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  1. It's a great idea, the clan dock could be attached to the ware house. I wish...
  2. Would installing a carpenter upgrade in a fleeted ship make a difference? Will it actually self repair while in battle?
  3. I think it is fine that way it is. Please don't mess with such a fine ship. With the Bellona, a real 3rd Rate, the Wasa is also a gem.
  4. It's not just an issue with cartahena tar but also Guacata saltpeter.
  5. Last evening two of us outside Christiansted where engaged in battle, when his Ingermanland hit an enemy ship it shot up in the air and landed on its end eventually righting itself. I don't have an image capture but I thought you may want to know. 

    1. Ink


      Captain, please check personal message on the forum.

  6. Contact me on the PvE server, FPM or Flying Powder Monkeys. Same name Brit flag.
  7. By Global do you mean everyone including PvE and PvP?
  8. I reinstalled my sound drivers and it still does the same thing. I have a new pair of Corsair headphones and it only happens IB with them. It doesn't happen at all with any other game.
  9. My sound seems to stop while in battle. All sounds work fine in OW but as soon as the battle starts with or without players the sounds stops working. Any ideas? I have the sound enabled in game.
  10. I recently replaced my Video card and went from 30-60 FPS to about 100-128 now. Big difference.
  11. Are there any plans to implement port battles into PvE?
  12. Is there anyway to see how many slots we have, after expanding the CWH? I have alread dumped 3 million into it and can't seem to find how many slots we can use now.
  13. I think implementing Port Battles into the PvE server would a giant stride in player co-ordination action/battles. It would bring an awesome dynamic to taking over ports even from AI NPC ships and capture gun towers. The payouts could be similar to Missions only the specific challenge leader could get the payout (if won) for the entire group. Even the port would revert to it's former national owner the challenge would be very interesting... to say the least.
  14. With distances to nearest ports (in the trade map) and the protractor your guesstimates should be fairly accurate anyway.
  15. Looks like some really good improvements coming. My first suggestion was going to be more crafted ships but you have already mentioned that. Next would be port battles in PvE, that would involve a group with a common goal (within clan to) to coordinate and attack ports with AI fleets with payouts after battle is won. I would like to see a delivery system similar to that of the Free Ports from Pre-wipe, that will help in moving goods around. Maybe a direct over-night delivery system between region capitals & capitals only. Also a post battle screen for adjusting cargo after capture or battl
  16. Must be a heavy ships, 4 masts tell the tale somewhat.
  17. I'm noticing slight jilts but nothing that bad at all. Ping is stable at 138ish.
  18. Well after 4-5 hours I finally gave up and uninstalled both steam and NA, then cleaned up any leftovers with CCleaner (nice program btw). I re-installed steam and NA so, it's all good now. No information lost.
  19. I can't seem to update nor connect to the game at all right now. Will try again later. It seems I get 50% of the update and the process freezes. Am I doing something wrong?
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