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  1. Seems to kill my speed. At least, if I want to be putting enough repairs in to have any amount of lifespan when I get into PVP waters.
  2. As a possible solution to the speed-meta, I was wondering if it would be possible to make cannons a bigger factor in determining ship speed. The focus seems to be about the magical upgrades and not so much emphasis on decreasing the weight of a ship to make it faster. It just always seems strange that cannon weight is less than the weight of the projectile it fires, lol. So if you want that endymion to reach 15 knots, you'll have to dump those 24lb cannons in favor of something lighter, which might sacrifice combat efficiency so there's actually a trade-off between speed and firepower. I usually run 12lb longs on the gun deck of the endymion, but really there's no benefit to it currently other than a slightly faster reload. My endymion does not hit 15 knots though because I haven't put the Fail-fit upgrades on it.
  3. The only way I know to fight people who only want to run is to bait them into a battle with something tempting like a trader or a lone lineship. It requires a lot of coordination though to get the support units in before the 2.5 minute lock-out. I do feel that with the invisibility and speed boost, stern and bow chasers should be restored to the original accuracy settings. No need to give someone THAT much opportunity to escape anymore.
  4. Ah-Ha! I knew France was stronger than the USA. You guys was only playin' dead.
  5. Maybe what they should do is have one of the delivery missions pay out a victory mark for delivering gold and silver coins to other ports (at a decent distance of course). It would give them a purpose and we'd have treasure fleets in the game, hehe. It would also make it so smaller nations have a chance at victory marks without having to grind missions to death for combat marks and it would get more traders out into the open world instead of having those players grind missions all day. It would be much better than the fleet shipwrecks as far as promoting PVP..
  6. I was under the impression pirates were already a long-term enemy. Anyway, as I said it is a moot point. The new conquest mechanics have pretty much neutered the US from ever becoming an offensive force, and there's no need or practical benefit for us to work with Swedes or any other nation to try to flip ports anymore. We'll be lucky to craft enough first rates to hold the few regions we have before someone takes them. I certainly don't blame pirates for behaving like pirates, hell, the USA might be forced into a bit of pirate-like tactics ourselves if port battles are no longer feasible. Still, I've seen no effort from the USA to do any hostility raising in the Bahamas for nearly a month now. You speak as if we were screening for the Swedish and so that's why you lost the ports--which is nonsense. It's more likely when you left Ays and took the fleet out to sea to hit Little River, you left the back-door wide open. Nothing is more true in this game regarding the risk of spreading your forces too thinly. Even the most populated factions will take a beating when they are stretched to the limit. I'm certain the Swedes have more than enough players to do it all themselves without the help of a dozen US players. Or, at least until war broke out with the Dane. It has certainly made the situation more interesting, and now it is perhaps the Swedish who have spread themselves too thin. Time will tell.
  7. As has been stated in other threads, the only purpose of the Swedish-America coordination efforts was to get conquest marks flowing for the USA again by flipping Wilmington. However the Swedes and the Americans had no idea the developers would completely change the system the very next day or we would never have bothered to work together on that. When a pirate fleet showed up outside Little River to interfere with the hostility-raising, it only made sense that USA and the Swedish clan members who offered to help with the effort should work together to sink your fleet so the plan could be completed. We have ships and buildings to liberate at Ays, nothing more. Once that is over you have your war with Sweden, the USA has no alliance with them and will not interfere. However this latest development between Sweden and Denmark might make it very interesting and I would say that pirates have a better chance than ever to reclaim some of those lost regions.. Over-expansion will ruin any nation regardless of how large they are. Perhaps if pirates had been in the Bahamas instead of poking their noses into business far north at Little River, the Swedes would have had a much harder time even raising hostility around Morgan's Bluff and Nassau to begin with, but it is hard to defend something when you are on the other side of the map..
  8. As someone who logged in yesterday and doesn't know if the USA on PVP EU will exist much longer or go the way of the French, I have to admit that I am curious about the new system and whether or not it will incentivize warfare, or if nations will simply find some way to still trade ports to get victory marks. Frankly I think the ratio of risk to reward has to be so huge that clearly you are at a disadvantage if you do not wage war. This meaning large factions will either have to go to war or perish. Maybe 5 control points for taking a port and -1 for losing. I don't know. I was a bit harsh on the changes because I know what it means for small nations but I will see how things play out. Seems that the more challenging the game is made for huge nations, the more impossible it becomes for the smaller ones. But, we can at least rely on trade. Marks have become the new currency in the game and it is much-needed since the gold currency in the game is a complete joke.
  9. Oh come now, if anyone got screwed with the new system, it's the USA, lol. France is getting more control points per day and they don't even have any players.
  10. As the other US player on PVP EU I can confirm that no alliance exists. I only joke, there's actually 4 of us.. We took a vote as a nation, 2 in favor of alliance and 2 against. Fortunately the president showed up and broke the tie by voting for no alliance. The debate was tense, and the American Civil War almost started early, and estimates are that at least 50% of our population would have died in a war that would have lasted a grueling 30 minutes. Had the vote gone the other way, the Swedes would be well on their way to adding 0.0000000000000000001% to their current fighting strength with the formation of such an alliance, and I can fully understand why this would alarm the pirates. No one faction on the server should have that much power.
  11. Problem with longer invisibility timers is that people learned to exploit it. Time will tell how people manage to exploit this new mechanic, but for now, let us pray that we get to have nice things. I've long felt that escaping in battle means you . . well, escaped lol. We'll see if it's enough to make both sides happy.
  12. You can hit it right before you get grappled and it will keep healing crew. I don't think it's a huge problem, but it would be nice if surgeon did require a percentage of existing crew to tend to the wounded, much in the same way rig and hull repairs require you to allocate crew to the 'repair' task. Unless there is just one surgeon working without help, in which case he's a hell of a guy and deserves captain's shares.
  13. I suggest they just bring back crafting xp for making materials. I follow the forums fairly closely and I don't recall anyone complaining about it and haven't heard any attempt at justification for why it should be taken out. I really don't know why they took that out. You didn't rank up fast doing it but it was way better than the 50 crafting xp points you get for these delivery missions. That would also potentially help with the shortage of materials in the store. I can find all the raw resources I need but no one is selling stuff like cables, carriages, or cordage and oakum. I click on materials tab in the shop and all I see are cobwebs. I was probably crafting level 15 before I built my first ship in this game. Reached it by mostly making carriages for the clan. That leveling ability is gone now for new players and it just makes no sense to me.
  14. Good to know. Now we just need there to be more than one pirate AI fleet there. I saw a lot of Swedish AI fleets when I went there, but nothing I could raise hostility with.
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