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  1. Game is released, just play and enjoy. What need do you have to know what's coming? is it going to change how u enjoy the game or how much you play? Can't you simply enjoy what you have and be nicely surprised in when an update comes around? You guys are always complaining, it is tiresome.
  2. it's august and weekend. give them a break.
  3. can you post population per nation evolution? thanks)
  4. RKY

    fort and mortar

    has anyone tested if a mortar can kill a fort? if it can, how many hits or how much time is needed?
  5. RKY

    Spy stuff

    is it not arenas first?
  6. Where are you forum wariors?? We need our saturday morning fun 😭😭
  7. Don't blame me! I follow orders! beside i was winning boarding until grapes came in.
  8. you'll be fine. not ultra settings though. probably low or medium settings.
  9. I love where this is going. random players telling others how and where they should play to fit their playstyle funny thing is, if it was not for this, there would be another excuse for not doing much pvp/rvr. I personally enjoy the situation, there is always something to kill while everyone hug each other. ( although i miss more variety in port battle BR)
  10. I have this bug every now and then since release. quit game restart. you move again.
  11. that was only addressed to reverse and bf. there are no good relation possible with the rest of russia, mostly due to personalities.
  12. that is for cheap chatters: https://gph.is/1gWrwpy ---- I miss our bf / havoc regular fights, it was not so much about ego but fun and friendly banters. Loosing 10 first rate per day on each side. Good times. We kind of built nice relation on fighting each other.
  13. RKY

    Fire question

    you can get out of fireshock if you have your crew in survival. just takes time. At one point, don't remember which patch, you could not activate or deactivate survival while in shock. Back then if in shock there was no way out if survival was inactive. But since now you can activate survival while in shock, you can get out of it. Just takes forever, and any shot received increase fire and risk of explosion.
  14. requin made people forget about snow. the most OP stern camper ship... 5.53 turn rate 🤮
  15. make requin unable to sail deep water. Seal clubing drops by 90%. problem solved.
  16. can you update port upgrade status?
  17. Best system would be for non capturable capitals to be capturable once a nation has no other port to capture. Once captured, players of said nation can either join the capturer nation for free or any other nation. (forced nation swap for free one time only) This would lead to the introduction rounds, vassal nations and winners. (winners could get some sort of rewards like paints and more) at the end of a round, map reset.
  18. game consume less than it indicates in a lot of cases.
  19. I was planning on not commenting, unfortunately all your gibberish talk is too saddening. I for one had great fun last evening, and so did the vast majority of our crew. I think some of you need to reflect on yourself and wonder why you play games. If we are to have as much fun as yesterday every time we flip a port, I couldn't care less about owning the pixel on the map. Now, get serious and don't call yourself a winner when you sacrificed 24h on a video game just to save some pixel and not even join the fray to have some fun. the only thing displayed here is an elephant seal telling a killer whale he lost because he did not set foot on the beach. But the elephant seal forgot he lost his family in the water.
  20. edited. stop the useless discussion on requin. it's a useless and fugly ship, but it is what it is. deal with it. no more mentionning this ship in this thread. thank you.
  21. It is normal for it to be expensive as it is a one time investment with no maintenance needed. It should be even more expensive. Rejected.
  22. @everyone: Comment only if you have a suggestion for balancing. if it's to troll or mention ridiculous things not needing balance, keep it to yourself. I'll update main post. @admin Ressource is must do. Gunnery would be good but not top priority. ressources: - royal naval college graduat must be removed from unconquerable port - diplome de l'ecole d'artillerie must be removed from unconquerable port - swedish carpenter must be removed from unconquerable port - grietje van dijk must be removed from unconquerable port gunnery: - 6pd-9pd medium/longs should translate to 18pd-24pd carro - 12pd-18pd medium/longs should translate to 32pd carro - 24pd should translate to 42pd carro - reduce AI firing arc economy - boost benefits from normal trading - fix cargo missions from hidden island and bermuda. it is abnormal to have multiple cargo mission in a single port all going to the same port. All for nearly 200k. perks: - buff rigging specialist - buff double charge (reload the same way as double ball) - buff defensive drill (crew resistance, and some melee defense) - buff trimming expert (sail raise speed, yard turn speed) - buff slightly carronade specialist ships: - buff essex, frigate, pfrigate - nerf connie HP, buf speed - nerf christian RVR: - mix up battle BR - shallow capital port battle max 5th rate - shallow regional town port battle: max 6th rate - deep water 55pt port battle max 1st rate - deep water 45pt port battle max 2nd rate - deep water 35pt port battle max 3rd rate - deep water 25pt port battle max 4rd rate - deep water 15pt port battle max 5rd rate
  23. that a good feature for casual players actually. Waste 15 min instead of 1hour.
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