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  1. Port interface: When putting sell contracts on the market, they should only come from the warehouse. I keep having to replace repairs on my ship after making a sell contract.
  2. Need inventory interface for both OW UI and port UI that shows all buildings and warehouse contents so we can make decisions without having to teleport or make port. Also, part of this should be ship inventory as well as hold contents for all ships.
  3. As a nation without a capital, there is very little incentive to trade, except for the exciting runs into enemy capitals.
  4. I agree. I still have a little more to test in the missions, but I think the next step is to introduce the econ changes in testbed. What, for instance does the Academy do? All I get when I open it is a blank blueprint box.
  5. Not sure one way or the other about the cost of teleport. I believe teleporting only has a place in a condition of low population. Assuming this game will have a decent population after release, I think it should be dropped altogether. Teleporting to do inventory of remote warehouses should be replaced by making those inventories visible from anywhere. Generally I like the interface in testbed.
  6. Hugh Latham

    OW Navigation

    A "sextant" feature might follow realistic sightings. During daylight one would get an arch from sun sight until noon, when an exact position is possible. At night one would get a triangle (3 celestial sights). During a storm, no position available.
  7. Hugh Latham

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Xebecs are interesting and different ships, but I don't think there were any in the Caribbean. Crossing the Atlantic in a ship with so little freeboard would have been a harrowing experience, at best.
  8. Hugh Latham

    ships falling from the sky

    How hard can it be to enter new combatants a reasonable distance from play long after a battle has been going on?? I was trapped by a ship landing within cannon shot directly in my path of escape. It really takes the fun out of combat if one has to be worried about ships falling from the sky!
  9. Hugh Latham

    Sailing physics

    I was beam on the wind and wanted to rotate toward a wreck so I set dead slow and backed the foresail while luffing the main and mizzen (depowered). I sailed in a slow arc further and further from my target.
  10. Hugh Latham

    Sailing physics

    I'm a sailor in real life so sail handling is second nature to me. Yes, I de-power and it used to work before. Something seems to have changed in the sail "physics". I put that in quotes, because the devs mentioned long ago that they didn't intend to make a sailing simulator and the sail physics are artificial. Still, one should not sail ahead from a dead stop when the ship is headed at any angle into the wind with the sails aback.
  11. Hugh Latham

    Sailing physics

    Getting frustrated at the dysfunctional state of backwinding. I can be dead stopped and raise sail backwinded and start forward. Backwinding only seems to work when the ship is nearly dead into the wind. It would be great if we also had greater manual control so we could control sails on individual masts, ie only raise sail on one mast.
  12. I'm just pointing something out so others might see the downside as well. Perhaps the clans excluded from this "agreement" should ally with the Swedes;)
  13. I bet SORRY has some secret deal to get silver from the US, since they are giving away our only silver port. This deal stinks.
  14. Where did the idea of elimination of the hostility mechanism come from? Perhaps it still needs refinement, but to return to the bogus flag mechanism is moving the wrong direction. Hostile AI was widely despised for wasting our time. The game will fail if you waste our time.
  15. Hugh Latham

    Fleets revisited

    I am a solo merchant and take my chances sailing without fleet escort. I get a lot done and occasionally lose my cargo. It is the price of admission. It does annoy me when my solo Indiaman gets taken by by 2 players who compensate for their ineptness by enlisting 2 ai. I know that any 2 of my mates would not need ai to cap one. In starting this thread I was not referring to merchants with fleet escorts, although as I said I don't use them, but to warships with fleet escorts.