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  1. It humbles me to say it but if Spain hadn't looked the other way while we 'took' some of florida on PVP EU, we'd be getting no conquest marks at all, lol. We've almost got a full PB fleet. I'm loving the challenge though. Judging by the map above, I think I'd probably choose Spain if I were on PVP Global. Viva el underdogs.
  2. That was a fun fight for sure. The Dutch needed a Rosetta stone, lol. 1/3 speaking German, 1/3 speaking English, and 1/3 not even on TS. But, in a case like that, all you can do is brawl and hope for the best.
  3. I'm happy that people take into consideration the overall health of the server. Beating one nation too badly discourages new players for that nation, because, there are a lot of players who simply like playing for the 'winning side'. I personally prefer the challenge of playing on a smaller faction, but not everyone seeks the same challenges and people can tend to get carried away. Having said that, hurry up with your summer vacations. LOL at the 'nation of free town'. How do we convince them to pick a side?
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