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  1. I had the same crew readout as this BUT the key difference is I was sent to a local port after with my two Fleet ships. And no I did not change ships, I knew this would come up but I did'nt click on the change ship button. I'm sure of that. PS: Anyway it really doesn't matter, the clan I'm with helped me out and I have a Bellona now. It's all good and thanks to a great Clan!
  2. I'm going to try W-Oak with W-oak planking next. I think it will make a good difference. Thought you may be interested in this>
  3. Sorry missed that important bit of info, original post updated.
  4. Bellona vs a T-Brig. 650 vs 60, I am 100% sure I won it.
  5. I will get right to the issue; I was capturing a T-Brig with a Bellona on the PvE server and successfully won the boarding, I emptied out the T-Brig hold and clicked on the sink captured ship box (made sure not to change ships as always) to my surprise, not the ship, as soon as I sunk the T-Brig I was immediately sent to the T-Brig and the Bellona sunk. NO I didn't change ships so let's not go to pilot error. After that the screen blinked and I ended up in a Free Town with nothing but my two fleet ships and some cargo in them. F11'd completed. Another clan member noticed an odd occurance
  6. Very important for dead reckoning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_reckoning
  7. My advice is - join a clan and get help. There are lots for new and old learners in the game. All I want is a good wind and bright star to sail by...
  8. So that was the black spot in my eye everyone was talking about. Nearly took me'ed off.
  9. I decided to post this message in your personal envelope; the post wipe version is amazing! I can't say enough how impressed I am with the overall improvements, not to say it is finished just that the developements are simply outstanding thus far. The game is at an all time great postition and I can pass along many positive remarks from the FPM clan on PvE. Thanks for developing, hearing and implementing many nice features. One of which is; the clan membership stayed intact saving us oodles of cash and time. You may have noticed that in the first 24 hours membership has increase significantly to 60 members total.  Thanks again!!


  10. I was wondering if you like or dislike the navigation grid or is historical value more important.
  11. That's the new amphibious-ship-to-land-upgrade due out. You may find it under captains perks though.
  12. The PvE server is doing very well and the changes made with the latest numerous upgrades are definate improvements. Too many things to mention BUT one I really appreciate is you managed to keep clans intact. I didn't think it couldn't be done give the scope of the wipe but you pulled it off - way to go. I'm sure there will be more tweeks along the way but this is a huge start in the right direction; thanks for keeping PvE around I think it will pay big dividends in the future.
  13. Turtled my Bellona. But is was a fun battle before. screenshots[1]
  14. Allot of work has been done I can see you've been busy. For now I'll be sailing in the test bed.
  15. I'm originally from London but live near Winnipeg now.
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