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  1. [Keep the jokes in the MEME topic] Warned
  2. FYI, some players including myself have been playing on alts with no books whatsoever and even no ship knowledge. Guess what? We still kill tons of people including 'veterans' may it be in 1V1 or fleet action. Actually some of the top players still don't posses crafted books or rare books. (and yes I have a few well known players in mind) Books don't matter as much as you think they do, but you only realize it once you don't need them as much. That being said, I for one, could not care less whether books should be removed or not at wipe. I'll be doing pvp either way and eventually buy books from others or only use admiralty books. Same for crafting xp and ship knowledge.
  3. Gosh this final exam run is poor play. hopefully beginners watch other final exams run so they can finish it. Trying to dumb down tuts is not a bad intent though.
  4. You proved my point. It is time for you to assume you are noob before complaining about mechanics.
  5. indef has the same broadside weight as a bellona...
  6. You are just terribad and need to learn how to play. You are blaming everything but your poor captainship. Ask yourself how come some players manage to get so many kills with a single ship in a single battle on equivalent ship to their foes. And AI aint that much of a deal. You must be one of those complaining about final exam being "IMPOSSIBLE" to complete while some others can still finish it under 20min.
  7. Some feedback as a new player on impossible nation. It is great to start in shroud, next to pz and a lot of AI for those new players. plenty of fights and fun. Although it is great, with the current permits required for all ship and the impossibility to access admiralty it comes with two major disadvantage: - cannot reset perk (in shroud we fight only, sextant is a waste of perk) - cannot get permits for surprise/renomee/cerb?/niagara/heavy rat - cannot buy basic books - cannot access pvp mods This means you are left with mercury as the best ship to go pz and eventually in the idea of a fresh start after a wipe, it will be difficult as a clan to even get a decent fleet for a port battle. I understand it is meant to be impossible nation, but, with the new permit thing, any new player will be extremely frustrated not being able to craft the biggest ship they can sail. Maybe admiralty should be accessible from open port and neutral port for all nations. Consider if a port is open or neutral, all nations have a consulate or something.
  8. RKY


    where are Niagara permits?
  9. you are not being insulted, you are told what you are. And what you are is defined by your actions. Enjoy the title.
  10. And his point is you are a dick. Being allowed to do something stupid does not mean you have to.
  11. A lot of people are inactive waiting for release ATM. I am, and so are my clan mates and other friends in the game. the fact, people with tons of hours in game dare to give a negative critic to a game they wasted so much of their life in, is kinda interresting. On the other hand, a lot of the bad reviews are from new players with less than 500hours. Game is hard to pick, and people don't think about going on youtube etc. It is about time for gameslab to sponsor some tutorial video already existing and make them available in game as knowledge base.
  12. then you just have to hug the shit out of the first one and then second one since AI still don't shoot when you are too close...
  13. I know at least two people have finished tutorial in the most recent patch with no major difficulties. Final exam is more tricky than it used to. but demast grape board works as usual. Boarding is more difficult because you are the defender in most cases though. (AI is more aggressive as attacker). endurance can be done in less than 10 min, final is about 15-30 min if you know what you are doing and have a little bit of luck.
  14. Nice to have wasa and christian craftable!! Now can we increase the hold size of both wasa and wapen? @admin Also carro range needs to be shorten by half and dispersion increased, damage is fine. looking forward to how eco will work following this wipe)
  15. I don't know who you refer to as elites, but those I consider elites sail any ship, even admiralty ship. And without knowledge slot or books. Your ideas about what people are sailing are probably biased and based on assumptions.
  16. how about banning from forums people suggesting not exactly bright things? paying 20€ to change nation is more than enough.
  17. Myself using alts or not is irrelevant. Alts are damaging economy and RVR, it is fact. Limiting it's use to a maximum if not prohibit is a necessity. Contrary to you I am not self centered and look for the game's benefit. If you don't realize the problem caused by alts, we do not play the same game. There are ways to control multi account. in dota2 for instance you must provide a unique phone number and confirm password. Or maybe limit alts to only be allowed in the same nation as the main account. there are many ways...
  18. @admin with release, can you handle removal of alts? or at least forbid concurrent connection from a single mac address or something like that?
  19. @admin I am fine with full wipe even books. It is what it is. Don't bother respond to cry babies. They have to deal with it. I am actually looking forward to small ship big battles. Regarding DLC ship, please make them capturable. If a player is defeated and captured there is no reason to not enjoy the spoils only because you did not buy a dlc.
  20. you are here to test for release. deal with it or leave until release in spring.
  21. Nevermind i have read i3 for some reasons. those CPUs will not bottleneck this card. there will be a slight difference in performances but that is not noticeable to human.
  22. I think the ship comparison tool doesnt account for maximum bonus limits within game. I.E: make wo/wo and put a floatting battery on it, you are over cap.
  23. I thought I made it clear in the topic. No arguing or discussing other people remarks. this is only a topic with a list blocking elements for all PZ to be effective. If you don't agree with what was said by others feel free to private chat. Ship is indeed an issue, because you can not use admiralty to redeem a ship in neutral and only have one tow. Noted. thank you for the feedbacks.
  24. Patrol zone, also referred to as patrol zone, has been tons of fun for me lately. Especially Nassau. Although most pz are not working because people are not joining it. Why is Nassau working and other not? please provide inputs in lists. No arguing with each other, salt or troll please. Just give your feedback. Maybe something can be made out of this. Here is my list of why Nassau works and others don't: - ship size limit - lots of ship for sale in shroud - ports generate lots of cheap repairs (npc price) - active area - implicit rule, nations fight GB. not much each other which make this zone turn in less of a gang area. What I think would improve other zones: - reposition some of them more close to a free port, and activity zone - generate more npc repairs on pz day in the closest free town - lower the BR of battles in other zones to max 1k for 5th rate only and 2k for 4th rate only
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