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  1. I would seem reasonable to add a refit permit to upgrade current ships to the "new" woods. Not sure what would be the best (and fairest) way to implement this.
  2. I lost connection twice in quick succession today. Fortunately I was not in combat. I assumed the server was having problems and so I didn't try again. No sense in risking a good ship. I'll just wait until you folks correct the problem.
  3. Is there a listing of the effect of ship quality color (gray, green, blue, purple, and gold)? Is there significance to the 'standard' ship type; are there any other ship types?
  4. I haven't thought this out, but perhaps the idea can be developed in discussion here. Make port maintenance costs proportional to the number of ports owned by a nation. This will put some feedback pressure on disproportionate populations without placing actual limits on population size.
  5. Devs must be tearing their hair out.
  6. Must be the new server has a population limit and first come first served. Hmm, I wonder which nation would be the first time zone to log in? Could it be Russia?
  7. As I said, this never happened to me before. Must be something to do with the new server?
  8. Stuck on loading....Never had this problem before.
  9. Must be hard for the gunners to fire through the trees
  10. I believe I have solved this "problem". The Fort is placed on a promontory in OW yet behind the promontory, with the addition of trees, in the battle instance. This completely obscures it from most positions except when close to shore and slightly north of it.
  11. I posted very soon after the battle. How could the fort be damaged?
  12. During the entire battle all the other much further away forts rendered.
  13. I could see the square fort to the north of Santa Fe, which was much further away.
  14. Why did the square fort south of Santa Fe not appear in the battle instance? It should have been on the point directly behind the ship.
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