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  1. there are fact and history and aside from that there is fun. The game tweaked history in many ways, but shallows are simply broken at the moment. 32's are a pain and should be limited to 12pd normal canon ship. Maximum in shallows to be fun should be 24's or 18's. or fix the damage balance of the carronades altogether. As we can see in this beautiful painting, neither ship uses carros. they both have normal guns. carros should not be meta and a fight shouldnt last 3 min.
  2. People are the only way to change the balance on the server, whatever nation they are in at the moment. Stop bitching about zergs and what not, just play the damn game you are intending to play. There will never be balance as you are looking for, for you are simply not willing to have balance and there shall never be balance. What you are looking for is a reason to justify your lack of will to play the game on the pvp side of the game. This is not targeted to someone specific, it is the reality of players in this game, a reality about the vast majority of the pvp server.
  3. keep spoutting nonsense on forum as much as you like. Bear in mind you are inviting people to take the remaining port granted back to you.
  4. your statement regarding which party uses economical warfare is wrong. But the idea of economical warfare in the game is not such a bad idea.
  5. 3 patches in one month and a half, interesting. Delay or evolution of deployment timeline is a major change I would say from experience.
  6. was interesting to have multiple real skirmish position instead of a big brawl. nice effort on both side! gf
  7. If you do so much pvp why would you worry about ships? As far as I remember we had more issues getting rid of ship due to the amount of ship captured with nice port upgrade and mods than anything else. You dont even need to bother establishing a shipyard or docks. just go around tumbado and capture anything russian. usualy nice wasa, bellona and vic.
  8. because you keep ranting about game mechanics, game potential game this game that. Just play the damn game and enjoy things as they are. the developers are taking you on a journey, don't discuss it. go along with it and enjoy it. this community is so rotten, it is insane.
  9. RKY

    Getting BSOD.

    latest driver on gpu and pcie set on gen3?
  10. RKY

    Pirate security (PvP)

    lol. good one!
  11. to get marsh you need nassau. with a fort position at nassau, good luck.
  12. how do you get hostility there when shallows are unflipable?
  13. L O L If you repeat it enough time you might end up believing it is true. Also to people complaining, you get content and you complain? me not understand.
  14. not to mention wind stealing which is inexistant in the game.
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