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  1. If losing a ship is painless it diminishes the experience. Crafting logistics was part of the game and added depth and significance to RvR. I guess it will open up a whole new clientele; 12yrs and under. I guaranties a short attention span and likely a short life to the game. In my opinion the game should evolve into more, not less, complexity.
  2. With cheap ships available to spam an attack on a port it doesn't matter if they are inferior. They will tie up the screening fleets. But then, why defend a port when you don't need it to build ships?
  3. Not much interested in the game now that all ships are capturable. What is the point of any aspect of economy or RvR. Just make all ports freeports and give us unlimited ships. Why even waste time capturing them? I invested a lot of time in "testing" only to have the game change dramatically after "release".
  4. Must be hard for the gunners to fire through the trees
  5. I believe I have solved this "problem". The Fort is placed on a promontory in OW yet behind the promontory, with the addition of trees, in the battle instance. This completely obscures it from most positions except when close to shore and slightly north of it.
  6. I posted very soon after the battle. How could the fort be damaged?
  7. During the entire battle all the other much further away forts rendered.
  8. I could see the square fort to the north of Santa Fe, which was much further away.
  9. Why did the square fort south of Santa Fe not appear in the battle instance? It should have been on the point directly behind the ship.
  10. Port interface: When putting sell contracts on the market, they should only come from the warehouse. I keep having to replace repairs on my ship after making a sell contract.
  11. Need inventory interface for both OW UI and port UI that shows all buildings and warehouse contents so we can make decisions without having to teleport or make port. Also, part of this should be ship inventory as well as hold contents for all ships.
  12. As a nation without a capital, there is very little incentive to trade, except for the exciting runs into enemy capitals.
  13. I agree. I still have a little more to test in the missions, but I think the next step is to introduce the econ changes in testbed. What, for instance does the Academy do? All I get when I open it is a blank blueprint box.
  14. Not sure one way or the other about the cost of teleport. I believe teleporting only has a place in a condition of low population. Assuming this game will have a decent population after release, I think it should be dropped altogether. Teleporting to do inventory of remote warehouses should be replaced by making those inventories visible from anywhere. Generally I like the interface in testbed.
  15. A "sextant" feature might follow realistic sightings. During daylight one would get an arch from sun sight until noon, when an exact position is possible. At night one would get a triangle (3 celestial sights). During a storm, no position available.
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