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  1. RKY

    Black Veil Griefing

    #doublestandards ? yes
  2. RKY

    Question (looting system sucks)

    meh nevermind
  3. RKY

    Black Veil Griefing

    delaying tactics, are valid tactics. take some of this and as u like to say: carry on. if he was keeping you tagged it would be grief though.
  4. RKY

    Grape does not reset timer

    does for the enemy but not you. been a while.
  5. RKY

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Interestingly enough I find your quote of what message to send, more questionable than liq's word. especially the "chill" word. To any native speaker his words are not offensive at all. however asking someone to chill can be demeaning. Did you consider messaging or warning him before perma ban? don't think you did.
  6. RKY

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Every single soul in this forum knows how constructive admin is, especially as of late and in this peculiar case...We also all very well know his tendencies to overacted and make sarcastic comments on some people's posts. We also, never have had any feedback on hetwill's investigation for abuse of power. We know it is a tough job, moderating, but when you do wrong you have to face it and make it right again. nobody will blame you, but don't be ridiculously stubborn. In this peculiar case, liq is not the one appealing, it is us who wants admin to lift a ban he set due to overreaction and lack of arguments. ban me if you like. At the end of the day, when you are the one in charge and know you wronged someone and won't take responsibility, censorship is the way to go.
  7. RKY

    Naval Action Meme collection

    This is tavern, not national news. same player try again. All you are doing is throwing fuel on fire. On a side note, permanently banning a player means if he has to report a bug, issue or someone doing him wrong, it can't be reported in supported / tribunal. I believe this one was thought very deeply when pushing the button...
  8. I still don't have my rum ration ship knowledge while some do @admin i bet it is related to whether it has been learn from a legacy book or not as it appears only very old account have it. remove it for everyone or give it back to the rest of us.
  9. RKY

    Your Captain visually positioned on ship during battle

    go play some other well known arcade pirate game. thank you, good bye.
  10. @admin the other day i did a mission in enemy capitals. For some reasons it fell like i was being shot by doubles, and my reload and turn rate was not amazing. When I went back to a neutral port after the missions I noticed all the ship knowledge had been reset. I had to set ship knowledge again. Also the loot was ridiculously bad for the risk taken sailing in enemy capital. (elevating screw and about 40hull repairs) Is that normal?
  11. facts are, good players don't need books to beat the common average player even when said average player has all books. Books only really matter between two players of the same skill. New players will die no matter what. They will learn from it and improve, or keep sinking. Either way facing a vet with books or not wont make even a slight difference. I personally don't care if i have to grind again or not, i'll grind in pvp either way and buy books from carebears. Thanks for the information @admin, appreciate it. Also @admin don't listen too much to the economy and reward negative comments. Everything looks much better now and it is fine if the game is more challenging and or difficult economically wise. I just need ports to be a static image rather than 3D, at least on low graphic settings or as an option in graphics. (don't even need to see ship selected)
  12. the best return on investment: iron ingot and iron fittings are gone. I am screwed, is all I have to say.