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  1. No circle of death in OW plz. CIrcle of death is an ineffective feature. every single fights ends up being close to the circle edge => not working.
  2. RKY

    Combat feedback

    1. 3 things you like about the current combat and why: - wind condition changing every now and then - meta is slightly more balance than when I started playing - skill has a room 2. 3 things you don't like (hate) about the current combat and why? - boarded ship being static. - in line battle or fleet battle, it is when the ships drop the best mods and dubs. In such scenario, looting is very risky and the after battle reward is quite low. (perk looting to have a part of sank ship loot left after battle) - ramming foe or friendly is not punished 3. 3 features you believe must be added to combat mechanics and why? - grapes number limitation like chains - ships in boarding should keep moving in the direction they were headed and maybe even still be able to use rudder and manual sails instead of magically dropping sails - ramming damage based on angle of penetration and speed
  3. cuz boatswain is best book, but shh keep it secret.
  4. that would make interesting ship pools. Dont't forget about indef though, the ship has the same broadside weight as a bellona. Although I do not think you should bother too much about ship class. BR is more interesting, right now All the BR are too low except for most 6th and 7th rate. the 2 main 1st rate should be well above 1k br , while 2nd should be at the current br of 1st rate. it would bring a lot more variety if you tie ow roe to BR like patrol started to introduce. Also it would make aga and wapen more viable ship. br: 1st: >1k 2nd>800 3rd>600 4th>400 5th>200 6th>100 7th<100
  5. RKY

    offensive tag

    you mean if i sit along an a friendly ai and attack an enemy i drag my friendly AI with me?
  6. RKY

    offensive tag

    Hello, It occurs to me offensive tag is now dragging friendly AI in battle. Is this a new intended mechanic?
  7. Brilliant job guys! hope the chinesse zerg join the game now
  8. RKY

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    if sweden shows the same resolve to fight it displayed yesterday, there is no point arguing anyways...
  9. RKY

    Unable to start the game

    verify installation in the steam interface. might be a corrupted file.
  10. renomee mast have more thickness, more sails hp, more hull hp, and hull is curved, making it easily bouce carro shots even on parallel course. equip it with mediums and marines and enjoy. as for cerberus it is a good brawler and good boarder against 6th rate shalow ships.
  11. Renomee and cerberus are good brawlers and boarders with better masts, turn speed/rate and similar broadside to a surprise / hercules. surprise and herc are better sailor between 0 and 120, renomee and cerb are on the remaining points. if anything, herc knowledge should be increased to similar xp points as 5th rate 8k => 9k and either herc sailing crew should be increased, or renomee, cerberus and surprise should have less crew required on sails to ease the use of marines with no impact on the gunnery side.
  12. RKY

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    On the comparing ships feature, the repair difference color needs to be reverted. Lowest should be green, highest should be red.
  13. RKY

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Hello, Finding ports within a timer zone seems to be broken. idea of new feature find port within a BR range. Thank you for your great job on this map!
  14. RKY

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Screening, alliance and exploit are an heresy. You lot are ruining the game for mere pixels instead of having a nice evening in good company shooting pixels at each other. I think you all have forgotten the aim is to simply have a good time. You win some, you loose some, and who cares? it is only pixel as you say so often. At the end of the day you had fun. I am looking forward to the day devs implement something to make screening useless.
  15. thx,I got confused for second not seing my post in suggestions