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  1. and nerf that damn snow turn rate. this 5.4 turn rate is hideous.
  2. I happened to have a duel a few days ago in an essex against an endymion. A fair match up one would say. Well...that was before. Patch30 gave a lot of love to some ship while some other fell into disarray. please give a lot of love to ship in red, a little love to elements in blue and a little hate to elements in yellow. Surprise is fine as it is, Queen of shallows. frigate and p.frigate are in a bad spot because although they are ideal competitors to heavy shallow ship, they will not cross them, instead they face heavy 5th rate in the best case which can withstand up to 5 broadside while those poor 2 can barely withstand 2. Thus it results in ship which are never seen in OW. As for the essex, while being on the heavy 5th rate side broadside wise, and used to be competing with them previously, it is rendered useless due to lack of love. Please give it love. (hp especially and turn or speed) Pavel is pretty much in the same spot as essex, except for, it has been looking for love a long time. it is the slowest, the lightest broadside giver and the least tanky of all 2nd rates. Not to mention the high profile in water causing leaks to be a major issue. At the same time, christian the newcomer is now king of 2nd rates. I did not look into 6th rate much but could do, if developers are open to rebalance of ships and class. Then I would make suggestion very detailed for each class. Note the current class system is biased and utility of ships limited. either all ships of one class are meant to compete with one another or some ship could be king of specific area like it has been done in shallows for surprise. but that second point would mean more ocean depth into the OW. like shallows ,intermediate shallows, intermediate deep water, deep water. good day to you.
  3. oh, our surprise is a 6th rate. I thought it was the surprise built later and classified as 5th rate. https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=6635
  4. three decks says, 1072 surp and 1277 endymion
  5. turnrate is affected by ship length and speed. 3.0 turn rate of a ship 40m long and another 33m long does not mean they will turn effectively on the same distance. The Mass may also affect the effective turn of a ship. turn rate is actually only a multiplier, dont look at it as a definitive value.
  6. assist should not give 1 kill in mission. the percentage of damage done to a ship should be what's counted in the pvp mission. you do 20% dmg, you get 0.2 kill. Capturing ship should be counted as a kill in mission and clan leaderboard.
  7. RKY


    what's the point if you get no rewards for it...
  8. RKY


    the different leaderboards are a nice addition to the game, although the mechanic behind it is flowed since it is based on rewards or unique dimension. 3 of those are tied to the new Ui while one is tied to the map. (note, tools in map should really be changed and integrated in new UI at some point) right now leaderboards are the followings: PVP leaderboard Clan leaderboard Nation leaderboard VM leaderboard I personally think new KPIs and and ways to define the score are in order. Dimensions should remain though. On a side note, currently captured ship are not included in PVP performance may it be in PVP leaderboard or clan. It should be counted as a kill. Having no reward is different from not having a kill. Here are some ideas: PVP leaderboard First, it currently only shows the doublon reward over the current day. Reward and kill value should be different. the reward should stay a reward and known only by the recipient of the reward. on the other hand, we could have a ranking system sorted in the following order BR value, Number of kills, KD ratio, kills per battle similar to what is present on weekly event. although this dimension should have a period of choice: today, last 7 days, last month. Clan leaderboard must be split in 3 dimensions: RVR, OW, ECONOMY RVR period: last 7days, last 30 days RVR KPIs: number of ports conquered (owned), owned port lost, number of port battle (owned port), win ratio, number of players involved in pb (all pb), kills in pb (all pb), K/D in pb (all) OW period: today, last 7days, last 30 days OW KPIs: pvp kills ,k/d ,BR killed ,pve kills, active players ECONOMY period: today, last 7days, last 30 days ECONOMY : income total, costs (timer + port maintenance), ports point, number of ports owned, number of defense investment, number of eco investment, number of shipyard upg investment I'll do the others later...maybe...but you get the rough idea. it be nice to have personal stats as well based by ships pr overall. thanks
  9. that is not the place to discuss. Now provide pictures or go home.
  10. bf trying to steal koto's fine rum trader lol that brings back memories:
  11. RKY


    Are boarding scripts allowed? by script i mean a piece of code executed on client side auto selecting action? I have seen a few of this in the few days I have been playing. like instant picking the right action based on my action (like 0.01ms)
  12. I think limit to 4th rate + a lower br for the attacker be nice (like 1/5 less BR) would be nice
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