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Found 5 results

  1. So when can we have the LGVR back? It's an ideal fast trader/raider..
  2. This post is shamelessly stolen from the Global forums but I recon the same issue exists on the EU server so thx to @Slamdz for raising the issue first. First I'll describe the situation: I'm one of the players in one of the most active PvP-clans in DK/NG - DNP. I go to KPR regularly - for stories of some of the exploits pls read: But it is both getting tedious and boring - why? - well there's very few good PvP players around. Those that are around KPR are either traders (yum yum yum!) or PvE mission grinders (Yum yum yum!). Most are reasonable enough and don't mind a bit of PvP but there are some, a lot actually, that really gets pissed for us "ganking" in their capital waters. But the server IS a PvP server. And the problem DO reside inside the british faction. Most other factions are actually hard to raid - they take offence of ppl interfering in their waters, wether that being smuglin' (I do my fair bit) or raiding - they come out in force and either hunt down the raiders or run them off. The brits? well they just don't seem to care. And that's a problem. The mission grinders get annoyed that they loose ships, I've even been called a cunt numerous times in battle chat and I don't even know where he got that anatomical impression of me from.. but I guess it is rather bothersome to be interrupted in the PvE. And it is rather unfullfilling to kill of a lone indefatigable doing mission in the capital area. So imagine my joy yesterday when I found that I was actually hunted. I even got tagged! but alas.. the patrol ships were so slow that a seaturtle on prozac would've outrun them. So as the gent I am I offered the opposing sides reno a duel - seeing my reno was faster than theirs it goes to figure that theirs were a lot sturdier and on paper it would be an evenly matched battle - perhaps even with a structural advantage to the opponent, granted a bit off-set by him being prob unaccustomed to PvP. I asked the opposing players to leave, my own two mates quicky left and imagine my dissappointment when the offer for a 1vs1 was accepted but not honoured - so I left the battle and started picking more ships, basically what show of slow, oh so slow, force the brits had produced just turned around and went back into port while me and my two mates just kept killing off brit PvE'ers that apparently were completely unaware and uninformed of the dane raiding party laying in wait - quite literally - right outside KPR. Today the same issue occured. We tagged an indefatigable (we being 1 connie (15kn) 2 renos (15kn) and 2 surps (15kn)) and to our joy we were joined by one enemy constitution, one enemy endymion and one enemy snow. So the teams were: Danish/Norwegian navy: 1 connie, 2 renos and 2 surps vs. Brits: 1 connie, 1 indefatigable, 1 endymion, 1 snow. Broadside to broadside they outgunned us, armor and hp to armor and hp they should outlast us, but for some reason the brits that jumped into the battle left and we were basically allowed to kill of the indefatigable. I still can't figure out why. After sinking the indefatigable we jumped out, another dane in a surp was being chased by two frigs and two surps so we gave chase, cought the frigs and the surps and the frigs left the battle - in the end we managed to hunt down one frig and one surp, why? because they left eachother to survive on their own devices.. the rear chasers of the surps 8 in total should've carried them through and managed to get them all safely back to KPR. Instead they were each left to fend for themselves and we sank 50% of their forces. And I don't really understand why they could just leave eachother like that. What I do figure is that the brits need to get their act together. It's the responsibility of the entire faction to keep home waters safe and for the largest faction to put up such a pathetic show of force is just.. well pathetic.. The hardest fight we got was from a swedish connie with a surp in concert - that is a swedish raiding party at KPR gave us more of a fight than the pride of the "Royal" navy.. Nothing royal about it says I.. So what to do about it? Here follows my advices for getting your (brits) shit together and start putting up some resistance: 1) don't try to hunt down raiders in ships going less than 15kn. If you don't have anything fast enough - make sure a dedicated tagger has. Otherwise it's just a waste of everyones time. 2) don't leave eachother - this shouldn't have to be pointed out. 3) the only viable ships for noobs is surps and connies - don't try to be something you're not, go the EZ mode to start with and when you feel comfortable you can try some of the more challenging PvP ships. And don't worry about speed, in the current broken system all ships can go 15kn, just a matter of mats and upgrades + knowledge. 4) Make an OP in either Port Morant or Carlisle (and make sure both ports are covered) - and keep fast ships in them (again this shouldn't have to be pointed out but anyway) - This will make the triangle KPR/Carlisle/Port Morant and any enemy raiding groups that wants to run away has no choice but to go SE towards the dutch - remember a win is not just when the enemy sinks, sometimes just running them off your property can be a win in itself. And there's allways the chance that bad winds or poor navigations makes the enemy raiding party run aground on the shallows at Pedro Cay. 5) Get your asses out of Belize/KPR - no one dies from losing a ship, in the current broken economy it's not even a setback. So in short: Get your act together and stop whining about PvP on a PvP server.
  3. Port Raids Where a Port Battle is a large scale PvP engagement aiming at conquest of land, a Port Raid can be something that smaller groups can do to further the metagame and maybe trigger some PvP combat along the way. Ideally this will have the dual function of providing opportunities for those not yet capable of a Port Battle, or those operating in the off peak hours to affect the metagame, while also providing an economic "toll" for nations who have expanded perhaps beyond their means to supply and defend their territory. What is a Port Raid? A Port Raid is an attack aimed at reducing enemy defenses and installations. Local property and facilities are damaged or eventually destroyed, reducing production and increasing demand. This can have the effect of softening up a port for an ensuing Port Battle by reducing fortifications, AI defense ships or just damaging the economy of the port. Port Raids can be instanced much like Fleet Orders or Events (with AI defenders) but can be open for a period of time for player defenders to reinforce. The Economics of Port Raids The level of Port defense can be increased with investment (constructing production buildings) and supply by player tradeships (fulfilling Port contracts enables rebuilding or expanding of harbor defenses) or by escorting AI convoys in ranked admiralty missions. Raided Ports will require tradeships and investment to rebuild and failing that should eventually revert to a Neutral status (reflecting the lack of administration). A Raided Port that is then captured in a Port Battle will require considerable investment before defenses have recovered. An additional perk to Port Raids for the attacker is a higher damage to gold reward ratio - reflecting the pillaging aspect of the attack (encouraging lower ranked players to raid for gold). Also for Pirate faction there may be a captured ship reward as well (again reflecting the grab and go nature of the attack). After a raid a simple cool down timer is initiated wherein one cannot re-raid (though buying a flag to attack should still be possible). Additional: Some of the other topics in this forum have touched on a variety of ideas that would fit pretty well with Port Raids (town morale, pirate mechanics etc)
  4. Heyoi! o/ I am here to talk about a few things, currently the PvP in the game is stale and you can not do anything without being penalised. Reinforcement zones in open world making limitations to PvP raiding of Nation coastlines and reducing player interaction. As a pirate I can not even go anywhere to attack traders due to the fact they can trade at 100% saftey in their waters and this is not due to player presence... here is a little story of how a trader screwed up and I was the one unable to punish his mistake because of the open worlds reinforcem system being so broken. I catch a spanish lynx on the coastline near Peurto de Nipe, I am pushing him along the coast and due to the wind he is stuck at the coastline I caught him and pushed him into a trap and he ends up right next to the pirates port, I engage as he litrally has nowhere to go and I am like oh yeah I caught this guy off guard! well no seems I was wrong because even then he can call reinforcments which was a cerb spawns next to him... I was in a niagra.... this is a problem no matter where I go because you litrally CANT attack anyone without a ton of NPCs poping right next to them and the balance is always against you so you cant PvP because the game is litrally stopping you. This is one of many attacks on traders I have done and the only time you can catch them is when they have no idea how to use the reinforcments button. But this is how it should be, there is a large enough player base now that if you are trading in your waters you should say in your nation chat there are pirates at X come help! Or get an escort by fiends because currently there is no risk. It adds interaction to PvP and reduces the limiations of PvP and risk. You never see any other MMO have a reinforcment just imagine you are playing World of warcraft and you get attacked and you can summon 10 level 100 npcs... would defeat the point of PvP. And note this doesnt just effect Pirates but nation players also. The solution should be simple, create the reinforment zones around the capitals to stop bloackades on them, take them away form other towns are reudce the ring sizes which by the way are smaller than the reinforce applicable area in game is anyway by 2/3s - 3/4s to make it a more tighter zone around that port and not 43297 miles out to sea. Or in my opinion remove whem from everything other than the main capitals/regional capitals to open up player interaction and enables pirates o be pirates and nations to raid the trade routes of other nations. because its just boring not being able to fight them without a larger ships than you joining because the trader pressed a button. Delivery system in free towns, enables zero risk trading cross long distances for trader and crafters. Onto my next note of the delivery system, quite a simple one really it is too easy to trade long distances using this, they need to make it so that it is a physical trade NPC ship that is transporting the goods from A port to B port, now I know this is only in freetowns but freetowns are everywhere and are a crafters heaven because of the 0 risk of being able to get resources from far away and able to transport them freely for no risk. Trading back in those times was dangerous for many reasons and so it should be in this game and I know I am hitting on trade a lot but honestly this game needs to improve on the trade system to improve the overall gameplay. So things liek trade companies can form, they exist now but again have little to no risk and the only risks I see is the pirate nation trade ships being able to be attacked by other pirates but for the nation traders there is abserloutly no risk if they are in their own waters and can trade freely wihtout eve having to be like "But what is there are pirates around that could attack me" they are like "I have the reainforcement button so doesnt matter who are how many they cant touch me. " so yeah. More risk for more reward I say, maybe make the ports increase some goods so that players can compensate for losing some. Solution: Make NPCs move resources in deliveries or remove the system because it is Zero risk for a low price of gold because you can move 9999 units and 4 lots of them for a sum price and no risk. This makes tradeships and traing more imporant in the game as a whole and means moving goods has a risk-reward factor to them. Port battle time window changes, to reduce time zone tention between EU, Asia and US players. To the port battle! oh yeah here I come to this one, current state o the game in PvP EU One is that the US nation has a time set so that litrally the spanish or pirates can't attack them due to it ebing 4am to 6am which the palyerbase for the EU server is not online, I am not saying this is ultermantly unfair however my solution to the time should be that you have to pick TWO times in 12 hours periods of a day that they can be attacked. My example is as followed - 00:00-10:00 you can set a one hour window due to the maintenance time restrictions during 10:00-12:00 and between 12:00 till 00:00. As I myself are lord protector of a port, I would say I could put a time of 17:00-18:00 for one timer and 00:00-01:00 as another this enables people of differant time zones to be on and attack thus resolving the issue of times zones, ports and nations, and even if there was a say 3 hour limit to stop me putting on 23:00-00:00 and 00:00-01:00 which is a good idea. _________________ That is all for now ________________________ There will be haters and carebears, I am on a PvP server and the things I am refering to are for the PvP servers only, if you disagree with the trade and combat mechanics and are on a PvP server then I suggest you swap the PvE ones as PvE limitations should not have a palce in a PvP server so please be constructive in your arguments. And any spelling errors ect, sorry. ^^' Thank you for reading if you got this far :3 From Keeper of the Oats Salzi - Lord of Frozen cay and Captain of Elsa's Warrior.
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