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  1. She is, after all, a beautiful old gal. ;o)
  2. This is a long shot but, will we get credit for previous builds?
  3. I would say take the easiest route. If that requires a complete wipe so you can start with a fresh slate then do it. We can catchup later with xp, ships, ports, etc. Of course rank (and hopefully craft level) will remain.
  4. The hull looks like Swiss Cheese. Nicely done and congrats on your capture.
  5. I have a GTX 1080 and get between 90-120 fps, how much more does one need?
  6. If I want to play PvP - World of Warships is where I'll go. The PvE game is best here.
  7. I left a response here. Please have a look at it if you want.
  8. I couldn't agree more with you. I think the choices keeping PvE will pay big potential dividends down the road after, the dust falls from ship and asset wipe. I will continue to work on growing our clan under the new system as many of them already have expressed a strong desire to return to PvE when the server is fully running and when the new clan is set up. For today our clan is at 52 with many members active; I would even go so far as to say a high ratio of active vs inactive characters. After the resets I look forward to the new game on PvE and thank the staff/devs for hearing what your me
  9. If you ever need any help please feel free to ask. I'm not sure how I can help but nevertheless the offer is there. I'm elated that you have chosen to keep the PvE server and I'm sure that it will pay dividends back down the road. I think it is a very wise choice made from you and the staff. Thanks again! 



  10. WOW, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I appreciate this so much. I'll pass this along to the clan.
  11. We are restarting our clan hopefully under the same name of Flying Powder Monkeys on PvE great group of about 50-60 players, drop in and say hi.
  12. What's your name on World of Warships, mine is the same. Hope to see you around WoWs sometime.
  13. The simple answer is to Try them out for future considerations the long answer is too long.......
  14. I tend to agree with you on a couple of points but from a completely different angle, I started on PvP and ranked up to Lt/Cmdr and then switched to PvE which I much prefer. I'm apprenhensive about this one server for both PvP and PvE but realize the economics just don't support a 3 server system. I think it is the good only compromise and I appreciate the staffs efforts to keep both sides happy in a such wonderful sailing sim. There will be issues and both sides will have to roll with the punches. I can see concerns with PvErs getting surprised by attacked on their brand new St. Pavel wilst s
  15. Admin: I'm going to give this new map a try... with an open mind. I have read some of your posts and I understand that PvE is a -money sink- so if you don't mind I would like to ask you a few questions; 1) Is this PvE zone temporary, permanent or, you don't know until after the full game release and will decide then? 2) So I assume any ships built in the PvE zone can be sailed, attacked and potentially sold in PvP areas like KPR for example? 3) Will PvE areas still have regional bonuses like British refit and strength designs, I hope so!? Looking at your PvE map those are
  16. Lets do some simple math: make 3 servers into 2. PvP 1 and PvE 2. Given the numbers I see in other games (I can name them if you PM me), Naval Action should be able to support a 2 server system with present players online for both games sytles. Example one -Game Name withheld for security reasons, Server 1 North Amercia- 3600+ online, Server 2 EU - 6800+ online, second game Game name withheld for security reasons, Server 1 - 6100 approx, Server 2 - 11,000 approx . I'm not making this up, and they are all supported with little to no lag or server downtime whatsoever. I don't see an issue here
  17. Listening is an important part of communication.
  18. I totally understand the value cost aspect of this game and also numbers on PvE have been comparatively low to PvP. I would like you to consider this: a good rule of thumb in business is create attractive product with options for those whom wish to consume your ideas; that is done by creating the widest variety of choices possible, build on those choices to bring the customers in the door - in this case you want them to try your product and stay. To keep those customers in the store give them product that they will buy into, both now and in the future. Closing a door drastically cuts profit an
  19. I and I speak for many players within our clan are not happy with the shut down of the PvE server. Most of us switched from PvP and didn't enjoy the more intense competitive environment it offered. I started on PvP and left for PvE; since then I have really enjoyed the ship exploration, big map, trade and missions PvE offered. We had so much fun within our clan taking on NPC fleet epics and joining together for ranked missions. We collaborated building ships and upgrades as a large group, many of those players have become friends. I will say this; I'm not going into the new PvE/PvP map closed
  20. Clan docks would be a great idea, our clan has asked me about it numerous times.
  21. I see allot of good improvements here. I do have a few questions, pardon me if it was answered somewhere within this catagory I haven't read it all. If ships are down to 1 dura (good thing) will crafters/builder have access to the resources needed to make new ships? For example now on PvE silver is extremely hard to get cutting new builds back significantly. With ships back to 1 dura players will need access to resources and materials more often for more builds. Will upgrades follow the Captain and thus can be applied to like vessels and what about unlike vessels? A Captain with l
  22. I saw his post awhile ago and merely thought it was spam slamming. I think most of his statements are NOT accurate and for some reason he has developed his posts and turned misguided linked info into a crusade so; please disregard the negative part of it and draw from positive support from those whom are still happy with the game. I for one can see a good future. Wwith what I see, having toyed with the test bed a very small bit, I can see you will soon have a worth-while finish product which will be the best period sailing game around. To be honest I haven't found better yet... I think the sai
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