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  1. For example; Prince has a capacity of 300.
  2. Just more pve to get seasoning shed and then everything is back the way it was with very little new content.
  3. I just realized how silly this seasoned wood business is. As soon as we all have the ability to do it that will be the only wood we will build with and everything goes back to the same relative place. It just screws up the game for a period of time without actually changing anything. I wish effort was spent on real advances and not pointless changes.
  4. I would seem reasonable to add a refit permit to upgrade current ships to the "new" woods. Not sure what would be the best (and fairest) way to implement this.
  5. if unseasoned woods are used the ship will leak like a sieve. That is prolly why the devs made seasoned woods faster
  6. What does this mean? The NPC are of type privateer or the ship is Privateer? Also, what is meant by capitol protector? They are found around enemy capitols?
  7. In response to seasoned woods what about a refit note to upgrade a current ship to new wood?
  8. Wow, so in one blow all my grinding and shipbuilding is wasted. Nice one.
  9. I lost connection twice in quick succession today. Fortunately I was not in combat. I assumed the server was having problems and so I didn't try again. No sense in risking a good ship. I'll just wait until you folks correct the problem.
  10. Is there a listing of the effect of ship quality color (gray, green, blue, purple, and gold)? Is there significance to the 'standard' ship type; are there any other ship types?
  11. I haven't thought this out, but perhaps the idea can be developed in discussion here. Make port maintenance costs proportional to the number of ports owned by a nation. This will put some feedback pressure on disproportionate populations without placing actual limits on population size.
  12. Devs must be tearing their hair out.
  13. Must be the new server has a population limit and first come first served. Hmm, I wonder which nation would be the first time zone to log in? Could it be Russia?
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