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  1. Any idea as to approximately when this will happen so we can prepare?
  2. Hang in there, you know this is Beta testing - I'm sure more changes are coming AND worth waiting for.
  3. I do agree the fine woods have cause a more lengthy or involved crafting process that demands long sailing times so I suggest a compromise between what ship building is and what it was; maybe half or quarter of the fine woods per craft, however I do like the challenges it brings to building high end SoLs for example. The regional bonuses are great I would leave them, great idea and a really nice addition to exploring new areas of the maps crafters desire to build in. While I'm on building, please consider an increase in ships to build or BPs available, you have a some really wonderful ships th
  4. How that second officer or office contractor that can be just for reducing costs and LHs for crafting.
  5. I know there is a lot on the developement teams' plate but our clan has been asking this question often as in frequently (Princess Bride reference sorry). When is the reset supposed to be released approximately of course, what will or can be reset and will we get to keep anything from this beta version?
  6. Well I like it, the white back ground is a little stark but otherwise I like the format of user buttons, etc. Nicely done I think.
  7. I really like it. 1 for, 1 against.
  8. I have been trying to get the clan description edit to work for myself or an officer within the clan and can't seem to get it working. I'm the clan creator and I tried edit in the original (CWH-clan ware house) port. Myself or a clan officer can't get it to work even after log off and on. Any suggestion that will help? Please and thanks in advance.
  9. Sounds like you need a clan to help you find those difficult to find fine resources.
  10. Good information thanks very much. I have 2 ships that will be delayed until the fix goes live.
  11. Nicely done. So it's move the shipyard time. I don't believe La Mona gets the regional trim bonus?
  12. What about trim bonuses as redeemables for those whom built theirs in port ships prior to these updates?
  13. 3 things I find "Not fun" in this game. 1) I wish the speed in OW was a little faster and distances could be covered faster when searching for wrecks and trading etc. 2) I wish more upgrades where craftable like Gold Powder monkeys, marines, to mention a couple and more craft control for builders. For example a 3/5 gold ship could cost and extra note. It would be really nice if some upgrades designated permanent or regular could be cross complatible for exampe enhanced ballast could be either a perm or regular upgrade. 3) the lack of special events that of a wider variety of items lik
  14. Wow, nicely done. I canardlywait to see all these changes implemented.
  15. I think you completely missed his point. Random attacks is much different than the intensity and frequencey of attacks possible on PvP.
  16. Wondering when the New Map is coming.

  17. I agree- two officers are better than one but remember - "To err is human but to really mess things up you need an officer". ;o)
  18. I say it's a great idea with AI as players and after battle rewards could be used. A little imagination with how port battles could work will pay big dividends in the PvE side of the game. Like your Icon.
  19. How about access to the cargo hold of fleet ships? Then a fleet-trader can be used as a goods shipper and you control your attack ship.
  20. What a tremendous amount of work on the new map. Thanks to all staffers that worked so hard on it.
  21. (Sorry I haven't read the entire thread) After the final map is deployed will there be deliveries between same nation outposts? As there is now with Free Towns. This will help in deciding where to put all our goods.
  22. Interesting changes, I look forward to exploring these new towns.
  23. You guys (staff) are hilarious; Greetings Governor: It is now certain that the Caravan with promised goods has sailed and is expected to arrive next (this) Saturday, 10 September at 5:40 PM UTC. There are rumors that the destination is Cabo Rojo and the chests were (are) heavy. Take all the necessary steps to make sure it is intercepted. My interpretation: Captains; We're gonna get you some stuff this time make sure you get to the wrecks near Cabo Rojo with a large ship as the chests are gonna be heavy. Heav-Hoe matties. I think these events are cool, keep them com
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