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  1. http://www.navalactioncraft.com/blueprints This may help.
  2. I will say please be patient it will be worth it!
  3. Look at that, I never noticed it either.
  4. What Farrago is saying is it should be an option to take guns (and ship will be nice) from caps and use them for cost and loss compensation. I vote YES, good point. All too often have I lost cash in after battle costs.
  5. I know of more than 30+ player from our former clan waiting for post wipe. It may be best to wait and see. I really think this game will start slow and gain momentum soon after it's full introduction.
  6. Flying Powder Monkeys [FPM] PvE, PvP - The Union Jack [TUJ]. British Website - TBA Discord address< Flying Powder Monkeys - General chat>.
  7. The sealed bottle content is slightly irrelevant but the wipe will cure it.
  8. I may be way out on this but; what about the option of sending the ship back to port on it's own as before. This can be done in the post battle screen that way you won't have to sink or let it go (less sea clutter ;o). Minimal crew can be assigned of about 8-10% sailors for the imaginary voyage back to port.
  9. I liked it then and love it now, a truimph of era sail ships!
  10. Always a person trying to create a cause, although be it a lost one. People have a right to an opinion I wish they would take the time to look into something rather than firing off comments like this. This game is a triumph for those whom like sailing ship combat (and understand it) for those who prefer Lego Man or arcade games don't comment on a forum meant for constructive help.
  11. Firstly GREAT idea! What about a general simplification of the guns qualities: 1) General Use (medium guns) guns could be seperated into two quality levels such as basic and fine / grey and blue. 2) Long guns could be also be seperated into to two quality levels / again grey (basic) and blue (fine). 3) Carronades - same thing basic and fine level qualities. Fine getting a 30% increase in overall destructive value. Cost and destructive factors will apply as will pricing; fine guns could cost 50%-75% more whereas basic will be more affordable. All guns can be craftab
  12. Thanks, I'll keep reporting these issues if you want.
  13. I reported similar problems via F11 as well. Ships, xp, gold, crew disappearing PB etc.
  14. It's back with the latest update.
  15. Yep, good idea! As you mentioned that will create more OW traffic between Free Towns and target ports for shipments. I like it. What about openning up deliveries between national/regional ports? That could replace Free Town deliveries too. I would say deliveries between national ports is in line with historic accounts of trade during that period.
  16. Thanks for the heads-up. I trust everything is going well.
  17. I would have to agree that teleporting and having a ship delivered added a wider exploration element to the game. Taking out the teleport function will restrict the flow of exploration to the outer edges of an incredibly beautiful crafted and wonderful map! I know the video explains that teleporting is not realistic (with references to Captain Kirk) BUT consider the player aspect of; land, resource, materials and ship management in ports far from the initial start point. Having each character sailing for well in access of an hour just to get there is NOT game/discovery material but rather pass
  18. I can see you've been working hard. Will present craft level transfer to the new system like ranks (I realize via the steam account) or will it be reset as well? If not question answered; if so - will the new additional crafting abilities and items apply?
  19. PvE ships Shallow water trader only - Trader Snow Deep water trader - Indiaman Capturing other traders - Bellona w/ fleet Rattler chasing them down Battle - Victory. PvP - L'Ocean, Vic or a Santi.
  20. Form a quick peruse it looks like really good. Of course the true test will be in the performance.
  21. Not that I want special treatment but can I PLEASE have two or three special admiralty ship bps? ;O) This sounds wonderful again I can hard wait until this materializes. Bubba/Buba Smith
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