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  1. RKY

    Naval Action Meme collection

    we created a drink game. every time you mention havoc: in stream we take a shot, forum post double shot, tribunal waterfall!! it's pretty effective. Joy of having someone traumatized
  2. RKY

    deleting character

    when deleting character do you keep: - rank? - knowledge slot on ship? - books? -do you have to redo tutorial? thanks,
  3. you are referring to frigate vs sol while i actually refer to 1v1 same ship class or same ship. if anything this new combat model promote SOLs AND contrary to what the model is trying to achieve 6th rate and hercules. 5th rate being obsolete for anything beside fighting their own class. Although there is so much disparity within the class you can't even say that. I will not comment or argue any further. I shared my opinion, the topic is here for this very reason. It is your game, your decisions. if people want a new combat mechanic, so be it. (let's just hope it was not merely a minority of forum warriors, pve players, casual player with little skills pushing toward it)
  4. RKY

    API player data

    helicopter dick is best swing though! I am asking the DEVs for a new route in the API for player data. I know about @Felix Victor and @qw569 great work. but they can confirm player route does not exists or was not ever communicated. thanks though, appreciate the advise.
  5. RKY

    API player data

    @admin a few weeks ago (month?) you released an excel file containing player data regarding pvp kills, pve kills and more data. Any chance to provide this data in the API if not in game or in forums?
  6. current model decisions possible regarding gunnery when enemy is presenting stern or bow: 4 new model decisions possible in the same situation: 1 Pretty sure it is exactly the thought product management have regarding this new model. Remove individual's skill and experience from the balance, make casual players happy. Just dropping my 2cents worth of opinion here.
  7. The only point in this thread is "I SAIL LO/WO FIRST RATE AND CANNOT ENGAGE OR DISENGAGE WHENEVER I SEE FIT, PLEASE FORCE PEOPLE TO PLAY THE WAY I DO". sail your ballast, don't force people to do it as well.
  8. RKY

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    @Felix Victor "show good relations" => "show goods relations" and it does not work on my computer. thanks for the nice feature though!
  9. Considering the low reload due to crew in boarding, you may have one reload per side during boarding. Not much of a game changer. Make ship keep sailing without rudder or yard interaction would be more meta changing.
  10. RKY

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Suggestion for future feature: in compare ship include the possibility to set a trim. Still in compare ship, include possibility to set mods. thank you for considering it
  11. @admin quick feature to implement: In ports where you have no outpost and you buy items, please move items directly on main ship hold if there is any, otherwise to wharehouse. I think a lot of people are like me and don't bother reading warning messages: sometimes we go too fast and leave ports without the goods...
  12. @admin btw, if by weight you mean mass it will be interesting to see how ship class deal with it: an indef mass is 1960, wasa 2000, wapen 1770, inger 1850, bellona 2420, consitution 2240 and aga 2100.
  13. as long as grapes are limited the same way chains were in term of numbers, we can test whatever. Tweaking combat mechanics wont fix the broken overall immersion in RVR, and trading though.
  14. Where do you see fair fights in my post? fair play and manners does not mean fair fights. Your last quote just display all the wrong things in this comunity. fair fight = run, unfair for you = run, unfair for enemy= chase. I don't want to play such game, I want a game where people fight and behave correctly. You have had a fight, no need for a revenge fleet or chase all left alive people for hours. On a side note what is considered a fair fight depends from each person's point of view.
  15. At the end of the day ROE can be tweaked, rolled back, and totally changed, but there will always be a potential for exploit. We, the players define how we play the game. It is up to us to show some manners and fair play. The real issue is within the community. between the toxics, those taking the game so seriously it is not even a game anymore, the opportunists and and those combining all three, what can ROE do? I only hope for harsher tribunal sanctions, fresh blood joining the game, and manners/fair play be rewarded in some way or ladder+tournament room for solo and group fight.
  16. Do you think new players will learn doing revenge fleet and overkill battles?
  17. RKY

    crafting rng

    Do you get the same chances to get trim and extra mods from admiralty notes or not? you must be in a capturable port?
  18. RKY

    extra ship in crafting

    @admin with the next patch can we have the following: craftable: - wasa - hermione admiralty ship: - christian - diana capturable: - hercules - requin dlc: connie classic unless maybe you want to make christian and diana dlc of course
  19. RKY

    crafting mods

    @admin the time to craft mods in batch is not acceptable anymore. on previous UI we could press escape to craft quickly. with the current UI it is not possible. please include some contextual option define number of mods to be crafted in this window. thank you,
  20. RKY

    Remove co-ordinates from F11

    revenge fleet would be more difficult to set indeed
  21. RKY

    extra ship in crafting

    true! sorry forgot that!
  22. RKY

    crafting rng

    my question is, does it apply to notes as well
  23. RKY

    Stupid idea

    make it blue. You had no issue not changing colors on graphics setting => i see nothing on my settings
  24. RKY

    Naval Action Meme collection

    zerg hack