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  1. Maybe a confirmation before the sale - ie: You are about to sell your ________ . Yes/No.
  2. I do find the new patch engages the player more in the function of the ship. Sailing, gunnery, boarding have there toll on manpower and a Captain needs to think of timing in all decisions. The map for catching up with smaller traders by bigger ships has become difficult and often I have found the trader gets-away even though I wasn't that far off and gaining on them. I liked the old addition to a crew with marines but also like the icon showing there status, maybe a combo idea can be used.- additional crew members with the marines upgrade and an boarding attack bonus too. More thoughts late
  3. During the boarding process I notced the BK, OK, FK in the menu. What do those abbreviations mean?
  4. After perusing the entire post, I can see you are a very talented group! Thanks so much for your hard work - I will be around for awhile to see the product of your excellent work.
  5. Very impressive!! I can't say how fantastic it looks.
  6. Everyone makes a mistake, I would give him back his Port and cash.
  7. Hopefully it won't take too long. My ships crew is ready aye ready to get going ) Thanks for the Heads up.
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