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  1. I like the idea of moving perks to Captain abilities; what about in port building/construction. I hope a second logistic officer or manager will be able to help with crafting such as the foreman (increase labour hour production) and other crafting perks.
  2. Steam is online now but the connection to NA is still not working; authentication issue?
  3. Wow, very interesting. I suppose this is a research paper you did for class? Just a guess. Anyway nicely written, footnoted and researched. These stories give testimony to the brave that passed before us and inspiration to those whom wish to serve.
  4. We are on PvE anytime and are looking for new members. Flying Powder Monkeys.
  5. Sorry, I updated the infomation. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Flying Powder Monkeys are accepting new members. We are approximately 210+ members and are looking for new members regardless of experience, time online or game play. We help each other out and will gladly accept any new or experienced player into our clan. Please leave a message here or with Buba Smith, or any clan officer. PvE server, British nation, home base and Clan warehouse is in Grand Turk.
  7. Yes, Port attacks are a great idea I would love to see this implemented.
  8. Give me the materials and I will make you some gold upgrades and any ships I have the blue prints for... deal? Oh, I'm on PvE.
  9. I remember this from Civilization, where the World Wonders could be built over time and your nation access to manpower, resources and the correct trades. As your towns developed the wonder construction would either slow down or speed up. You could then go to that city and check the progress of your chosen World Wonder. Upon completion you would then see a historical painting and lovely music as a celetrabtion. http://ca.ign.com/videos/2016/10/26/civilization-6-7-world-wonders-being-built Civ 6 Wonder being built Sorry about the ad.
  10. I wonder if it's out - the shards server says Update?
  11. Any new updates coming out. Haven't seen anything lately on the forums, just wondering about the crafting changes?

  12. I remember joing the game just after this reset, always wondered why everyone was sailing around in small boats. ;o)
  13. Why is this in a Naval Action forum? I don't get it?
  14. I think almost everything he says is right on. Tons of sounds advice from his 20 years of experience, a brilliant presentation. I can only sympathize with the upcoming pressures and challanges the Developement teams have and I sincerely wish you all good luck in your endevours with improving an already good game - I really mean that. I think Naval Action has allot right; the OW graphics, ship battes, impressive map, amazing ships, reality of engaging traders and the enemy, the interest of trading, the thrill of ship to ship combat, challenges of playing in general, team missions, sealed
  15. Will there be any form of compensation such as redeemable time notes or other ways of getting us whom have been around building ships for awhile?
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