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  1. I don't believe in critizing something unless I'm willing to come up with constructive ideas on how to improve it. So here it goes; I suggest the a special event use existing mechanics for these events. We have the Sealed Bottles, missions and wrecks with cargo. I suggest a Special Event use "Ornate Flasks" that when opened reveal a Wreck site (similar to the fleet or individual missions), once the player opens the Flash it will reveal a Mission type icon which will have 1 or 2 equivalent ships that have to be defeated in order to reveal a wreck or some type of cargo in the follow up. . Carg
  2. Indiaman prep'd and in good sailing order.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Great work on the updates btw.
  4. 3 Days Voting with 2 week alliance period. 2 Alliances max.
  5. So let's say on PvE France is at war with your nation, can you attack anyone or just NPCs?
  6. I suggest the wind angle rose at the bottom right of the screen change colour according the effect wind has on the sails for example; red could represent bad wind force and approaching sail irons, yellow could be in between green and red with green representing best wind to sail angle. Comments?
  7. Great sounds and I really like the crew shouts! Very nicely done indeed.
  8. Just a thought; what about badges or awards in steam for accomplishing certain challenges like, 10% of map discovered, 25% map discovered, etc; completing 10 battles won, 20 battles, 100 battles, etc; crafting level 20, 30, 40, and Gold badge for 50. Maybe this could be implemented by the characters name or title. Master Crafter Level-50. Contact badge, visited 2,3.4 other nation towns. Distance award for shipping or travelling distances. I could go on but these award/badges are cool and are implemented in other Steam/valve games.
  9. I haven't seen this issue yet, rather odd.
  10. My thinking too, given the variety of ships we can have I suggest something like; one or 2 more mooring spots in a Shipyard/capital city - which can be purchased and 1 more slot in each of your national harbours of course all at a price.
  11. Just an idea, it would be really nice to buy or somehow aquire more dock spaces.
  12. What port is it and what type of ship?
  13. Try checking your fleet out, if one of your fleet ships is a deep water boat you ain't going anywhere. Good call on behalf of the staff I say; I made the same mistake and looked back at my fleet ship the next day.
  14. A little while ago I accidently hit the small battle button (yes it was unintentional); before I had a chance to esc out of the small battle I was thrown into a battle. Finally I decided to out-run the attacker with hopes of escaping and ended up outside the engagement area and was program sunk. The button to escape or cancel the small battle seemed outside my screen area if there was one at all. As a result my new Bellona lost one of it's few durabilities. I have asked for the dura back and so far nothing; what am I missing?
  15. Just a question; I would really like to see port battles of some sort in PvE. I speak for a group of us whom feel the same way about port battles in PvE - it would sure add a new interesting dimension to PvE even if the battles are held by AI.
  16. I would suggest upgrading all grades of planking for leak/damage protection. Removing the speed cut back would be nice too!
  17. On the PvP server everything went back to zero, the PvE server is still the same. PvE was main concern anyway, don't know about the PvP now. Zero assets yikes, that means it'a back to a Cutter as a FC.
  18. Thanks! i just checked into it and the PvP2 server has a character creation warning stating that if I Create a new character on this server it will reset all characters and all servers.
  19. Any guides on player removal and copy between servers? From PvE to PvP that is?
  20. A really difficult choice BUT, if there can be only one I would chose the Wasa. The lines look slim and the guns formidable.
  21. You have the start of a really good sailing naval battle simulation here! Have you looked at Age of Empires - Napoleon naval battles? They have one of the better sailing naval battles program around (imho). The ships have realistic weight, wind, motion and steering characteristics and it's noticed when a full broadside salvo is fired - the ship will heal in reaction; a very historically impressive realistic trait the engages the player. Another interesting add-on is the sounds in Napoleon, for example; when a canon to the left of your observation point is fired the distance and side is refl
  22. I also noticed the loading queue for enemy ships doesn't show up either and traders with no canons are reported has having X number active ports. Just a constructive note, the previous patch reported the guns ports correctly.
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