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Found 11 results

  1. *Disclaimer: I know you don't use cavalry in this game like you do in Total War Games but I still have yet to figure out the best way to use them. I know there are basically two kinds of cavalry, Melee horse bros and mobile skirmisher type horse bros. However I can never seem to use them correctly. In this battle I had my cavalry equipped with carbines. Can you guys give me some feedback on how you use cavalry effectively? How not use cavalry AKA My attempt at the Union Battle River Crossing
  2. Hi everyone! Since everyone here has presumably some interest in the Late Unpleasantness, I thought it might be fun to try and make a thread for fun, interesting, or thought provoking questions about the Civil War! So I'm thinking this thread could be that! If you've got a question about the war or its aftermath, post away! If you've got an answer to a question, give a post! All I ask is that any responses are respectful in two ways. 1) Respectful of the person who posted the answer and/or question. 2) Respectful of academia. This one is a bit tricky, but basically I think any answer posted here should strictly rely on primary sources and reliable, peer-reviewed academic secondary sources. Basically, if you're quoting pseudo-intellectuals like Thomas D. Lorenzo, or outright anti-intellectual works such as "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War" then you're in the wrong thread, Buster ! Think carefully about where you are getting your info! If this thread is a hit, then let's keep it smart! So, fire away! How did Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation really affect slavery? What was the difference between "anti-slavery" and "abolition?" When did the Civil War truly end? What kinds of rifles did men use in the war? Which battle was really the most important and why? Can we interpret Grand Strategy in the Civil War from the lens of Clausewitz? Was the Civil War a Modern War? Was it a Total War?Why did the "preservation of the Union" matter so much to Americans? What were the Confederates fighting for? Was Chamberlain's moustache really that sexy!? (it was) Was the Civil War really caused by the institution of slavery? (it was) So, if anyone is interested, pop a question!
  3. Phillipi - Victory Used previously effective tactics; I pushed Zook and company slightly NorthWest and then took a right turn in slightly East-NE direction heading toward the buildings on the outskirts of the village. A CSA brigade engaged and then charged Zook. I had Zook withdraw to avoid melee, and was able to enfilade fire on the CSA brigade with a skirmisher unit. Reinforcements come in during this initial engagement. By now Zook as withdrawn in a westerly direction to the Northern woods; I have a skirmisher unit continue to harass the CSA brigade from the flank and rear. This time the CSA commander decides to defend the village with two brigades. I quick march two of my reinforcements to begin an attack on the village. One artillery battery is deployed to fire on the CSA brigade harassing Zook; additionally one of the reinforcing brigades is sent to assist Zook. The remaining Union brigade is sent toward the wooded section west of the North Bridge. The CSA brigade in the woods begins to waver and withdraw.. unfortunately due North, which means I will need to watch the woods. I send the artillery battery to assist with the assault on the village; that attack is being conducted by two 2 star Union brigades, 1 skirmisher unit, and the other Union artillery battery. The CSA brigade continues to waver and withdraw in the woods; I pull the unit in the woods in the best condition and send it to help attack the North Bridge. By now I have managed to force the CSA units defending the village to withdraw. As soon as both CSA units are wavering, I send one of my arty to fire on the North bridge. The CSA unit in the woods has disappeared from sight; I pull my brigade from the woods and send it to help attack the North bridge. The CSA unit is out of the battle until after I have taken the VP, it tried a rear attack on one arty unit, but I was able deploy a skirmisher unit. One round of canister changed the CSA brigade's mind on further attacks. Defense of Philippi is standard micromanage your batteries and avoid melee; I also try to minimize losses to those units which will start in army after this battle. End game view is below: After action report:
  4. The advice on these boards is outstanding; I have employed most of the game tips given here to move forward with the Union MG campaign. Phillipi - I used what seems to be the standard strategy of forcing the northern most bridge and securing the objective in Phase I; the only deviation (in that I have not found anyone writing about it) is that instead of taking Zook and the two skirmisher units through the wooded areas, I quick marched them north to the Union reinforcement entry point and then a sharp right turn toward the open area slightly north west of the village. This allowed me to engage the CSA brigades, etc. in the open. It had the added advantage in that it drew the CSA units out of the village area about the time the Phase I Union reinforcements arrive for support. The CSA never hold the small village; the rest of Phase I is to simply rout the CSA defenders at the North bridge and then rush across. Phase II - normal tactics.. just hold Phillipi
  5. Hi guys (and girls?!), my name is Hjalfnar and I am from Germany. I recently started my first campaign with UG:CV, got positively suprised by update 0.9 and now started anew. xD Hope you guys enjoy the videos I'll be posting here and would like to get some feedback on what I am doing. As I am completely new to the game any criticism is welcome, the same goes for the video and comment quality. I am playing on normal difficulty. BATTLE OF PHILLIPI (tutorial mission) DISTRESS CALL (secondary mission 1) FIRST BATTLE OF BULL RUN (grand battle 1) RIVER CROSSING (secondary mission 2) CROSSROADS (secondary mission 3) BATTLE OF SHILOH - DAY ONE (grand battle 2 part 1) BATTLE OF SHILOH - DAY TWO (grand battle 2 part 2) SECURE RIVER (secondary mission 4) RENDEZVOUS (secondary mission 5) BATTLE OF SEVEN PINES (secondary mission 6) BATTLE OF GAINES' MILL (grand battle 3) BATTLE OF MALVERN HILL (grand battle 4) KETTLE RUN (secondary mission 7)
  6. This is actually a really easy battle after you've learned how to exploit it. There are several bugs that seem to happen as a result of the phase changes. And Stuart's calvary gets trapped in the corner and destroyed way too easily. But the real reason I made this thread is because I wanted to share this screenshot with the only people who will appreciate it.
  7. So I've noticed that in discussions about the game, most people seem to discuss playing as the Confederacy. As a Union re-enactor and as someone who plays as Union forces about 95% of the time, I find myself reminded of Civil War re-enacting where the Confederates usually outnumber us Fake Federals, sometimes by a margin of 2:1. So I'm curious, are there more Confederate players here, or am so used to being outnumbered by Confederates that I just see it everywhere I go? ;P So the question is, who do you usually play as? Union, or Confederate? This doesn't mean all the time (we all go the dark side sometimes ), but I mean usually (I know this is rather vague, think more then 60% of the time, or just which side you feel more familiar using). For bonus points, it might be fun to state why we fight for a certain side in the comments! (let's not get political though, there's already a seven page thread debating the issues around the war, no harm in keeping this thread light ) Thanks for participating!
  8. After losing 1st Bull Run as the Union (as it is supposed to happen, at least historically) I won at River Crossing and instead of going to see after my boys in the camp I was greeted with dismissal. Is this WAD? Also, generally, the game seems to be pretty hard, doesn't it? (yes, I read the guide for new players, and yes I am an UG:G veteran)
  9. Does anybody feel like the third day scenarios are slanted towards the Confederacy? Even when playing against "Risky" AI and absolutely crushing the confederates in the first 2 days in terms of casualties (like ~24,000 to ~12,000 in my favor) I still struggle to repel the rebels on the third day. The defensive line along the stone wall doesn't seem to do much considering how monstrous the confederate artillery is. I have tried staying put and hunkering down as well as counter attacking but the sheer number of rebel guns can shred entire corps. I would have thought that after out fighting the rebels by the third day they would be in worse shape than in the real battle but Pickett's charge is often successful which seems like an issue. It also seems like the game places union guns in horrible positions, either way out in front of the line or way behind the ridge forcing you to reposition them. Meanwhile the confederate canons which are lined up perfectly along the ridge, can fire 4 volleys before my guns are even set up. Am I just really bad or is there something to this? I feel like this should be easier, anybody have any tips for a total noob?
  10. I'm playing UG:Gettysburg on iOS, and I'm currently stuck on the union cavalry raid. To give some context, you lead a small force of cavalry and skirmishes, and must kill 1,500 enemy troops in a fairly small amount of time, whilst having no information on the whereabouts of the said troops. Roughly an eighth of the way through, you are given roughly 200 more cavalry to aid you. Roughly three quarters of the way through the level, you are further reinforced by about 800-1000 cavalry, and 200 artillery with which you are expected to complete the assigned task. I have tried it on easy, and it hasn't much improved the situation, simply due to the ludicrously short amount of time you are permitted to use to achieve your objective. Routed units that flee the field do not count towards the objective. I have tried multiple tactics, which I shall proceed to list; 1) I have surrounded a fairly large unit, numbering 1514 men, and have attempted to completely destroy it, however Ewell's second corps always arrives to early for this to work, as it forces me to break the encircelment, at which point my troops often become scattered. 2) I have attempted to harass multiple smaller units simultaneously, however none of my positions end up having enough men to destroy them by the time that the 2nd corps arrives, meaning my men either become surrounded and subsequently routed, or scattered beyond combat effectiveness. 3) I have attempted to focus my efforts onto single smaller units one by one, however the confederate reinforcements arrive too soon to allow enough time for this to work, and my troops then become scattered. 4) I have tried luring individual units into isolated positions, however they rarely take the baits and even when they do, they have too many troops for my advantage to count, and the trap is broken, leading to either my troops routing en masse, or my troops becoming scattered beyond combat effectiveness. 5) I have attempted waiting for my reinforcements to arrive before advancing in an attempt to create one strong fist, however this takes too long, or I end up having my troops scattered anyway. None of the above strategies have worked, and I have come to the conclusion that the iOS port of the UG:Gettysburg cavalry raid level is simply too difficult when playing as the union. Below I have compiled a set of suggestions to make the level able to beat without simply ludicrous amounts of hours worth of time investment and/or simply using a stupid amount of attempts to do so. 1) Make the time allowance for true mission longer; this would mean that strategies such as the fifth one I have listed would be made feasible, and allow a player to act without the kind of rash mindset that the small time limit encourages. 2) Reduce the size of the confederate forces; this would reduce the likelihood of an encirclement being broken when the player was on the verge of winning, and would also reduce the likelihood of the players troops becoming scattered beyond their effectiveness. 3) Remove the arrival of the confederate 2nd corps; this would mean that if a player had encircled a fairly strong division, then the troops would not be broken out of the trap during a crucial phase of the fighting, as was often the case during my several attempts at beating the level. 4) Have all the union forces deployed at the start of the level; if all the union's forces were deployed at the start of the battle, it would mean that the late game would not be such an urgent rush to reach the front line and rescue the often desperate situation that would be unfolding more often than not. If anyone has a solution to the listed problems, I would love to hear it.
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