing. This translates into a positive/negative Reputation span. Good conduct or Bad conduct are the very basic, assignments being the normal ways to gain or lose points and all the extras that each captain sees fit to do can also participate into the Reputation level. Reputation is universal. A captain will have its name recognized by all nations, for good or for bad. Reputation cannot be bought nor spent, but can be gained or lost. As a balancing factor the loss of Reputation should be increased in relation to the winning of it but winning Reputation through major feats should outdo any possible top scenario losses. Reputation can be used as “coin” to “buy” special commissions in the Navy. The player spends Reputation by “buying” into these commissions and gain access to specific ships but he will be locked for a certain time to that Navy ship doing whatever the Admiralty of that Nation requires. The higher rate of commission the longer the time of service. In such case the gains or losses of Reputation also apply. So a fall from grace is totally possible as much as a heroic feat of seamanship or become a national hero with a resounding victory somewhere. Captains that do not wish to pursue a Navy career can also use the Reputation level to “buy” entry into prestigious trading companies with more interesting deals such as preferential ship for specific cargo, meaning the player will always get the opportunity to transport highly valuable cargo or passengers before the low reputation captains. If these are forfeit, then the missions roll down the Reputation ladder. As you can reason the Reputation system will limit the possibility of freelancing in and out of Navy service while giving every captain the same opportunities for wealth. Reputation gains are immediate, contrary to wealth mechanics. Part 3. Of War and Peace, Trading in general Nations and its Captains are the moving force of the game. Nation is the Navy and the Companies that run the trade. A Navy is always national and can work with allied Nations navies. A Company can be federated and work with several associated in different nations. War should not be eternal. The ruling of nations should be entirely Developers side / AI in whatever form they think better. Cycles can be tested or event triggers, whatever you can conjure, but War should not be a eternal event. War can be continuous. This means that a war between two or more nations can come to an end and one of these nations then decide it is proper to engage into another war with another nation. Peace between nations should exist, to promote increase on trade amount and open opportunity for Navy captains to change careers. Universal Peace should also be considered and used as a “non-wipe” and to completely clean the Navy rosters by decommission of all Captains. Appendix A. - Practical Scenarios of Wealth and Reputation system in War and in Peace ( note: the time scale and teleports are irrelevant and also the order of accessible ships is taken from Sea trials examples ). Captain Melsom starts his career in a merchant ship, a Cutter. He does trade between Cornwall and Northern Ireland for a week. The inner sea is quite safe so the risk factor is not that big. During this time he amasses sufficient Wealth and he contemplates the possibility of scuttling his Cutter. Also, given his performance he gains Reputation as a reliable merchant navy captain. It is still not enough for a Navy commission so he decides to hang on with the Cutter a little longer. On the nation across the water Captain Villevieux is doing the same. Started with his Cutter running trade between Brest and Lisbon. His trade routes are more profitable and he makes a hefty sum after a week. His Reputation is comparable to another captain, some Melsom fellow. After all his trade routes might yield more wealth but he is expected to carry his mission correctly, so a Reputation gain is similar at its basic. Villevieux spends his entire Wealth on a Brig. More cargo space means more access to missions and he takes a route to Hamburg. In the way he gets intercepted by a dutch privateer NPC. He decides to fight it out instead of giving up the cargo and possibly the ship ( would be back to Cutter due to no wealth left ). After a brief battle the privateer decides to leave the battle ( note: Devs, no fights to the death by the AI please ) and the good captain receives the bonus Reputation for having won the battle and saved his cargo ( and ship ). In Hamburg he cashes in the Wealth from the cargo mission and takes another cargo mission back to Brest which goes uneventful. In the meanwhile War breaks out between these two Captains nations. Captain Villevieux exchanges his Reputation for a commission. He is given command of a NavyBrig, a equivalent ship to his own. Captain Melsom carries with his trade mission until he has amassed enough Reputation for Navy duty. The major changes he feels is that all the missions available to destination ports in the enemy nations cease to be available to him, while they still are open to non belligerent nations traders.
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