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  1. RKY

    Getting BSOD.

    latest driver on gpu and pcie set on gen3?
  2. RKY

    Pirate security (PvP)

    lol. good one!
  3. to get marsh you need nassau. with a fort position at nassau, good luck.
  4. how do you get hostility there when shallows are unflipable?
  5. L O L If you repeat it enough time you might end up believing it is true. Also to people complaining, you get content and you complain? me not understand.
  6. This is intentional darling. less port plausible for capture = increase in clash for control. Also solves the cost of timers for clans over extending.
  7. not to mention wind stealing which is inexistant in the game.
  8. short sails, best sails is my moto.
  9. nice math. and no thank you. there is a logic in having 3 currency. Although trading needs enhancements.
  10. inappropriate , make it in spoilers plz, coworkers thought it was something dodgy
  11. Limit is still here and overrule OW reinforcement. so max 1k v 1k
  12. As far as I am aware dk is like 5 or 6th in RVR leaderboard. but thanks for the compliment.
  13. changes nothing. lower br wont make players engage in rvr. again the issue is not the game, but the players. looking at leaderboards simply confirms it. it's a pve server disguised in a pvp one. procrastinate as much as you desire blaming one mechanic or the other. there was not more port battles on low br.
  14. most nations have no issues gathering 25 players and ship (even spain made it in remedios). flipping ports is extremely fast at the moment. reality has it, most players in pvp server prefer to pve. Some may wonder what the vast majority of players on pvp server is doing there. Big battles are fun, much more than those 2K br deep water we had.
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